neurotic depression Neurotic depression is a form of disorder,at which the mood of a sick person depends only on the conditions surrounding it. For example, during the daytime these people are no different from completely healthy, and at night they have symptoms. It can be aggression, depressed mood, tearfulness, hysteria, etc. Usually complications occur in extreme cases, if in time do not pay attention to the problem and do not start treatment. By the way, it is much easier to persuade to address a specialist of such patients, since they remain completely sane in most cases. Depressed neurotic depressed people are open to communication, can rationally think, adequately perceive this world.

The causes of the appearance of neurotic depression

In fact, external factors, why the one oranother person has developed a neurotic depression, there may be many. It's troubles at work, and constant stresses, problems with the husband or children, moving to another city or emigration to an unfamiliar country, changing the situation, etc. If a person is strong, he quickly and easily copes with the difficulties that have arisen, solves problems, adapts to the new and unexplored. In the same depression fall weak, timid, unsound, unsure of themselves and their forces people. Worst of all, if the traumatic situation is repeated too often. For example, when the head reads the subordinate daily to the other employees. In the end, everything can end in a nervous breakdown, hysteria, tears. And not with a boss, but in a smoking room, at home, etc. Perhaps, everything will manifest itself on a subconscious level, even if you do not seem to react outwardly. So, in the morning you can wake up with a headache, a depressed mood and sad thoughts, wondering why you feel so bad. It turns out that the cause is on the surface, and not as deep as we think. neurotic depression treatment

Features and Symptoms of Neurotic Depression

To begin with, it should be understood that the neuroticDepression is a serious illness, therefore it is very important to provide timely assistance to a person who has encountered this problem. Otherwise, it can develop into other, more severe forms, which is fraught with sad consequences, up to a lethal outcome. Therefore, the first signs of the disease should be recognized in time. So, in the initial stages, depression manifests itself only in the form of a bad mood, emotional instability, anxiety, anxiety, anguish, anxiety. Over time, there is a violation of sleep, that is, either begins insomnia, or constantly want to sleep. Often the appetite worsens. Please note: a depressed person does not constantly feel bad, but only situationally - depending on the prevailing situation. At the same time, often there is progress. The patient tries to change the state of things in order to avoid, for example, a conflict with the boss. There is no problem - there is no need to be sad. And after all, often we are to blame for the occurrence of unpleasant situations that knock us out of the rut. Expressing criticism, listening to other people's complaints, taking everything to heart - that we do harm only to ourselves. It should be noted that with neurotic depression, a person does not get hung up on one thing, it can be easily switched. Moreover, facial expressions also immediately change: anger disappears, sadness, resentment, it is only the topic of conversation that should be changed. And if you do not return to the problem, the patient will not even remember it. The neurotic depression differs from other species in that the ill person does not undergo self-flagellation, her self-esteem does not decrease. Although, as always, there are also exceptions. But if it does, the symptoms are not so pronounced. Man remains the person he was before. And all the qualities, both good and bad, do not disappear anywhere. As mentioned above, this person is aware. She understands that there is a problem that she can not cope on her own. And even with neuroses, she is negative about suicidal behavior. Only in neglected cases does everything end in suicide. Most of the exacerbation occurs after lunch or in the evening. As for the physiological manifestations, it can be a decline in strength, the appearance of problems with the cardiovascular system, pain in the heart, dizziness, nausea, throbbing or squeezing pain in the temples and the occipital part. By the way, most of us only turn to the hospital after the appearance of the above symptoms. As usual, we leave psychological changes unheeded. But, so that the patient does not occur, this does not affect his performance. He continues to honor his professional duties honestly, not shifting his headache to others (colleagues, relatives, friends). Plus, he is optimistic about the future.

How to cure a neurotic depression

Treatment should be conducted only ina specialized clinic, under the supervision of professional doctors and psychotherapists. No consultations in dubious establishments, where "experienced" magicians, sorcerers, sorcerers, who work to remove spoiling, evil eye, curse are working. The fact that over the sick hands are led, but the magic powder will be given, no good will bring. In the psychotherapeutic department, the patient is first examined to confirm the diagnosis. Then, based on the analysis, will be fully treated. Usually depressed people are prescribed special antidepressants, which will relieve the patient of most of the symptoms. Ie after a couple of weeks, a bad mood will disappear, pain and anxiety will disappear. Pay attention: legal antidepressants, tranquilizers, neuroleptics and sedatives are sold in our country only on prescription! In addition, you will also need to undergo treatment with a psychiatrist. At least twice a week, you will have to visit a specialist who will help to understand the patient that he has a problem, as well as to reveal why he was depressed. He will gradually push such a person to solve all the difficulties that will arise on the way. However, in order for the treatment to yield positive results, one should be honest, frank, show all your feelings and emotions. Do not be afraid that the therapist will tell someone about your problem. In our country, this is strictly prohibited. Everything that you will tell remains between you and your doctor. Otherwise, you can file for the doctor who disclosed the secret to the court. And moral compensation in this case will be rather big. treatment of neurotic depression

Why not drink antidepressants at random

Unfortunately, many of us prefer to be treatedyourself. Someone does not trust doctors, someone finds it hard to get out of work or leave a family for a while. But the result is one - these people buy antidepressants through the Internet or from under the counter, thinking that there is nothing in this. Chance that you correctly pick up the drug and guess with a dosage - scanty. And in this case, treatment will only hurt. You may have dependency. Psychological, when you will seem that without a drug life is not the same. Physiological is less common. And that, only in those cases when the medicine contains in itself forbidden substances. And if doctors know about it, then ordinary people face such side effects all the time.

How to get rid of depression at home

In addition, you can resort to somethe methods by which our great-grandfathers fought depression. Many of them are completely safe. However, do not forget to consult with your doctor beforehand to avoid negative consequences.

  • Tinctures and broths

The neurotic depression syndrome is eliminated whenthe help of herbal infusions and broths. In pharmacies are sold fees that have a soothing or invigorating effect. Depending on your mood, you can choose the appropriate option for your particular case. For example, tincture of ginseng helps a little to cope with depression. It can both be bought already ready, and done by yourself. In the second case, take the leaves or roots of the plant (50 g), fill it with alcohol (500 g). We pour everything into the jar, tightly close the lid. And leave for a month in a cool dry place - a refrigerator or a pantry. After 30 days, filter the resulting liquid through the gauze, folded into several layers. It is recommended to drink 3 times a day, just before eating (15-20 drops each).

  • Vegetables and fruits

Bananas bring joy into the house. It is enough to eat a day of 1 piece of this exotic delicacy, so that a bad mood more than you never bothered. However, be careful that banana treatment does not harm your stomach. With gastritis, ulcers, diabetes mellitus, and so on, health problems should not be experimented with with such food, as the disease may worsen. Perhaps, carrots are the safest vegetable with which you can get rid of depression. You can both grind it and make fresh. In order for the treatment to yield positive results, choose the homemade carrots grown in your region. Overseas products, although more beautiful, will not benefit from it.

  • Sport

Why did our ancestors not often fall into depression? They simply had no time to worry, because they worked physically from morning till night. And insomnia after hanging out in the field few people worried. Therefore, if you want to sleep properly, do not worry about trifles and become confident, sign up for the gym. The first time you just fall off your feet, and then completely forget about their problems. By the way, if the experiences are associated with parting with a loved one, changing your place of residence, etc., then here you can get new friends and friends. Perhaps you and the treatment of a psychologist will not be needed. Do not you like to deal with "iron"? Go to the dance, buy a subscription to the pool. Try to find something that you really like. Now you know all about what is neuroleptic depression, what are its main symptoms, and how it should be properly treated. The main thing is not to be afraid. After all, the most difficult thing is to admit to yourself that there is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. Awareness of the disease is half the success. Now surely the victory is yours.