causes of bronchitis Bronchitis is an inflammatory processbronchi, in which the mucous membrane of the respiratory organs is affected. There are many medicines that allow to bring a person back to normal, but some of them are useful, and some are harmful to the body. Being under the supervision of specialists is considered the most acceptable option, which is not questioned. But having a large list of folk remedies will allow you to recover at home.

Types of bronchitis

Treatment will depend on the type of disease. There are two types of disease - acute bronchitis and chronic. In the first type, the bronchial mucosa becomes inflamed due to ingestion of the infection, leading to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. The best conditions for the spread of acute bronchitis are a weakened organism or hypothermia, in which a person is an easy target for bacteria. In addition, bronchitis can occur due to allergies, since inhaled air containing allergens, passing through the respiratory tract, irritates them. The first signs of the disease - a strong cough and runny nose, often there is hoarseness. It is worthwhile to understand that when a cough occurs, it is not worthwhile to make every effort to eliminate it, since this process is a protective reaction that allows the body to get rid of harmful elements on its own. When the disease goes into a more severe form, there are back pain, weakness, shortness of breath, and fever. Cough, as a rule dry, after a few days softens. Chronic bronchitis manifests itself gradually, remaining for a long time. Occurs with prolonged irritation from external factors, such as smoke or dust. With this type of cough, a lot of sputum is produced, which has neither color nor smell. When the disease worsens, sputum becomes yellow or green. With the development of the disease, the bronchial narrowing takes place, which causes less oxygen into the body, which leads to shortness of breath. This stage is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which, if untimely, can lead to emphysema. The blood gets less oxygen, which causes respiratory failure. mustard for the treatment of bronchitis in the home

How to deal with the disease?

In acute bronchitis should consume largeamount of warm liquid. The best drink for the patient will be tea with honey or jam from raspberries, useful properties of which are known to everyone. No less useful is warm milk, in which you need to add ordinary baking soda, about half a teaspoon. During an illness, an already weakened organism needs vitamins, so nutrition must be full and contain warm food and fruits. Food is the basis for recovery, so if the patient does not want to take it or does not have an appetite, it should be made, otherwise the recovery may be prolonged. Do not forget about the mustard plaster that is placed on the chest and back area. Traditional banks are also suitable for home therapy. These procedures should be carried out 2-3 times a day, each procedure lasts about 5 minutes. After five days of using mustard plasters or cans from this method of treatment can be discarded, since it is not recommended to use them more in time. During chronic bronchitis, copious drinking is also a necessity. In tea, you need to add ginger, which will help cough. It should not use ordinary tap water, replacing it with a purchased mineral water. As with acute bronchitis, it will be beneficial to use milk, preferably goat, rich in vitamins. Good expectorants are celandine, thyme and field horsetail, they should be taken several times a day. An excellent antiviral agent is the onion, which is available in the kitchen of every mistress. It should be added to food, before taking it, it is advisable to give the patient a drink of a freshly squeezed onion juice. Do not forget about grindings, you need to buy castor oil and turpentine. Before use, they must be mixed, after which the mixture is applied to the back and chest massaging movements. After rubbing, the patient should be wrapped in a warm cloth, as this will help to get rid of problems with coughing. You can also use goose fat, after which the patient should be covered with a warm cloth. tea with folk herbs for the treatment of bronchitis

Home treatment

It is important for the patient to sweat well. To do this, you will need mint, sage, elder or ginger with honey. Herbs have a good diaphoretic effect. They are added to tea, just a day it is recommended to drink 3-4 cups of tincture. In addition, almond oil, which should be placed on a piece of sugar and suck. Rapidly lift the patient to his feet will help a mixture of lard and apples. To make it, you need 6 apples and 300 grams of fat. Products should be cut, then put on a slow fire. The resulting mixture must be passed through a meat grinder, then add to it pre-mixed 12 yolks of chicken eggs, 300 g of chocolate and 1 glass of sugar. The result should be thoroughly mixed and allowed to cool. Kashitsa is smeared on bread and washed down with warm goat's milk. Quickly solve the problem with a cough will help sap, that is, resin conifers. To create the product you need to take 50 g of butter, 50 g of honey and 50 grams of gum. The ingredients are mixed and cured for four days. It should take three teaspoons a day. After a while, the cough will come down. With bronchitis will help badger fat, which is recommended for many serious diseases. Despite its smell, it has useful properties and contains many vitamins, so necessary for a sick organism. Take it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, one tablespoon each. It should be remembered that fat can not be washed down with water. At home, you can treat kvass, the recipe of which came to us from ancient times. It is worth remembering that the store drink is not suitable, for the treatment you need natural kvass, cooked at home. It is consumed several times a day, and only when hot. After a while, the cough disappears, and the patient's condition will noticeably improve. Thus, the treatment of bronchitis at home is not conjugated by any difficulties. The availability of the necessary funds will allow the patient to be cured in the shortest possible time, without harming him, as with the treatment with various drugs. In addition, treatment at home has a tremendous effect on the sick person, since it is better to get sick at home than in the uncomfortable wards of the hospital.