how to sew a skirt of tulle If you want to diversify your wardrobe,and do not suffer at the same time financially, then sew something yourself. After all, you will agree that a thing made independently is valuable and doubly pleasant. To this season look original and fashionable, pay attention to the magnificent skirt, for example, from tulle. Where can I go in such a skirt? Yes, anywhere! At a party, on a date, even at work, of course, if there is no strict dress code or boss who does not understand anything in fashion trends. If you want to arrange a photo session, then you can not do without such a charming thing. The same can be said about the lesson of dance or going to the disco. The main thing here is the design of your skirt and what you will combine it with. Probably, every girl who has a passion for needlework, at least once asked the question - how to sew a skirt of tulle? In fact, nothing is easier.

A little about the fabric

Fatine is a fabric from which weddingoutfits. And in order to make a magnificent and elegant skirt, it will do the best. This material is of different rigidity, so skirts and look different. A few years ago in stores you could see a tulle of exceptionally white colors. Now this fabric is presented in any texture and color scheme. If you use a material that will be different in transparency and stiffness, you can sew a fairly original and elegant thing. So, we sew a magnificent skirt. Beginning needlewomen will be pleased with the fact that it is possible to sew a magnificent skirt of tulle without even having a special knowledge of sewing technologies, as well as the skills of handling a typewriter. Moreover, you do not even have to use it, threads and needles are also not needed. Are they intrigued? Well, let's try to understand the intricacies of the work.

Operating procedure

Before you sew a skirt of tulle, you need to cook:

  • Two rolls of material, given that its width is fifteen centimeters.
  • Elastic band, two centimeters wide.
  • Scissors.
  • Satin ribbon, beads or beads, for decoration.
  • Cardboard template

So, let's begin. Why is it better to buy tulle in rolls? So it will be more convenient for you to make blanks. Cut out a rectangle from the cardboard, the side of which will be equal to the length of your future skirt. Do not forget to leave a centimeter for the allowance. Now we begin to cut the strips. Wind the material on the cardboard and cut it from one end. For a skirt, with a girth in the waist sixty centimeters, you need to cut sixty strips of material. It is best to tie the elastic band on the back of a high chair. Take a piece of tulle, and attach it with a neat knot that should be fairly loose. Find the middle and start tying the strip around the rubber band. The knot should be the most common, which we tie shoelaces. Make sure that all ends are the same length. "Sew" continues until the final "filling" the rubber bands. Tie up the fastening knot and fan the tulle. At the end of work, the skirt is trimmed with scissors. how to sew a magnificent skirt of tulle


A variety of jewelry will help you createjust a magnificent skirt, and the original thing that you are unlikely to see on anyone. Relying on your style and taste, having shown a little imagination, you will become the owner of a truly exclusive product. The upper part of the thing, namely the elastic band, is usually lined with a satin ribbon. But you can play on contrasts, shading your magnificent skirt with a leather belt that contradicts the airiness and refinement of tulle. The fabric is decorated with beads, sequins, beads, sequins. And for a more interesting effect, use a multi-colored tulle, which is combined with a soft mesh. You can paint the material with special glitters on an adhesive basis, which are applied to the fabric. Be sure to make sure that the glue leaves no residue, and when it dries it becomes completely invisible. It is recommended to apply glitter with a conventional sponge. First, the sequins are poured onto any surface that needs to be wiped with a sponge and treated with fabric.

With what to wear

Skirt of tulle is excellent ottenit tightdark top, and if you are a girl without complexes, you can wear a bright skirt along with tight jeans. This combination is quite fashionable this season. This thing looks great with leggings. In addition, you can sew a magnificent skirt of tulle not only for yourself, but for a little daughter or niece. After all, in such a dress any girl looks touching and cute. Create, fantasize, surprise friends and family with your new clothes. Feel like a fairy princess in a light and airy tuxedo skirt! We advise you to read: