Bellver Castle A merry, noisy holiday is immediately associated withSpain, because it is this country, located in the south of Europe, famous for its nightlife, discos, bars and nightclubs. Although in fact, of course, this is not the only thing that can be seen when going to Spain. The most common tourist area is the Balearic Islands. They are an autonomous part of Spain. The most famous of them are Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic, an ancient city that is located on the shores of the Bay of Palma. Here lives most of the inhabitants of the whole island. A huge number of tourists flock here. And not in vain, because Palma de Mallorca - a city that is ideal for recreation and tourism. Here, everyone will find a rest for themselves: lovers of city bustle, entertainment and restaurants, and tourists who tend to visit cultural institutions, museums, galleries, temples and other attractions. If you sail to the city by sea, then immediately you will see everything that you simply will have to look at. Places of interest in Palma de Mallorca will leave the most unforgettable impressions. La Seu Cathedral

Sightseeing: the cathedrals and temples of Mallorca

If you are interested in culture, religion andarchitecture, be sure to visit the Cathedral, the Church of Saint Eulalia and the Basilica of St. Francis. These attractions not only amaze with their beauty, but also tell a lot about local religion and faith. The cathedral is a unique example of Gothic architecture of the 17th century, although the first stone of the cathedral was laid in 1231. Since the 17th century the cathedral has been reconstructed several times, and in the 20th century it was also finished inside. Interior decoration was made by Antonio Gaudi. He not only performed the decoration inside the cathedral, but also made a special lighting system that is truly unique and is a guide for the tourists of Palma de Mallorca. Currently, the cathedral is a mandatory item in the program of tourists: the ensemble includes the cathedral museum, in which there is a most valuable exhibit - the Ark of the True Cross, made of metal and finished with precious stones; still here is a museum of painting, which contains paintings of local artists, and the palace of the Moorish rulers. Undoubtedly, for fans of painting is a paradise for the soul. After visiting the cathedral you can stroll along the Parc de la Mar - it is nearby and it can be seen from the windows of the cathedral. The Basilica of St. Francis is built in the Gothic style. Its central facade is decorated with the image of the Virgin Mary of Ascension, and on the sides - St. Dominic and St. Francis. The complex includes a gallery, a church and several households. The most interesting in terms of excursions are the gallery and the sarcophagus, in which Raymond Lully, the monk and the writer are buried. Be sure to stroll through the courtyard: there not only can you be alone with yourself, but also enjoy the beauty: the courtyard is buried in cypresses and lemon trees, oleanders and palm trees. The Church of Saint Eulalia is another example of Gothic architecture. Elements of Gothic are present in everything: in the performance of the church itself and the surrounding buildings, in the paintings of the 15th century. Noteworthy is the church and the fact that it contains the image of Christ, which Jaime I, the conquering king-king, carried with him. It's best to go to church by Mori's street. It is very picturesque. Tourists are attracted to the local architecture, it is very original: the houses have remained, it seems, since the time of Jaime II, and their color is complemented by windows from blown glass. It looks very exciting and unusual. Ibiza

Architectural Heritage of Palma de Mallorca

If you enjoy viewingarchitecture of the city, like to roam the streets and streets, noting the peculiarities of local buildings, in which case you will be interested to see Almudain's palace, Bellver Castle and Grand Hotel - these attractions will surely not leave you indifferent. You can take guided tours, or you can wander around the city on your own - you will see even more. Almudine Palace This is an ancient Spanish palace. Half of this palace is the property of the royal family, the castle is guarded by the army. It is a rectangular building with towers on the sides. They are called the Tower of the Angel and the Tower of the Heads. On the Tower of the Angels there is a sculpture depicting the archangel Gabriel. By the way, he is the patron saint of Palma de Mallorca. But at the Tower of the Heads the story is gloomy: in the 15th century, the heads of executed criminals were hung on it to see the people, so that it happens with the villains. Still be sure to look at the Throne Room (Tinel Hall) and the chapel of St. Anne. They are decorated as much here in the Gothic and Romanesque styles. The chapel is decorated with images of mythical creatures, and in the hall are fragments of Arab baths and the Royal Garden. Grand Hotel It would seem that it can be interesting in visiting the hotel, especially for the tourist? Not in the case of the Grand Hotel! After all, it started a completely new - tourist - the life of the whole city. Firstly, this is the first hotel in Palma de Mallorca, which in itself is already significant. Secondly, it was from this hotel that the epoch of the heyday of tourism in the city began: he was ready to welcome the guests. Thirdly, unquestionably, the Grand Hotel is also an architectural landmark of the city: the front facade of the building is decorated with ceramic sculptures and columns. To date, the Grand Hotel is the cultural center of the city, there are exhibitions of artists. Bellver Castle In the forest, surrounded by pine trees, is the castle of Bellewer. It has a very rich history. For all of its existence, the castle has been used as a royal residence and military prison. However, it is now a historical museum, which attracts tourists very much. The castle is a white-stone building with rounded walls, which is typical for Spanish architecture of the 13th century. Since there is a castle on a hill, it is visible even from afar. And from its windows you can see a panoramic view of the port of Palma de Mallorca and its most picturesque areas. La Granja Here, too, will be of interest to those who are interested in the history and culture of peoples. La Granja is a museum of the 10th century. He is notable for many things. First, the fabulous vegetation: it is buried in gardens and natural fountains. Secondly, thanks to the surroundings, the mansion shows the traditional history and culture of Mallorca. It is a mixture of simple country style and lush, majestic. Also here you can see the subjects of folk craft and creativity. Balearic Coliseum

For those who want to see as much as possible

Everyone knows the situation when I want to see howIt is possible more, but there is no possibility. It does not matter - material is limited or temporary. For example, often this situation arises when a trip is planned in a certain area of ​​the country. In Palma de Mallorca, there is a unique place that is literally intended for tourists who do not have the opportunity to travel all over Spain within a single tour. So if you are one of those tourists who try to get around and see as much as possible, be sure to plan an excursion to the Spanish village. At least, the feeling that you have visited the main tourist mecca of Spain, you will remain. The Spanish Village This is truly one of the most colorful places in all of Palma de Mallorca. The fact is that after visiting the Spanish village, you will simultaneously see Cordoba, Madrid, Toledo, Granada and Barcelona, ​​etc. This is a huge park in which the entire culture of Spain is collected: here you can see the buildings of all the various styles that are the whole of Spain; Here are pieces of great Spanish cities with local color; here you can simultaneously see the Arab baths of the Alhambra, and you can buy souvenirs (good, there are plenty of specialized shops here) or try tapas from the Plaza Mayor.

Excursions for lovers of flora and fauna

For those tourists who love nature,Palma de Mallorca also offers places where you can safely relax, admire the beauty of local landscapes, see unusual plants, etc. I must say that the island has about 40 natural reserves and parks, bays, waterfalls, etc., so here there is where to sweep in the truest sense of the word. Park-Reserve Galatzo This is a natural park in which you can walk for hours: stunning nature, strange plants, various animals, waterfalls and a sea of ​​adventures - all this Galatso. Here you can just wander leisurely and enjoy the fresh air and unique nature, photographed against the background of waterfalls (and there are 30 of them here), and you can head to the world of entertainment, which is abundant here. Here you can swim in the waterfall (so be sure to take a swimsuit) or try yourself in rock climbing, descent on a rope or walking on hinged bridges. Usually tourists are offered a 2-hour excursion. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent resting place for the whole family, where everyone will be interested. Mondrago Nature Reserve This is also a park, which will be interesting to those who love the flora and fauna. There are a lot of beautiful plants here, so botanists will get an unearthly pleasure. In addition, here lies the amazing beauty of the bay with crystal clear water. So if you like to swim, be sure to visit this place - there will be many impressions. La Grange

Entertainment of Palma de Mallorca

The most interesting are the oceanarium and beachescities. These are the main attractions for those who like to swim. If you love nightlife and clubs, it is better to take a day and go to Ibiza. In Palma de Mallorca you can have fun sitting in a cafe or restaurant, in addition, in the reserves also offer barbecue and other goodies. As for entertainment, the oceanarium offers them. You can also have a great time on the beaches, in bays and bays. It all depends on what kind of rest you crave: active or relax. The Oceanarium By right it is considered one of the largest in Europe. Here is one of the richest collections of corals. It will be interesting for adults and children. 55 aquariums and 8000 inhabitants - all this is the Palm Aquarium. A special chic is not only in the exhibits, but also in the interior decoration of the oceanarium itself: you need to go from gallery to gallery through glass tunnels, from which there is simply a fantastic feeling that you are under water. It will be interesting for the children, because here you can feel like a diver. There are very few oceanariums that offer such an opportunity. An experienced instructor will teach and insure the child. Beaches of Palma de Mallorca A beautiful soft Mediterranean climate, amazing beaches, of which there are a great many, attract people from all over the world. Indeed, nature is the main attraction of the island. The tourists are attracted by crystal clear water, waterfalls, clean beaches with white sand, cliffs and quiet bays, rocky mountains and reserves, pine forests and gardens, outlandish plants and birds - all this makes Palma de Mallorca a paradise on earth. Here you can find noisy youth beaches, and quiet, secluded corners - in Palma de Mallorca you can provide relaxation for every taste. It's not for nothing that the royal family is at rest here, and celebrities are buying villas. It is known that Michael Schumacher, Boris Becker, Claudia Schiffer, Michael Douglas and many other stars of show business, sports and cinema come here.