style safari in clothes Over the past few seasonsThe colonial style, otherwise known as the "safari", was the favorite among the female sex. The style of safari in clothes gives notes of exoticism, this image harmoniously fits into everyday reality and brings a bright color to street fashion. Safari is a great help for experiments, in this regard, the colonial image has taken a leading position among the fashion industry. Women's clothing in the style of safari, despite the constant innovation and refinement of designers, retained the original color, which expressively declares itself. What explains this high popularity of this trend in clothes? First of all, it is a bright uniqueness that dilutes typical street clothes. Clothing made in the traditions of the colonial style, uses sand colors and shades, but despite this, rich drapery and an abundance of accessories create a unique halo.

Colors and traditional shades

The colors that make up this image differtranquility, they are characterized by high practicality, they are in perfect harmony with nature. Women's clothing in the style of safari is easy to identify by sand scales, matte shades of beige tones. In general, in this direction it is very difficult to find brilliant materials and playing overflow, rather you can find light linen, natural brown and muted green tones. All variations of yellow color are very common: mustard, terracotta, olive scales. In a word, a woman choosing a safari style will fill up her wardrobe with reserved, matt dresses. Fashion does not stand still and designers are increasingly resorting to extraordinary solutions in terms of color. Now you can find a bright accent in outfits in the form of a purple element or turquoise color. Very relevant is the animalism - a bright print, repeating the pattern of some animals. This model is very extravagant, able to take on the views, but it's worth putting it on with care, do not get carried away by a combination of accessories. beautiful style of safari in clothing beautiful style of safari in clothes


The model of clothing in the style of safari obeys a specialrule, which obliges to comfort and simplicity, simplicity does not affect design decisions, but cut, style, seams and textures. But modern women will not be satisfied only with comfort, so specialists had to refine themselves and create clothes for traveling and elegant. Let's not forget that originally it was meant for comfort in travel. Most often in the image of a safari, a free cut is used, which does not constrain the body and movements. You can find an abundance of pantsuits, very popular models with shorts, dresses are less common.


The modern world of fashion is in a dynamicdevelopment, innovations in the textile industry were reflected in the safari style. For the classical image, natural fabrics were used as a basis, and betting on convenience was made. Most of the tissues had a dense texture, but this did not prevent the body from breathing and experiencing ease. A classic option is cotton or linen - they optimally meet all of the above requirements. But the designers agree on the idea that it is necessary to get out of the conservative framework, which was set by the classic style of safari. Therefore, there were variants of dresses with bright patterns and unconventional textiles. If earlier clothes of this direction did not provide for any shiny materials, now there are outfits made in this way.

Clothes styles and cuts

In addition to the fact that in the evolution of thisdirections changed fabrics and introduced new colors, there was a cardinal update of styles and cuts. Frames of classics and conservatism were destroyed, but in order to avoid loss of color, the designers left the most typical elements, we will try to find out what they are usually referred to.

  • Nowhere is it possible to meet such a colossalan abundance of pockets of a straight and asymmetrical cut, as here. Cuffs are often present, both on sleeves and on trousers, collars-racks, massive buttons. The length of the sleeve can be varied, but most often up to the elbow, trousers and pants are also performed in different versions;
  • A typical model for this image is a safari dress, this model is necessarily decorated with decorative breast pockets. They are characterized by the presence of a collar-rack and a short sleeve;
  • As for skirts, then their cut is often straight andlaconic, there are often trapezoidal models - necessarily with pockets. Usually this outfit reaches knee level or below, mini does not enter into the concept of style;
  • Pants of this direction have the wideststyle solution: from hiking to active pants, to elegant, wide models. In the last collections there was also a narrowed-down style. Typically, these options have cuffs. You can also find pants with smoothed hands, which are very relevant in the office atmosphere. And for young and active girls there will be summer models of free shorts with pockets;
  • At the peak of popularity are safari jackets, as well as their variations - jackets. And those and other models include an abundance of pockets.

fashionable style of safari in clothes

Safaris and Accessories

As mentioned earlier, a rare style in clothescan boast of such a wide range of accessories. In many ways they set the tone and connect the whole image, filling it with unique notes. More often than not, round hats are used, which are a poor protection against the sun, since their fields are very small. It is rather a typical accessory, designed to add femininity to the whole image. At the peak of the popularity of a bag of special cut - over the shoulder. This capacious, large products, they moved away from the original functionality, but they did not lose their convenience, because they saved a lot of departments and classic pockets. Bags in the style of safari sew from poorly worked leather, so that the necessary effect is not lost and authenticity was present. As for shoes, there is no uniform opinion even among professional designers. Some call for comfort and convenience, which means every lack of a heel - preferably an absolutely flat surface of the sole. Such experts incline women to practicality and recommend choosing natural footwear from leather or even flax. Such models can hardly be called feminine, but they perfectly harmonize with wide short shorts and an extended jacket. Another designer camp is targeting the female population for more extravagant footwear - models on high, wide heels. This heel guarantees stability, convenience and serves as a decorative element. On the heels of a similar pattern, you can see various patterns and prints - the coloring in the style of a leopard, for example, which harmoniously complements the image. A special role in the construction of an image is assigned to various kinds of scarves and to our handkerchiefs. Previously, such a detail of the wardrobe carried a completely specific task - protection from insects and their bites, now it has lost its relevance, and modern women can taste all the charm of scarves that correspond to orders in this direction. As a rule, such products accentuate the unpretentious colors of matte, sand and pastel clothes and place the accent with the help of a bright coloring. Thus, if a woman wants to optimally relate comfort and convenience, but at the same time for her an important indicator is femininity and elegance, then the safari style is exactly the option that is needed. Any lady dressed in such an outfit is doomed to success and attention from others, and the abundance of possible combinations that this direction offers will allow her to always be different and unpredictably charming. We advise you to read: