panic attacks We all are afraid of something. Someone is afraid of the authorities, others are horrified by the very idea of ​​public speaking. Still others do not tolerate dentists at all. In this case it is a normal reaction of our body to what is happening around us. But there is also a separate category of people who are experiencing panic attacks all the time, and with or without. But such a pathology is already considered abnormal. And if you do not pay attention in time to the appearance of the first signs of the disease, do not take all the necessary actions to eliminate it, in the future it can result in schizophrenia, prolonged depression, etc.

Panic Attacks: What is it?

Panic attacks are a serious psychologicalfrustration, as a result of which a spontaneously ill person develops fear, anxiety, apathy. At the same time these feelings can not be controlled. During the attack, the patient appears shortness of breath, the heart starts to beat quickly, breathing becomes more frequent, there is a shortage of air. Sometimes all this is accompanied by pains in the chest, as with a heart attack, and also colic in the abdomen. There can be panic attacks at any moment, while it is not necessary that something for the life of this person will be dangerous. To provoke the deterioration of the state can be anything: loud noise, bright light, sharp sound. For example, you drive a bus with brakes. Once again, when the driver tries to lose speed, you will hear an unpleasant squeal. It would be enough. The most interesting is that with this form of fear, both men and women are faced in equal parts, regardless of the position in society, the position held, the presence of the family. As for the age range, it is 19-45 years. Some experience it at themselves no less than once a day, others - once a month. And then, the push should be serious - stress, fatigue, etc. Note: if you are increasingly confronted with the manifestation of panic attacks, complete a full medical examination, take tests. The fact is that constant fear can be a symptom of a more serious and dangerous disease. Often a person experiences emotional instability in problems with the central nervous system, depression, alcoholism, etc. What happens if the patient does not want to be treated? He will eventually develop phobias. Among them, most often there are the following fears: fear of open or enclosed space (agoraphobia and claustrophobia). In this case, a person begins to panic and when a certain number of people are crowded, and when going out into the street, and in the elevator (depending on the phobia). treatment of panic attacks by folk remedies

What to do when panic attacks on the street

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to behave in thesimilar situations, when fear rolls like a snowball, making you swallow air, which, as luck would have it, is not enough at the moment. Surrounding, when they see a panic and shrinking from the horror of a ball in a ball, try to either pass by, as if it's a leper, or take it off to a mobile phone. And that, friends then laugh at the "freak", which could not normally cross the road, sit in the elevator and so on down the list. And only those whose relatives suffer from constant panic attacks will offer first aid. How can you cope if panic attacks overtake you or your loved ones on the street? There are several folk methods, how to overcome this trouble and not fall into the mud face. The main thing is not to drop your hands, plus, shouts and hysteria will not help here. And to start acting immediately, until the condition worsened.

  • Begin to breathe properly

When the first signs of panic attacks appearThe patient must relax to restore breathing. Stop, straighten up, lean against the wall of the house, the trunk of the tree, the shop, then take a deep breath. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then exhale slowly. Try not to breathe in your lungs, but in your stomach - so you can more quickly cope with suffocating. We repeat everything until you feel better. If you can not calm down and normalize your breathing, use the usual paper bag. As in the previous case, first take a deep breath, wait 10-15 seconds, exhale. Make sure that there are no crumbs and small objects in the bag that can get into the nasopharynx.

  • We put in a safe place

The person who survived the attack should immediatelyand take him to a place where he will feel comfortable and safe. If you are far from home, go to the first room (cafe, hospital, stop), seat the patient and wait until it becomes easier.

  • Let's take a liquid

When a person completely calms down, you cangive him tea with herbs. Perfectly suitable and melissa, and mint, which is simply poured with boiling water, a couple of minutes, insist, and then diluted with water. In extreme cases, give the patient mineral water, only without gas.

Treatment of panic attacks at home

If panic attacks persecute you constantly,you can try to get rid of them by popular means. But remember that you can treat yourself and your loved ones only in cases when the disease does not pose a particular threat. Ie if after an attack you are not taken away by an ambulance. Herbal infusions and decoctions In this case, herbal therapy is perhaps the simplest and safest way that our mothers and grandmothers have resorted to. To get rid of panic attacks use pharmacy fees, consisting of soothing herbs. The main advantage is that these folk remedies can be used separately and in combination, combining the decoctions and preparations. If you undergo treatment with a therapist, be sure to tell your doctor that you are taking herbs additionally.

  • Mint, three-leaved watch, hops and valerian

In an enamel or iron pan mixpeppermint and triple-leaf watch (in a 1: 1 ratio). There, too, pour the cones of hop and the roots of valerian (1/2 of the total mass). All this is mixed, then poured with boiling water (0.5 liters). We insist on the received remedy half an hour. Please note: the water must be filtered or mineral, and not from the tap. To treat the benefits, drink a decoction of 100 grams twice a day. Do not take breaks, otherwise there will be no benefit. After you get rid of the manifestation of such panic attacks and attacks of fear, in order to prevent at least once every six months, drink this remedy a week.

  • Linden

At 1 tbsp of lime flowers, a glass of boiling water is taken. Fill, wait for 10-15 minutes, until the broth is brewed, then drink, like regular tea. Just add sugar instead of sugar. It is not recommended to treat with individual intolerance, with stomach problems.

  • Honey mix

People who can not control their ownemotions, it is recommended to carry out treatment with honey tincture. For its preparation you will need a glass of dill seeds and a couple of tablespoons of valerian root. Fill the resulting collection of boiling water, we pour it into a thermos and leave for a day. In extreme cases, you can use a plastic or glass bottle wrapped in polyethylene and a towel. The next day, add honey (2 cups) to the tincture. Be careful when choosing products. It should be fresh and natural, not candied or cooked by hand. Stir the liquid carefully to dissolve everything. Well, you can start treatment. You will have to take this medicine three times a day for 1 tbsp. It is desirable - on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. To prevent the honey mixture from deteriorating, store it in a cool, dry place. It can be a pantry or a refrigerator. If after some time you notice any changes in color, smell or taste, immediately throw it out and prepare a new one. It is better not to use a spoiled medicine.

  • Cumin, valerian and chamomile

1/5 cup of cumin seed mixed with 1/3inflorescences of chamomile and ½ root of valerian. All this is carefully mixed and placed in a jar or paper box. When you want to make a decoction, put 2 tbsp of the collection into the brewer, pour boiling water over there. After 30 minutes, the infusion can be consumed. Drinking is recommended every day - morning and evening. If treatment with folk remedies is carried out at the initial stages of the disease, you can take 80-100 grams at a time.

  • Hawthorn, cucumber and motherwort

First we prepare the collection - we take two teaspoonsindicated inflorescences and herbs, then add there a teaspoon of chamomile (if desired). All this is poured in 200 ml of boiling water, it is infused for 8 hours. After the preparation has been prepared, filter it through the gauze, folded into several layers. Drink 1/2 cup daily (3 times a day). If possible, wear this tincture with you. You can use either a half-liter bottle of mineral water, or a flask. And the next time you feel the onset of panic, fear, immediately drink the liquid. It will help to cope with the first signs of this disease: with suffocation, nausea and dizziness. Having timely treatment, you will avoid the sad consequences. Baths with herbs: calm down and relax About the fact that after taking a bath people feel like they were born again, the fair sex knows firsthand. What a beauty does not like to luxuriate in a warm water, especially if it contains aromatic oils, foams and herbal mixtures. This at the same time invigorates, and soothes, and gives unearthly pleasure. And even if you do not want to be treated with folk remedies, but trust only medicine, you will hardly deny yourself such pleasure. So, in this case, the treatment will be carried out with the help of rosemary, linden and wormwood. All of the above can be easily purchased at the nearest pharmacy. The traces will need a lot - a kilogram. Fill all this with three liters of boiling water, cook for 7-8 minutes. Another 5 minutes, the broth is infused under the lid. To then do not scrape off the leaves, strain the resulting liquid through a sieve or gauze. After you get rid of debris, pour it into the bathroom and dilute with water. Please note: treatment with herbs is recommended before bedtime, when you then do not have to go anywhere. Lying in a warm water will have about half an hour, so grab a magazine or an interesting book. In addition to everything, you can light incense, candles, turn on quiet and quiet music. By the way, once a month you can take coniferous baths. You can pour boiling water a couple of cones or a small spruce twig, insist a couple of minutes, then dilute the broth with plain water. If you do not have the opportunity to get a plant to conduct treatment, you can buy a ready-made powder in the pharmacy. To act as follows in the instructions accompanying it. Meditation: know yourself It should be immediately indicated that you will not get immediate and immediate results. It will take more than a month before the treatment will bear fruit, and you will learn to cope with the fear and manifestation of panic attacks with the help of meditation. The main thing is to do everything right. To learn to disconnect from problems, do not pay attention to what triggers panic, you must at least several times to attend special classes. Usually trained in small groups - no more than 10 people in each. There you will be shown how to breathe properly, what poses are better to take. Plus, if you start doing something wrong, you will be shown mistakes and help fix them. But remember that only the person who received the relevant education can teach. Therefore, do not forget to ask in advance to show you all the documents that will confirm the professionalism of the master. constant panic attacks treatment folk remedies

Doing and watching ourselves

First, you need to get rid of all harmfulhabits: smoking, excessive drinking. Maybe, at first, a cigarette or a couple of glasses of cognac you calmed, but the longer you spoil it, the worse for your health. Nicotine and alcohol adversely affect the central nervous system, plus, you become addicted. No drinking - panic attacks begin. By the way, the same goes for coffee. In our time, a lot of people who are dependent on this drink. It would seem that there is such. But the caffeine contained in it, unnecessarily invigorates us. As a result - increased excitability, activity, aggressiveness, bad mood. Of course, in this case everything depends on what kind of drink you drink (natural or soluble), as well as its quantity. Agree, from one cup nothing will be. But if it is already the tenth - wait for troubles. Secondly, go in for sports. It is desirable that the training took place outdoors. It can be cycling, roller skating, running. And do not forget to walk every evening for at least half an hour in the fresh air. So you will sleep better, and you will get peace of mind. And, third, start eating properly and balanced. Agree, people who always sit on diets and eat only in the morning, emotional instability is observed much more often. Therefore, be sure to eat vegetables, fruits, drink juices. And at least occasionally spoil yourself sweet.

When to go to the hospital

In our country, it is generally accepted that applying forHelp to a specialist is needed only in those cases when the disease is already started. In fact, to engage in self-medication, without having previously been a psychiatrist, then - to harm their health. Therefore, if you at least once faced the manifestation of panic attacks, go to the survey. The sooner you start to heal, the faster you get rid of obsessive thoughts.