Fashionable shorts In recent times nature has been soraskapriznachalas, that each past winter seems to be the coldest, and every last summer is the hottest. But a new season comes, and we again suffer from wind and cold or we are exhausted from the heat. And judging by the latest trends, summer coolness is not expected. Especially the weather forecasters in one voice promise that each new summer will be at least a little bit hotter than the previous one. Therefore, the designers of the whole world, as if foreseeing in advance that we are waiting for an endless series of hot summer seasons, present in their collections light shorts that remain in each season a real "mast-hev." Today each of us has absolute freedom of choice. Depending on taste, own style and features of a figure, we can choose linen and denim fashionable shorts, bright sexy and monochrome restrained, beach version or office. Let's notice, that in hot weather shorts are pertinent not only on rest or on any party, but also at work. The truth is only if it does not violate the dress code. And how to keep the limits of decency, having appeared in shorts in the office? How to use this wardrobe item for more effective effect of your female spells? How to impress, but not shock your public with short pants on the beach? What shorts to wear when going to a party? Yes, in general, which shorts to choose in order to remain in the trend? Let's figure it out. shorts fashion

Fashion Trends

Fashion inexorably opens the female legs all the way up andabove (I wonder if the couturier has a sense of proportion?). Here are the shorts - the shorter, the more fashionable. However, do not foolishly follow the fashion trends - short shorts are not all and not appropriate everywhere. Thin girls can afford such models, not being afraid to look vulgar at the same time. If you have wide hips and an appetizing loin, short shorts will look like erotic underwear. So in this case, choosing shorts, give preference to models up to the knee or slightly higher. Another "reverse side of the Moon" short pants - faulty condition of the legs: cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins. Well, even in that case, you do not need to give up shorts. You can put on shorts directly on pantyhose, but! Pantyhose should be very very thin. Under dark shorts - dark pantyhose, under light - beige. The most feminine models are shorts at the waist. They extend the silhouette, slim and ennoble. The woman in such shorts looks much more seductive than dressed up in short shorts-panties. The main thing is to choose models from light fabrics. A streamlined silhouette, a waist strap, a fitted shirt - and you are irresistibly seductive and elegant in these short pants. Denim shorts or denim shorts continue to be a fashionable hit, like suede or leather. But if denim shorts are universal enough, then shorts made of leather and suede are more suitable for tall and slender women. Ladies with lush forms are better to give preference to models made of flax and jeans. Wide skirt-shorts will also find their fans, because they continue to be fashionable. This, again, is not beneficial to very thin girls, although a slim figure such panties will not spoil. But tight-fitting shorts-bicycles - an option, rather for a country holiday, or for fans of sports style. Note that this model is very insidious - such shorts ruthlessly underline all the shortcomings of any figure. In this case, it is more reasonable to give preference to sports models made from knitwear or cotton. As for fashion trends in the choice of fabrics and colors, stylists and fashion designers note the popularity and popularity of natural fabrics (flax, cotton, silk), color geometric or floral prints, and models made from combined fabrics. Fashion styles:

  • Shorts with a high waist,
  • Mini-shorts, similar to underwear;
  • Macro shorts and shorts-skirts;
  • Shorts-flashlights;
  • Shorts are military.

beautiful fashion shorts

Fashionable dress code

Shorts shorts, fashion fashion, and forget aboutthe dress code still is not worth it. It should be remembered that different models of short panties are suitable for different situations, and in some cases shorts as such are generally inappropriate. So, for example, the dress code of an official event or a reception does not allow the presence of women in shorts. Naturally, you can not go into the temples, being dressed in short pants. In some institutions, the appearance of ladies dressed in shorts is also undesirable. But in other cases, you can afford such an outfit.

  • Going on a date and do not know what to wear, what would make an impression on the gentleman?

Shorts are an excellent choice for a date: The bare legs of the girls act on men as a magnet. Choosing Pull and Bear shorts with a floral pattern, you can be sure that the hero of your dreams will not take your eyes off you all evening. These shorts are better to wear with light blouses or tops with lace in a rustic style. If you want to emphasize a slim figure, choose shorts with an overstated waist, for example, such as River Island. Supplement the shorts with high heels and loose loose blouse. Shorts of bright, really summer flowers you will find in the collections of Manoukian and Finn Flare. Such juicy colors will perfectly accentuate your tan. Shorts wear with simple tank tops or with multi-colored tops.

  • Do you observe the dress code at work and suffer in business suits from the heat?

You can safely put on your shorts, the main thingDo not bend the stick and correctly choose the cut and the length of the shorts. The most convenient option for the office - bermuda knee length, for example Uniqlo and H & M. Combine these shorts with tops made from natural fabrics or with loose blouses. Your boss is liberal with respect to the dress code of employees? Then you can safely wear shorts of shorter length, for example Finn Flare's lightweight shorts or Savage shorts that look great with a white sleeveless blouse. But these two models have one drawback: such shorts are better to wear with shoes on a flat sole. Choosing a high heel, you risk looking defiant.

  • With impatience you are waiting for the sunset, when the long-awaited coolness descends on the city and it will be possible to go to the party?

Designers advise this summer to choose the mostbright models that are suitable for all occasions. Especially fashionable this season will be light gray shorts made of leather from Uniqlo, as well as embroidered models from Patrizia Pepe and spectacular shorts from River Island, decorated with lace. The most desperate women of fashion designers recommend to stop their choice on shorts H & M bronze, which represent a modern variation of good old "bicycles" and this season will remain at the peak of fashion. You can combine such a fashionable thing with both a skirt and a hood with an elongated blouse or tank top. More practical girls should give preference to "metallic" colors, which will be extremely relevant not only this year, but also in the future autumn-winter season.

  • Do you plan to rest on the sea and do not know what to go to the beach?

Bring bright shorts, they will perfectly replacepareo. Light Topshop shorts with floral pattern will fit well with bikinis of the same colors. If you prefer a swimsuit in a sports style, then you better choose a tart shorts Tatuum or bright short shorts "Your". Lovers of a feminine image will have to taste pink shorts with a bow from Naf Naf.

  • Do you feel free to look bold and brave?

Then you, for sure, will have to tastesupermodern mini-shorts. They should be combined with lush blouses. But the blouse should be as close as possible and not exactly tight. Remember this rule: the more legs are open, the more dressed the top should be. These shorts are in the stores H & M - light blue with shabby edges. Do you like decor? Then choose river Island jeans with lace, chains and rivets, combine them with simple tops. If you like more simple models, then give your preference to orange shorts Uniqlo or bright blue shorts "Your". In general, in pursuit of fashion, do not forget the rules of good taste, which must be respected always and everywhere. Remember that fashionable and comfortable shorts may just not be your style. Never make spontaneous purchases and do not buy things just because they are fashionable. When choosing shorts, take into account not only the fashion trends, but also the features of your own figure. Well, if the figure is all right, then remember for what purposes you are going to buy fashion shorts and choose the pants of the appropriate style and colors. Remain beautiful always and against all odds! We advise you to read: