Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters, waistcoats representa huge group of knitted products, designed primarily for socks in cold weather, both in winter and in summer. Today's jackets are a variety of different models, differing from each other in color, pattern, pattern of knitting, the presence or absence of a collar, the length of a sleeve, the material from which they are made, etc. Usually, many of us call sweaters and sweaters, and sweaters and vests. But these are a few different things, relatively according to external characteristics. Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests A distinctive feature of the sweatshirt is the availabilityThe fastener, which should be in front and located along the entire length of the jacket - from top to bottom. If we talk about jumper, then it also assumes the presence of a clasp, but the difference is that the jumper has a short clasp and does not reach the collar. Vests can have a buckle, although this is not necessary. They are both long and short. But their distinctive aspect is the lack of sleeves. Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests In comparison with men's jackets, which are more oftenall are sustained in a strict stylistic direction, women's sweaters represent a huge world of all kinds of models, styles and styles, complemented by decorative elements - pockets, belts, openwork collars, hoods, etc. In modern times, the most popular . After all, unlike other materials, knitwearhas good moisture and air permeability properties. In addition, knitted sweaters do not crinkle, they take on the necessary shapes, are very comfortable to wear and are of high quality. That is why sweaters from knits are clothes of all times. Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests Modern fashion dictates its trends and todayknitted sweaters are characterized by a complex cut, an unusual decor. Quite acceptable and a large knit in combination with three-dimensional collars. The most fashionable drawings of this season include various geometric figures or Slavic ornaments. Again, we must not forget about the huge variety of decorative elements. As an additional trim knitted sweaters can be used leather lining or fur elements. As for knitted waistcoats, they can also be made in large knitwear. In this case, the waistcoat looks more voluminous and textured, which gives a special individuality to this kind of clothes. Both sweaters and sweaters, depending on the model, can ideally be combined with both skirts and pants.