underwear for full Lingerie is the foundation for the creation of anyimage. Wrongly selected, it can spoil the most beautiful outfit, and in the opposite case - will not make the most successful combination better. So also underwear for full, to selection which should be treated very carefully, because beautiful and comfortable models will provide you with positive emotions and good health, and therefore, self-confidence.

The rules for choosing lingerie for full ladies

  • The main thing is to be honest with yourself. Take clearly your size, and not one or two sizes smaller, because that thing that you will be small, causes discomfort and forms folds, visible under any clothing. But also it is not necessary to take the big size therefore as such variant visually will give still more volume.
  • Try to choose clothes that are a littlecorrects the shortcomings of the figure, while emphasizing the merits. Recommended underwear for full ladies is supporting panties, corsets, underwear with pull-in inserts. All this will allow you to create a beautiful silhouette and harmonious image.
  • Do not forget that underwear must becorrespond to a specific case. The one that is ideal for the gym is in no way suitable for a romantic date. Get yourself kits for every occasion.
  • Another important rule: The larger your breasts, the wider should be the straps. Perhaps, this option can not be called sexual, but for the daily wearing of a magnificent lady it is worth choosing it. For identical or festive evenings, just pick a bra of a different shape.
  • Underwear for full young women shouldbe with bones, because such a model is best kept in shape. Of course, bones digging into the skin do not give pleasure, so it's worth choosing the right thing to yourself not to think about discomfort.
  • If you are the owner of a large breast, then remember,that it needs to be supported both from below and from the side. Do not choose a rag version, in which the breast looks like a flat cake, and later merges with the belly. You will be more comfortable with a bra with vertical bones, corsets and corsages. And the latter will help to level the folds on the back, if any.
  • For daily wear choose the maximumclosed options, because they are best kept in shape. Do not even look at the cups with one seam in the middle, as they will give the chest an incomprehensible cone shape. It is best to spend time on the selection of such an option, which will be good to hold the chest, and will continue to adhere to it in the future.

underwear for fat women Most girls and women do not know theirsize of the chest, so before buying is worth it to find out. In some stores, sellers will easily render you such a service, measure and help you choose the right model for you; but it does not happen everywhere. There is a way easier - measure yourself. First measure the girth under the chest, pulling a centimeter tape as tight as possible, so as not to get the wrong result. Do not forget that even with the same chest girth each woman has her own form, so be sure to measure the bra, especially expensive. Acquire only those models that you like, because sellers' advice may not always be correct. Also, every fair sex should know that panties thong and tango is not the best option for every day. Of course, your man can be pampered with such an open and sexual thing, as well as in the case of a bra, which must be selected specifically for such cases. For daily wear, it is better to choose underwear with high waist, and pay attention to the fact that the edges do not cut into the folds. If the panties are made of synthetics, then look carefully and make sure there is a lining of cotton fabric. The top of the bra is acceptable in any variation, but if you have a choice - synthetic or viscose, it is better to choose the latter. If you liked the model with double cups, then the inside should also be cotton, otherwise there may be unpleasant irritation on the skin. underwear for full young women

Corrective underwear

Underwear for fat women, like everyone elsethe rest is made of synthetic and natural materials of good quality. Such models quickly adjust the waist and bust volume, pull the buttocks, while allowing each woman to feel as comfortable as possible. Problem areas are well smoothed out if you put on corrective underwear under your clothes. As practice shows, corrective models are needed for every second girl or woman. Each has its own flaws, they all have different: one wants to increase something, another to reduce, the third - to hide a couple of centimeters in the waist, and the fourth - to hide cellulite, to allow yourself to wear tight clothes. Today, manufacturers offer to our attention underwear of varying degrees of correction: weak, medium and strong. Linen weak correction best distributes the load on problem areas and allows you to pull the stomach and buttocks. In addition, it constantly massages the skin, immediately solving the problem of cellulite. The average degree of correction can be called the golden mean between ordinary pulling linens and rigid structures. Correcting the possibility of this kind of laundry is regulated at the expense of tissues of varying degrees of density. This creates a variety of pressure on all zones, which provides a good correction to your figure. Accordingly, a strong correction underwear is created for women with the most neglected figure flaws. For its manufacture use rigid inserts which maximally tighten problem zones and even help to correct a posture. Remember the main thing: correctly chosen underwear is the first and main step to successful submission of a figure.