1 Wisely combining the achievements of science and grandmother's recipes for catarrh and cough, you can defeat the cold in just a few days.

A sore throat

With a beginning cold, accompanied bypainful sore throat, at least for the first few days you need to give up smoking. Tea with a licorice root and regular gargling of the throat contributes to a quick recovery. For rinsing the following solution is recommended: 2-3 drops of iodine and one spoonful of soda and salt per glass of warm boiled water. Also, to cope with the disease will help honey, which includes a large number of microelements necessary for our body.

Exhausting cough

Mustard plasters are a reliable and proven remedy forcough. Although they give unpleasant sensations in the form of burning, but they allow you to spend the whole night without coughing. Less radical means - 1 teaspoon of butter + 1 teaspoon of honey.

Stuffy nose

The inhalation is the best way to get rid ofthis problem. Potato steam helps. If there are no drops of "Galazolin" or "Tizin" at hand, you can drip your nose with beet, onion juice or aloe.

Weakness in the whole body

To get rid of this misfortune in the first two days is unlikelywhether it will be possible. To quickly get back to normal, you need to replenish the body with supplies of vitamin C, which is contained in citrus, apples and cranberries. At the first signs of a cold, drink a mixture of honey, finely chopped onions and freshly squeezed lemon juice. To defeat a cold, drink more liquid: tea with honey, lemon, raspberries or cranberries. We advise you to read: