what to do when bored You probably have not once asked yourself the question "Thanto do when it is boring? ". According to medicine, a person is arranged in such a way that he constantly needs new impressions, otherwise depression and dullness will not leave him for a long time. A depressive state, in turn, contributes not only to deterioration of appearance, but also to deterioration of health. New impressions are needed for a person no less than food, water and sleep. Agree, if you do not eat, drink or sleep, you can never boast of strong health. And anyway, the lack of food or drink can lead to serious illnesses and even death. Of boredom, of course, no one was dying, but it can become the cause of some psychological problems. People who regularly suffer from boredom often lose confidence in themselves, acquire a bunch of complexes that prevent them from living. And so, so that you are not fortunate enough to face the consequences of boredom, we decided to prepare this article. So, let's talk about what you can do when boring. First of all, you can say that you can do anything, if only it would bring pleasure to you and not harm others. You can diversify your life in different ways. If you are very bored, but you do not want to leave the house anywhere, then you should find some interesting occupation at home.

How to dispel the boredom of the house?

So, you are sitting at home, you are bored, but yourselftake - you absolutely can not imagine. But at home you can always find something to do. What to do when bored at home? Here you have 20 options, than you can entertain yourself without leaving home:

  • Review the home library. You probably will find a book that has not yet been read. And do not like books - look through newspapers or magazines, where you can always podcherpnut a lot of interesting information. Even if not very useful.
  • Go over your wardrobe. Certainly somewhere on the shelves you will find things that you have not worn for a long time. If you're sure you will never wear it, then why do not you throw it out so that it does not take up too much space. And if you have not dressed this thing for a long time, simply because you forgot about it - why not try it on, do not look at the mirror, admiring yourself?
  • Call your friends who have not spoken to you for a long time. They will surely be very happy to chat with you! And for the time that you did not communicate, there were so many events, which you definitely need to tell and hear.
  • Drawing is a great way to deal with boredom. Especially if you have a talent for drawing. Draw anything - with felt-tip pens, paints, pencils or a pen. Try to paint what you feel. That is, try to display on the paper the state of your soul. If you quarreled with a loved one, then draw a scene of reconciliation. And if you just love nature, flowers, then paint flowers, fields, trees. Show your imagination, put on paper the maximum of what you feel.
  • Look at some movies. Especially worth looking at those that have long wanted to see, but there was no time for it. Although you can watch something on TV, and during the advertising to do something else - for example, vacuuming.
  • Do some cooking. Cook something delicious. For example, a cake, a cake or a cookie. After all, everyone loves sweet things, and you, for certain, are no exception. And you can cook a delicious romantic dinner for the arrival of a loved one. Believe me, he will definitely appreciate it!
  • Arrange a party by inviting close friends. Have fun with all your heart, but do not forget that after 11 am you should make the music quieter so that neighbors do not complain to the police. And if you are in very good relations with neighbors, then invite them to the party.
  • Keep a diary. It is better if the diary is not virtual, but of paper. For this, the hardcover book is best suited - it will save your diary if you suddenly rush to break it in a fit of bad mood. Tell the diary everything that is going on in your soul, write about the weather, about what is happening to you and what influenced your mood.
  • Listen to the music. You can not only listen to it, but also sing along, and even better - dance. Try to learn some kind of dance, for example - belly dancing, your lover will surely be delighted if you once dance to him.
  • If you have a guitar - try to learnplay it. Especially if you have long wanted it. Take up the guitar, self-instruction manual - and go ahead, fulfill your dream. Once in the company of friends you can please them singing with a guitar.
  • If you like long beautiful nails, then try to learn how to build them. Especially because nail extensions can work pretty well.
  • Decorate the apartment. To do this, everything is suitable - colored paper, flowers, garlands, balloons, soft toys. In general, turn the fantasy on full power - and go!
  • Play something on the computer. Particularly good in the fight against boredom will be some humorous games. Quests are also good for this task. Games of this kind are so interesting that you can overlook the game as the day went by.
  • Lie in the bathroom. Take a player with you and listen to the music. Make a face mask, lie down in a bath with fragrant foam and relax.
  • Lie down and sleep a little. Sleep is very useful. Yes, and in a dream, time passes unnoticed.
  • Take care of hand-made paper. After all, a lot of interesting things can be done from the boom of aga - pictures made with quilling technique, openwork napkins, voluminous figures of animals or buildings. You can, for example, find on the Internet the scheme of the Eiffel Tower in volume - and make at home a piece of France.
  • Sort your photo album or stamp collection. You can also sort photos on your computer, select the ones that you would like to print and take them to the photo printing salon. In addition to photos, you can sort other files on your computer.
  • Get out of your car. Wipe all the windows, wash the rug, knock out the seats, sort the contents of the glove box. You can also wash your "iron horse".
  • Turn on the music and do aerobics. Not only time will quickly fly, but for the figure it is useful.
  • Tie something up with crochet or knitting needles. And if you do not know how to knit, then try to learn it - download some tutorial on knitting on the Internet, buy a hook, knitting needles and threads and tie some fashionable blouse.
  • In principle, this list can be much larger. Think about what you can do when bored at home and choose a lesson to your liking. You can also find entertainment outside the house. This is the subject of the next part of the article.

    Recreation and Entertainment Outdoors

    what to do when bored at home With boredom, you can fight outside your own home. There are many options than you can do when bored out of the house.

  • You can sign up for some courses. And then several times a week you will definitely have something to do.
  • You can also do self-study. Try to master photoshop or programming web pages. It is best to do this in the Internet cafe, because there you can and get to know someone, chat. Yes, and maybe someone can help you master the chosen program.
  • Go to the cinema, watch the premiere of the new film.
  • Just take a walk. Walking not only helps to dispel boredom, but is very useful.
  • Go to the airfield and jump with a parachute.
  • If you live near the mountains - arrange yourself to climb the mountain. Feel like a mountaineer. And it is not necessary to go up to the top.
  • You can diversify your life by the fact that in the morning, go to work not by bus or subway, as usual, but for example, on foot.
  • Change your image - update the wardrobe and make a new hairstyle.
  • If you do not have a second half, then it's time to look for her. After all, this search can bring a lot of pleasure: romantic dates, flowers and sweets, tender words and so on.
  • If you are married, you can find a common occupationfor you and your spouse. So you can fight not only with your boredom, but also entertain your loved one. Go sometimes with him to dance, to a restaurant, to a movie or to ride together on a bicycle or roller.
  • Get a child, and then you just do not have to be bored. For boredom simply time will not remain.
  • You can go to a pet store and choose a pet.
  • If you already have a child, then organize a children's party or go to the circus or zoo with your child - and you will be entertained and your child will be happy.
  • Go to a cafe and order your favorite dessert. Sweet always excellently raises the mood.
  • Do shopping. Only do not overdo it, and then there will not be any money left. Enjoy yourself better some inexpensive trifle.
  • Organize a picnic with friends. Or make shish kebabs somewhere in nature.
  • Go to visit. It is best to go to the closest friends - they will definitely be happy for your unexpected visit.
  • Get a subscription to the gym - and you will have a lesson, and a beautiful figure. And classes in the gym will have a beneficial effect on your body as a whole.
  • As you can see, there is a huge amountoptions for what to do when boring. As we said, you can do anything, if only it would bring you pleasure and diversify your life. Communicate more, more often go to nature, go bowling, billiards, swimming pool and similar entertainment facilities. Then in your life, boredom simply does not have a place. We advise you to read: