Tours in Milazzo, Italy Italy - a special country that can be safelyCall it a magnet for tourists from all over the world! Think about it yourself, have not you dreamed, even once in your life, of great Italy. Italy is a country of unique architecture and great art, a country of insane beauty, temperamental and captivating. Is an amazing opportunity to see the countryLeonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli. There is an unusual town in Italy, which strikes with its beauty and unique nature of the local places. Rest here is a real pleasure, and the trip will be remembered for many years, believe me. A small town called Milazzo, which comfortably spread its possessions near another fairly well-known city of Messina. Milazzo is located on the north-eastern coast of the island of Sicily, on the west side of the bay under the same name Milazzo. The population of this amazing town is only thirty-two thousand people, perhaps because the town is quite small, and it's relaxing here in a special way - calmly and sincerely. It is especially successful to get to this city on the eve of the city holiday, which is celebrated on December 26, because it is these days that the town of Milazzo comes alive, and all the residents are preparing for the upcoming holiday with great enthusiasm and joy. If you get to Milazzo just these days, then you will plunge into a fabulous bright holiday, which captures into the maelstrom of merry events not only local residents of the town, but also visitors tourists. If you decide to still visit the beautiful Italy and bought , then you definitely need to see the cityMilazzo. In the spring, this town, like Italy itself, is incredibly beautiful. Visit the country of inspiration in the spring is a particularly pleasant event in the life of any person. It is at this time that the province of Messina fascinates with the beauty of the local nature, blooming gardens, incredibly blue sky and endless blue sea. If you, going on a trip to Italy, then, of course, would like to see all the sights of this remarkable country and want to see not only the most famous of them, but also those that are popular only here in Italy. Then you need to visit not only the capital of Italy, but also the town of Milazzo, which is famous in the nearby provinces for its sights. For example, you should definitely see the beautiful Norman fortress of the XIII century. This fortress can be called a very beautiful building, which can be viewed for hours and do not lose interest. In addition to the Norman Fortress, every visitor can visit the Temple of San Francesco di Paola. Here it is worth mentioning one historical fact, which is known to all residents of Milazzo - once a very long time ago, the cannon of a ship of one of the enemies got instead of a fortress in the Temple of San Francesco di Paola, from that moment the projectile is still sticking out in the church wall. The city of Milazzo is also quite a large port. If you are fond of history, then you probably know that it was here that one of the most famous battles took place, when the ships of Garibaldi defeated the Bourbons. Since then, this event was called "The Battle of Milazzo." The local port is very convenient, therefore, resting here, you can always go to Naples or, for example, to the Aeolian Islands. for today are very popular, namelyso many people go to rest in such wonderful countries as Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden. You can choose for yourself the place where you so long wanted to get and with great pleasure to plunge into an exciting journey.