vacation in September Summer has quietly ended, but you still do notmanaged to escape from the stone jungles of the metropolis? All, the end of the world, the only way out: wait for winter, rent skis and conquer mountain peaks and steep slopes. So, perhaps, you think? Nothing like this. Let the summer on vacation are those who, firstly, do not know how to save, and secondly, who does not have enough heat at home. And you just got lucky, because everything is still ahead and you have to spend your holiday in September. No regrets about last summer! We catch up with him, and not just catch up, but with the elegance and charm peculiar to all girls, without going beyond the framework of the rubber family budget and not losing a single gram of our summer entertainment. How, you ask? Everything is very simple!

Cheap and glamorous

There is no girl who does not dreamrest like a real star. But in summer, at the height of the holiday season, a ticket to the so-called star resort costs so much money that we have to despair once again to Turkey or Egypt. Tired? We change our plans! September is the dead season for most resorts. The stars are not used to saving and resting in the summer, and we will do smarter when we go to Saint-Tropez. The famous beaches of Granier and L'Escale, located under the rocks, the sea, snow-white yachts and no tourist pilgrimage. What could be better ?! The Golden Mile in Spain. In the beach season, this place is chosen by all the famous party girls. Marbella, Andalusia, Costa del Sol - beautiful music in the heart recalls only the listing of these resort towns. White houses, narrow streets, five-star hotels. And if for you the best kind of beach vacation - vacation in September provides you a huge space for dreams and for the embodiment of your wildest fantasies. No heat, no fuss, only you and the sea. Costa Smeralda. The same azure coast, which dreams of any girl who knows a lot about rest. Sardinia, about which legends are composed, are all at your feet. SPA-procedures, the pristine beauty of nature, diving and even Mediterranean tan. Not for nothing that the azure coast is chosen not only by the stars of Hollywood, but even by the Arabian sheiks. However, if you are going to marry a sheikh, September for this - not the most suitable month. In the autumn on the cote d'azur, you should come to rest, and not to hunt for the groom. vacation in September where to go

I do not need a Sardinian shore

Relax on the Mediterranean coast toRains and a gusty wind did not catch you unawares and did not ruin your vacation, best in the first half of September. If it does not work out, you again have an alternative. Bus tour in Europe. By the way, in September such a tour will cost you half as much cheaper. The main influx of tourists ends by the end of August - beginning of September. And at your disposal are all the countries of the old Europe. Even rainy London at this time is not so rainy, not to mention Prague, which is always beautiful, and Paris, where locals prefer to stay outside the city until the end of October. Carefully consider the upcoming vacation in September - where to go does not have to be an issue with the only possible answer. On the contrary, early autumn gives you such prospects that you did not dare to dream about in the summer.

Dreams of exoticism

You always wanted to visit Morocco, but in summerthere's nothing to do there. Yet, the Moroccan heat for us, residents of latitudes with a temperate climate, is too much. And in September you can quite go for your dream, without the risk of melting under the scorching sun. The coast of the ocean, dark Moroccan nights, the gentle sun and ... a decline in prices of thirty to forty per cent for everything from hotel rooms to excursions. If Morocco is not too exotic for you, then you can give up to Australia. True, about the economy in this case, you can forget, but from the fall you instantly fall into the spring. And what can be more pleasant than surviving a couple of extra, unplanned springs. In addition, there is something to see in Australia, and for lovers of extreme and exotic kinds of recreation there is a hunting for alligators. beach holidays in September

Every Kulik ...

By the way, in search of a great place forrecreation does not necessarily go for thousands of miles. Remember that September is the time of the so-called "velvet season" on the Black Sea coast. You can easily rest in Sochi or in the Krasnodar Territory. The level of service in local hotels is not much different from foreign ones. Moreover, you do not need a visa. As you could see, despite what we suppose, and the bosses thoughtlessly have the time of our holidays, vacation in September is not necessarily a threat of gloomy prospects to rest, where it will turn out, or even stay at home in a garden or garden or repair paradise. This is an opportunity to realize an old dream for relatively little money.