money tree with my own hands There is a beautiful legend about a wonderful tree,which instead of leaves grew gold coins. When he was shaken, coins sank to the ground, bringing unprecedented prosperity. Unfortunately, such a tree does not exist in nature, but a money tree made by one's own hands is not in vain considered one of the best talismans for feng shui. The choice of money trees is very great, as is the inexhaustible imagination of the people who create them. These can be trees made from real coins, plants with leaves of bills made of precious stones or crystals. They are also called trees of happiness. To make the article bring financial well-being to the house, it must be properly placed indoors. The Feng Shui wealth zone is the southeast sector, so your tree should "grow" there. Nearby necessarily arrange an image of water or a small room fountain. In this case, these attributes will symbolize watering, which will benefit your talisman. There are many ways to create money trees: gluing coins to the image of mighty oak, weaving from beads or beads. Also, the tree can be "raised" with paper bills or Chinese coins. Let's look at how to make a money tree with your own hands. In this article we have collected the most popular ways of making this talisman. how to make a money tree with your own hands

Money tree from coins and coins

This craft is an excellent gift and will decorate any interior. For manufacturing you will need:

  • Clay pot;
  • Ball-base of foam plastic;
  • Wooden rod for the trunk;
  • Foil;
  • Gypsum;
  • PVA glue;
  • Souvenir money bills (you can use old Soviet money, if you have any of them) - up to 200 pieces;
  • Various fittings for decoration.

The procedure for making a tree is not at all complicatedand does not take much time. The first thing to do is make a crown. Each denomination is added with a "kulechkom", the edges are fixed with glue. The number of such "leaves" will depend on the size of the ball-base. Or you can make a curly crown: for this, you need to fold the accordion (remember, as a fan in childhood?). The tip of the banknote in this case is bent and fastened to the base with pins. The more you make the leaves, the more chic the tree will look. Now wrap the future trunk with foil and insert one end into the base of the crown, and the other into the pot filled with gypsum. If the plaster was not found, it can be replaced with any solidifying mortar. Finish decorating the tree on your own. You can add artificial green leaves to the crown or tie the trunk with red ribbons. If the article is prepared as a gift, place in it a few stickers with wishes.

Embroidery decorated with banknotes

The original solution for lovers of embroidery. Such a money tree can be made in the form of a picture and hung on the wall under the frame. You will need:

  • Threads of a mulina of different colors and a canvas for embroidery;
  • Tree scheme;
  • Paper bills and a frame for photographs.

Embroider a tree on any scheme you like. Add the banknotes in the form of a bow, you can tie the middle with a thread. Each denomination is attached to the canvas in the places where the leaves of the tree should be located, then sewed. The edges of hand-made articles are better to be processed with an overlock so that in the future it does not crumble. Ready-made embroidery is placed in the photo frame of the required format. Hang on the wall and enjoy the creation of your hands. how to make a money tree

Money tree made from natural stones and Chinese coins

For this craft, you will need stones. You can pick them up either by the zodiac sign, or by your profession or hobby. In addition to natural stones, Chinese coins with a square hole in the middle are also needed. For an average tree (about 12 centimeters in size), take 6-8 coins. To make twigs, prepare a copper wire, a floral tape and acrylic paints. Well, of course, do not forget about the pot of gypsum, into which you "plant" your talisman. Wire cut into pieces of 12-15 centimeters - this will be the branches of our tree. Now we weave in each branch three pebbles and one coin. When all twigs are woven, we wrap them with floral tape, connecting them together. We got about seven main branches. From them we collect the future trunk, which is also wound with a ribbon. It is better if the tape is brown. A light ribbon can be painted with acrylic paint when the barrel is ready. To make the article more durable, you can take as a basis a thick wire, plaster it in the base and collect on it already prepared twigs.

Money tree of beads

The work on creating such a craft is satisfiedlaborious and laborious, but the result is worth it. So, you will need a lot of beads (preferably green or golden color) and a few coins. You can independently drill holes in coins with a face value of 10 kopecks or buy ready-made in the store for needlewomen. Also prepare a wire for beading. To make the tree look as natural as possible, it is better to take the beads in different sizes.

  • First we make small loops of leaves of seven beads;
  • To do this, a piece of wire measuring about 15centimeters are strung beads and are located exactly in the middle, the free ends of the wire are twisted. This you have a leaf of a future craft;
  • Shave three leaves and connect them together with the same wire, forming a branch;
  • Now we make five more leaves, we also join them into a separate branch;
  • To the branch with three leaves we attach a coin;
  • Now take a twig with a coin and a couple of twigs with five leaves and twist together. You got one solid branch for the tree;
  • We repeat the procedure of weaving until you have 50-60 branches on your table;
  • Now you need to build a tree. For this we twist all the branches together and we weave;
  • To make the structure stronger, any rod that will hold it can be inserted into the base;
  • The finished tree can be "planted" in a pot of gypsum or inserted into a piece of sculptured plasticine;
  • The base of the craft is decorated with decorative moss or stones. You can create a small sculpture of coins with the help of glue.

Beading is a rather difficult task,especially if you have never been addicted to them before. But do not despair! Have enough patience, and you will certainly learn this amazing creativity. The main thing is not to give up! Starting to create any money tree, do not forget to think about real money. Remember - thoughts are able to materialize, the main thing is just to want it! We hope that the above ideas of crafts inspire you to create your own money tree, which will very soon bring luck and wealth to your house! We advise you to read: