how to sew a beautician yourself Beautician - this is the thing that everyself-respecting woman. Of course, not always cosmetic is used for its intended purpose - to store cosmetics. Often you can find anything in it - intimate hygiene products, wet napkins, notebooks, flash drives, keys. But this is the second question, and having a cosmetic bag is a must. In the shops you can find a very large number of the most diverse models of cosmetic bags, of any color and shape, from a wide variety of materials, to any taste. However, it is far from always necessary to rush to the store for a cosmetic bag. Often, a cosmetic bag made by own hands turns out to be many times more beautiful and stylish than its factory products. Yes, and your female identity, such a product will emphasize the best. However, in order for this to happen, you need to know exactly how to sew a cosmetic bag with your own hands. Do not be immediately scared - creating a cosmetic bag is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Time, desire and hands - that's all you need for this. Oh yes! Another material for cosmetics - then the choice is limited only by your personal fantasy. And we will tell you a few ideas that can serve as a source for your inspiration. how to sew a cosmetic bag

Festive cosmetic bag

This cosmetic bag can be a good stylish accessory to an evening dress or cocktail dress. To make it, you need the following:

  • Fabric for the front of the cosmetic bag. It is advisable to give preference to expensive fabrics having a dense structure - the cosmetic bag will look especially stylish. The size of the fabric is 20 x 35 cm.
  • Fabric for lining is preferable to take silk or nylon, easily washable - because of the stains of cosmetics is not insured by anyone. The size of the flap is the same - 20 x 35 cm.
  • Clasp. The fastener is best done in the form of lightning. Lightning can be purchased at any furniture and fabrics store. The length of the lightning should be at least 20 centimeters. If there is a little more, it can be easily cut and hemmed.
  • Threads. It is desirable to select the threads in the tone of the tissue for the cosmetic bag. Otherwise, the product will look too untidy. Of course, that the thread must be strong.
  • Beautician Beautician. Here you must rely only on your taste - it can be beads or sequins, applications, rhinestones. Perhaps you should choose an evening dress?

Next, you will need a pattern. Do it yourself, even a child. Draw two rectangular parts on the cardboard. Although it is absolutely not necessary to sew a cosmetic bag of a rectangular shape - you can choose the shape of a trapezoid or heart - choose to your taste. Attach the cardboard parts to the wrong side of the fabric and circle with a pencil, chalk or a small piece of dry soap. It is not necessary to use markers or markers for these purposes - a trail from them can also come from the front of the fabric. In an extreme case, if there is nothing else at hand, try to draw a small line somewhere in the corner and see if there are any traces left. Then cut the details of the cosmetic bag. Now repeat all of the above and with the lining cloth. As a result, you should get 4 details - two for the lining and the two main ones. Align the details of the lining and the top, and attach the zipper. Pay attention - this must be done so that the lining fabric is inside. If you have experience in needlework - and in particular in sewing, - you can immediately stitch the seam on the sewing machine. And if this product - the first in your life, for starters, it is worthwhile to swing by hand. Although in the event that you do not have a sewing machine, you should not abandon the idea of ​​sewing a handbag - a cosmetic bag is not worth it. This can be done with your hands, just the seams should be very firm and neat. After you lining the lining, remove the prepared cosmetic bag. If necessary, you can iron it and begin to decorate. As already mentioned above - the decoration of your cosmetic bag depends only on your taste, desires and imagination. Try the patchwork style - the appliqué will be very elegant and unusual. Or maybe you embroider well? Beautician, decorated with good embroidery, looks very exquisite and rich. Yes, and about the beads need not be forgotten - decorated with beads things look very elegant and festive. In addition, do not forget about the convenience. On the "dog" of lightning, you can attach a brush from the remainders of the yarn. It is made very simply - cut a large number of threads in length about 7 - 8 centimeters. The more threads you have, the larger the brush becomes. After this, fold them in half and tie them at the base - at a distance of 0.5 cm from the bend point. All - the brush is ready, it remains to fix it.

How to sew a cosmetic bag made of leather

Do you have an old leather thing? Perhaps this is a bag that has served its time, or leather pants or skirts that have remained since the stormy youth - it is not important. You can try sewing a cosmetic bag made of leather. Although, why try? Take and sew! It is not difficult to do this if you know how. For this cosmetic bag you will need:

  • Leather. For kosmetichki fit only soft skin - from hard and poorly made it is worth noting.
  • Cloth for lining. And in this case it is most reasonable to take silk or kapron. Although some needlewomen do not refuse lining in leather cosmetic bags at all. However, it is unlikely that such a cosmetic bag will be convenient to use.
  • Lace. Take a solid and durable beautiful twisted cord, which can be purchased at any fabric store or accessories. If the skin is dark, then give preference to a light lace, and vice versa - if the skin is light, the dark lace will be a very beautiful and effective contrast.
  • Threads. Of course, even in this case the threads should be in tone to the skin.

Further, the procedure for making a cosmetic bag is similar tofirst option. Prepare a cardboard pattern in advance. However, this time, the blanks should have a square shape, because the clasp of this cosmetic bag is not lightning. Therefore, sewing is slightly facilitated - you only need to attach the lining and sew leather parts together. However, this time you will need to carefully handle the edges of the cosmetic bag - they will be in sight. There are two ways of such processing - to tuck the edges inside and there to fix them, or very gently sweep them with a special decorative thread. Done? It's time to prepare the slots, into which the lace will be inserted. Simply cut small holes, which, by the way, will also need to be swept. Then use a safety pin to insert the lace. This is done quite simply - no more difficult than pulling the elastic band. Decorating such a cosmetic bag is a matter of taste. It can be pieces of leather, beads, rhinestones. However, do not forget that it is very important not to overdo it with decor, going beyond the limits of bad taste. After all, the skin itself looks very good and almost does not need any kind of jewelry.


As you could see, such a problem as "I do notsoshu kosmetichku because I do not know how ", does not exist in principle. You know how, you just never tried it. Do not lie? Check it out for yourself! We advise you to read: