beautiful picks for curtains Curtains themselves decorate the interior of the room, butmake them even more elegant will not be superfluous. To fix the curtains in a certain position helps the pickups. Using curtains and clips, you can visually change the size of the room. For example, if the drapery is fixed as high as possible, somewhere in the middle of the window, then the ceiling in the room will visually appear higher. When the picks are located at the level of the window sill and even lower, the room will visually expand. The store has many different ready-made jewelry, clips and clothes pegs, but making them with your own hands is much more interesting. And it does not take much time, and the satisfaction of the finished result compensates for the costs. material for catches for curtains

Ways and suggestions for the manufacture of picks for curtains

One of the options for home-made pick up for curtains- perform it from multi-colored decorative cords. They can be plaited in a pigtail, or you can simply twist. The ends of the cords should be decorated with brushes or pampushas. To make brushes you need to take a flat board or cardboard with a width equal to the prospective length of the brush. Yarn or thread of a suitable color cord should be wound on this plane, carefully remove the skein from the board. To make this process easier, yarn should not be tightened very tight, let there remain a slight slack. When removing, you should get an elongated hamstring, one end of which must be tied with a strong thread, having retreated from the edge of 1 cm. At the other end, you got a loop that you just cut. The yarn immediately rasshchitsya, forming a chic brush. The volume depends on how much yarn is wound on the board. If the ends of the brushes are decorated with dumplings, then the balls can be sewn from fur, knit from the fluffy mohair yarn. For this purpose it will be interesting to look like molds from cut plastic bottles. Molds can be decorated with beads, made with their own hands, flowers, bright ribbons. An amazing clip for curtains is obtained from an old CD-ROM. To do this, you need to draw a circle on it with a circle, smaller than the circumference of the disc by 1-1.5 cm. This line will not need to be cut with a saw, a drill or a scissors in the middle of the disk. But the resulting "bagel" is the workpiece clamp. If the edges on the spot drunk turned out with burrs and uneven, then they can be corrected with a file. Next, proceed to the scenery. You can wrap this satin around the circle with a satin ribbon, and then glue decorative stones, beads or sequins to the plane of the circle. Here everything depends on the imagination and taste of the master. A binding knitting needle is required for this clamp. This device will function as follows: at the place of fixing the drapery, the fabric of the curtains needs to be pushed into the circumference of the disc, and on the other hand it is inserted into the spoke, it will not allow the fabric to free itself from the clamp. Another option is just a strip of beautiful fabric. It is necessary to fold the matter in half along, stitch along the edge and turn it to the front. Iron the workpiece with an iron. In the middle of the workpiece, make two more longitudinal stitches at a distance of about 2 cm from each other. Using a pin, insert a satin ribbon or decorative cord into the middle, and put the material in assemblies. Get a pick up for curtains with fluffy ruches. The edges of the ruche can be tied with lace. unusual hooks for curtains

What materials can I use

In order to make decorations for curtains yourhands, you can use jewelry, beautiful buttons, yarn, fabric, kapron and satin ribbons and even soft toys. Drag draperies conveniently and quickly with chains, beads, and you can also make beads yourself. For example, from walnuts or chestnuts, pre-coated with varnish. Lush, interesting, homemade flowers from kapron, guipure, satin decorate even the most modest pickups for curtains. It is only necessary to include imagination and not be afraid to create. Eyes are afraid, and hands do.