a vase with your own hands The best gift, as you know, is made byhands. One of the variants of the original and beautiful gift for mom, girlfriend or a good acquaintance is a vase with your own hands. It will be an excellent decoration of the interior, making it cozy and bright notes. This is much more interesting than a simple purchase vase. If you are burning with the idea to make a vase with your own hands, then specially for you are some non-standard, but simple ideas that even young children can realize.

Paper Vase

The first option is a vase made of paper. To do this, you need any glass container. It could be a bottle or a jar. In addition, you will need corrugated multi-colored paper and decoupage glue, which should be diluted in a 1: 1 ratio. First cut the corrugated paper the way you like. These can be squares, rectangles, or any arbitrary shape. Each piece of paper glue to the bottle so that the pieces go to each other, and on top of the paper, apply one more layer of glue, which after drying will not be visible. Is the glue dry? Now coat the product with varnish to fix the result. This vase is very simple, but it looks bright and original. If you do not have corrugated paper, you can use journal pages instead. It is better to choose the brightest, colorful pages, which also need to be torn or cut into pieces. vases with their own hands

Vase with a balloon

A very simple version of an unusual vase. You will need only a glass of clear glass and any air balloon. First of all, cut the ball in half in the widest place. Then, its upper part should be pulled on the glass from above. "Dome" of the ball fill in. The vase is ready! You can decorate and the glass itself. Vest it with clay, decorate with paper - lots of options!

Vase of Threads

Very beautiful look original vases,made of thread. To do this, you will need glue for decoupage. If this is not the case, take the usual PVA glue. And, of course, you need to purchase the threads of one or several colors at once, depending on what kind of vase you would like to make. First, apply glue on a small part of the bottle, because it dries quickly. Now start winding the threads on the surface of the bottle. Do this tightly enough and tight - there should not be free space between threads. Wind the threads up to the neck. By the way, instead of thread you can use bright ribbons.

Vase from clothespins

It is very easy to make a vase from an ordinary can, evenfrom canning! You will only need new clothespins, preferably wooden. All that is required of you is to place clothespins around the perimeter of the entire jar. To make the craft even brighter, you can paint the clothespins in one color or make a vase of different colors, coloring each clothespin in a certain color. This vase is, rather, decorative, just for decorating the room - you do not need to pour water into it. beautiful vases with their own hands

Felt Vase

Very nice looking vases made from a bottleor cans and felt. You need any capacity and color felt. For decoration, you can take buttons, ribbons or beads. Well, if you have an adhesive gun: it will allow you to fix the decorations on the surface of the felt well. Just wrap the material with a jar or bottle. You can use one or more colors. Over the felt we glue on the buttons or we tie the container with ribbons. These felt vases look good in the children's room.

Vase made of wood

If you like natural motifs in the interior, thenfor sure you will like a vase decorated with birch bark. In fact, everything is very simple: we wrap the usual jar with a piece of dry birch bark. Its edges need just to be fixed with a glue gun. If you do not have such a device, then you can use a simple but strong adhesive. It is best to cut the bark from a fallen tree. However, instead of birch bark can be any other wood material. By the way, one more original idea is the use of twigs for decorating a vase. Just cut circles of twigs of different diameters. With glue, attach them to the jar, but in this case, instead of the can, it is better to use a pot of clay. If you glue wooden circles to the can, then it is recommended to clean it using sandpaper. This will allow the glue to stick more easily to the jar. Branches can be used in another way. Take branches of different diameters and give them the same length, from ten to twenty centimeters, depending on the capacity. Fasten twigs to each other in one sheet and wrap the jar around the entire perimeter. This option will take more time, but the result looks very original. As you can see, making beautiful, non-standard and stylish vases with their own hands is not at all difficult. It does not take a lot of time or significant financial costs. The only thing you need is your imagination and desire to create. You can not doubt that such a gift will be appreciated. Creative success to you!