basic wardrobe What each of us is guided by when buyingnew clothes? Of course, most women, choosing new things, primarily focus on fashion trends. Also important is the style of clothing. But in fact, as practice shows, many of us choose clothes for the mood or just the color. And as a result, they come to the fact that there are many outfits in the closet, but there is really nothing to put on, in fact. This happens only because the very majority of women do not really decide clearly with what they want. As a result, blouses, blouses, skirts are bought because of profitable discounts, and not because they go and form an image, and therefore the appearance does not look very harmonious. And you need to first create a basic wardrobe, selecting the main garments and placing accents, and only then pick up to him other things - "additional". This approach will make your image perfectly stylish and always give an opportunity to refresh the look'a, to make it a new nuance. Realizing the importance of this approach, we want to tell you how to make a basic wardrobe, what to orient yourself and what to avoid. Having listened to our useful advice, you can always remain fashionable and avoid making mistakes when updating the image.

Factors affecting the basic wardrobe

The basis of the women's wardrobe is formed under the influence of certain key factors - their five:

  • current dress code and preferences in general;
  • scope of work (or other permanent employment);
  • color priorities;
  • current season;
  • the amount you can spend on new things.

Particular attention should be paid to the first twofactor, because the basis of the image is most dependent on the working dress code in combination with habits and preferences. For example, employees of banks willy-nilly have to adhere to a mature style, but artists can afford to make more brightness and creativity in their look. But do not get upset even when you have a very tough dress code at work, and you are already at home or on vacation do not go beyond it, although you really want to do it. Remember that anyone, even the most severe female image, can be revived by properly completing the basic wardrobe or adding the right accents to it. You just need to know the rules about which we will now tell, and follow them. basic wardrobe

What should be the basic wardrobe: the basic rules

Any female image, regardless of the dress code or individual preferences, must obey the following laws:

  • It must be harmonious - it is unacceptable that certain things stand out too clearly.
  • He needs to be versatile - it's important to create a wardrobe so that all garments are interchangeable so that you can choose 2 or 3 stylish blouses for the same skirt per minute.
  • It should be of high quality - make sure that you have only conscientious things, not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear.
  • He needs to be compatible - remember thatThe colors should not "cut their eyes", too much in contrast with each other. It is best to create such a basic wardrobe of a woman, which will consist of 2-3 colors.
  • It has a place for originality, but there is no place for extravagance - it should not be too bright.

Follow these rules, and your female image will befresh. Let's explain why: psychologists have proved that the view clings to the brightest elements of the human image. And that's why a really smart woman does not need a spectacular, but a single costume - he is handsome, but soon gets tired of those who communicate with her. That's why a universal wardrobe is needed: several combining things, sustained in one style, can be almost infinitely combined with each other. You can at least every day bring a variety in your image, making it something new, but always flawlessly stylish. And with the role of a bright and eye-catching item, accessories (accessories should not be too much). Without which there will still not be a tasteful base wardrobe, it is without harmony of color. Again, it is extremely important to select things for the image so that they are not completely identical, but at the same time they perfectly match each other, they approach your face and figure. And to create harmony of color is completely in your power - not only image-makers can handle this task. You just need to follow our advice, paying attention to which group the things you choose are related to.

Create a basic wardrobe, focusing on a group of colors

Before you combine things with each other, it's importantfind out and understand what color in principle can be this or that subject of the basic wardrobe. We have already decided that for a stylish image, the main clothing should be seasoned. And if extravagance is absent, it means that all the basic things will belong to one of the 4 color groups. So let's determine what kind of clothes, which category and for what you need to choose.

  • Basic colors - they form the basis, so theyshould be the darkest. They give the image of respectability, make it more consistent, authoritative and, interestingly, trustworthy. Therefore, the basic colors simply need to be in an image that obeys all the rules of a strict office dress code. It is for this reason that women need dark coats, skirts, trousers, jackets to create solid look'ov, and necessarily high-quality and best expensive. Such things will tell about the impeccable taste of the girl and become the basis of the image, easily combining with any neutral and unobtrusive clothes.
  • Light (additional) colors - designed to diluteBasic, in the case of an office dress code are classics for the top. They are designed for shirts and blouses, because together with dark skirts and trousers create a very harmonious contrast. At the same time, bright things are great not only for working images: they look perfect in the summer, they impart elegance to warm clothes and refinement to underwear. So that any woman should not forget about white, milky, beige and their shades.
  • Bright colors - they are needed to create a basicsports wardrobe, youth casual look'ov or images for special occasions. If we talk about specific things, it can be pink, peach, blue, tender green blouses or scarves, and we should not forget about jeans. Bright colors can also enter into the wardrobe for work, if there is no strict office dress code. But remember that their shades should still be the most conservative and capable of being combined with a dark base.
  • Accenting colors - they are the mostbold, because their task is to attract attention. It can be poisonous-green, glamorous-pink, lemon-yellow, orange things. Accenting colors are mainly used in trendy blouses, sweaters, jackets, tops, scarves, that is, underlined fashionable clothes, perhaps only for youth and only for one season. Of course, for an office dress code they are too provocative, but to create a harmonious casual look'a they are quite acceptable.

basic wardrobe of a woman

"Smart" basic wardrobe for every day

And now we want to suggest how to create an image,focusing on color groups. Choose from your wardrobe things in one color scheme. For example, a jacket with a richly gray or chocolate color, take as a basis, and pick up a blouse or top smoky, beige or milky shade. However, when combined, it is not recommended to use just two basic colors: dark brown and dark gray, because this combination can visually make the outfit gloomy and even weight it. To a dark-gray color is fine sand or cherry, and to dark brown - green and pale pink. Also do not forget about the type of fabric. The base color, as a rule, has a more dense texture, for example, leather or wool. While the additional color is a lighter texture, for example, chiffon, silk and similar materials. Now, going shopping and guided by this formula, you can easily pick up two or three colors you like and combine them with things of different tonality for all occasions. Depending on the situation, you can combine things from your wardrobe, adding them with various accessories that will give the image an individuality and create a completely different mood. To learn how to correctly combine colors, you can use the hint - the color wheel. The colors that are on the same straight line, opposite each other, and the color of the neighbors (for example, blue and bright blue) are well combined with each other. Unsuccessfully look together colors that are located not far from each other, that is not in close proximity, for example such as blue and green.

How can the figure be corrected with the help of the texture and color of the clothes of the base wardrobe?

The combination of white and black is the most famouscunning, many familiar since school years. It's no secret that white color fills the figure, and black, on the contrary, makes it slimmer. Therefore, owners of lush forms are not recommended to wear light wide trousers and skirts-bells. The best way to hide the completeness is to choose straight black trousers that perfectly match the white blouse of the classic style. Also, one should not buy things from dense fleecy fabrics. Ladies with forms should choose their trousers from a lighter jersey, and choose a brighter accent to this ensemble. These trousers look great with an elongated fitted vest like cherry and blue. To tall thin girls we advise to be more careful with a choice of things of dark shades, and also to avoid tight-fitting styles reminding bandage dresses. Choosing a wardrobe, do not forget that the traditional black color only emphasizes leanness. As a rule, any texture and color of the fabric has its own little tricks: saturated colors and wide horizontal strips, as well as shiny fabrics and fabrics in polka dots, a large cage visually fill the figure. If you want to visually increase your volumes, use yellow, red and orange colors in clothes. And if you want to look slimmer - blue, green and purple. When choosing the right color, do not forget about the texture of the fabric. For example, velvet, velor and leather fill the figure, while jersey, cotton, crepe, silk and denim make the figure slimmer.

What colors are undesirable to combine with each other in the basic wardrobe?

Although the strict laws of the combination of colors in clothing are notthere are still experts do not recommend experimenting, combining warm colors (orange, red, golden and brown) with cold colors (gray, lilac, silver, blue and blue). However, do not take this advice too seriously. Today, many modern designers prefer to combine in their images, seemingly incompatible colors: brown with lilac, as well as black, gray and red. First of all, you should learn how to combine correctly bright colors. So boldly create stylish images, guided by your desires, especially if it's not about boring work with a strict dress code, but about the basic wardrobe and look'ah for rest and daily routine. We advise you to read: