beach fashion 2012 Very soon, summer will come, and with itlong-awaited time for holidays. Many fashionistas are already thinking about what they will go to the beach. That you could look fashionable and attractive, the beach fashion 2016 prepared a lot of incredibly beautiful and stylish things, without which you can not do on vacation. To fully meet the new beach season, when, if not in the spring, is it worth to choose and buy fashionable beach accessories? trends in beach fashion 2012

Fashion of the beach season 2016

Swimsuit, undoubtedly, is the most importantpart of the women's beach attire. Given this, fashion designers have included in their collections of beachwear fabulous models that amaze with their exquisite and unique look. The hit of the season is an open sexy strapless swimsuit, straps, ribbons and ties, allowing you to show your gorgeous body to others. Also relevant are swimming suits that are different this year with a deep neckline and the most unexpected decoration in the form of laces, laces, fringes and ties. Figures and prints on the fashionable bathing suits of 2016 also amaze with their diversity. The new beach season will be held in soft, gentle, romantic and cheerful colors. The most urgent of them is pink. Behind him go white, cream, coffee with milk, beige, lilac, light blue, silver and gold. Themes of drawings for every taste: African, tropical, exotic, animal prints and abstraction, as well as strip and peas. The favorite of the season promises to be a swimsuit, the figure on which appears only after contact with water. trends of beach fashion 2012 Everyone knows what a pareo is, but how manythink about the possibilities of this beach accessory? Try to buy this year a beach set - a swimsuit, dress or tunic with the original pareo, and see how many functions it can perform. It can be worn as a sarong or a skirt, but can be used as a kerchief or build a top out of it. The main trends of the beach fashion of 2016 are not only bright swimsuits and flowing pareos, but also dresses, sarafans, tunics, hats, glasses, bags, shoes and much more. Upcoming summer designers advise to go to the beach in the lungs of spacious tunics, dresses and sarafans of cotton fabrics with a variety of ornaments and flowers. Another great option for relaxation can be a beach dress made of the same fabric as the swimsuit. This outfit will help to solve the problem, what will appear for breakfast or lunch on site. And if even from under it a shoulder strap or other part of a bathing suit is visible, it will look very decent. beach fashion summer 2012 Clothing is selected, it remains only to pick up shoesto create an image of a beach beauty. In the trend of sandals on a platform or on a heel. Slippers or slates are also suitable. Ideal - shoes with the same pattern as the bathing suit or dress, the effect of this kit will exceed all your expectations. Do not forget about the headdresses: caps, Panama, and also fashionable in this season wide-brimmed hats, reliably protect the face and head from the scorching sun. But you can hardly hide your eyes behind dark sunglasses, since the models with glasses, through which the eyes should be visible, are in fashion. The finishing touches will be beach bags. The most fashionable are woven beach bags made of leather and vines and models made of translucent and colored plastic. Having studied trends in the beach fashion of 2016, every woman can easily fill up her wardrobe with fashionable and stylish things, which will look perfect on any resort or on a cruise.