carjacking The joy of buying a brand-new car is hardly possibleexaggerate. Here it is, carefully and lovingly chosen beauty, winks at the click of a button on the key fob. Only lasts this joy sometimes very short. And the thing is that hijacking has become a common thing in our time, and once instead of your vehicle you can see an empty space in the parking lot near the house or office. There is no car, neither the insurance nor the alarm set in the car show helped. In order not to be once in the role of such an automobile owner, there are several fairly simple ways, if not to save your car completely from theft, then minimize this probability.

The ABC of Security

Let's begin with those ways of protection of the car from stealing, which are usually called alphabetic and which do not require financial expenses. Although, at no cost to do will not work.

  • When buying a car, take care of its safety by simply selecting the least common color of the car. Women like to stand out from the crowd, and in this case it's more of a plus than a minus.
  • On the headlights and windshield can be applied a special coating, car marking "Litex". The "Date Dot" marking is also suitable. This is a microchip containing all the information about the machine.
  • Do not leave the car where it is necessary. Even if there is no parking space, do not park in a deserted alley. Choose a prominent brisk place, since hijackers do not like publicity. Ideal: special parking, garage, parking with video surveillance.
  • Sometimes, protecting the car from theft is elementaryvigilance. When seated in the car, immediately block the doors, and if you need to get out, do not leave the keys in the ignition or the engine is on.
  • Leaving the car interior, be sure to take your documents with you to the car. If this is not possible, remove them further away.
  • Do not store spare car keys in the glove box. They place themselves in a safe or in a jewelry box.
  • Always turn on the alarm on the machine. If suddenly she began to turn on too often spontaneously, do not be lazy to go to the car service, so that they checked the alarm system for malfunctions.
  • If you park in an unfamiliar place, try to "snuggle" one side against the wall of the building or another obstacle to block access to your machine from at least one side.

These methods of protection can be called auxiliary. But, as we mentioned earlier, we can not do without additional funds. Remember that the means of protection against theft is better to select in the complex. The more educated they are, the calmer you are. how to protect a car from theft

We complicate the hijackers life

One of the most effective solutions to theprotect the car from theft, can become a bonnet lock. This is an extra lock on the hood that will not allow the hijackers to get to the engine, turn off the alarm or cope with the engine's lockout installed at the manufacturer. Wheel lockers. With them it is necessary to tinker. The most reliable of them, "crabs" and "traps", block access to the wheel bolts and do not allow either to remove the wheel or to move from the spot. But this method is not suitable for fragile girls, since these "toys" weigh 5 kilograms and above, remove and install them is also a problem. On the other hand - their reliability is time-tested. Mechanical steering lock is the most unreliable way to protect. But if you install it in combination with other security devices, it will not be superfluous. The most popular variant is the "steering wheel-pedal" blocker. With this kind of blocking the hijacker will have to tinker. Engine blocking devices. They can be called reliable if you installed an additional protection system on the hood. This device will not start the machine with a forged key. The engine blocking device is installed in the factory, but it is best to put one more. Only a separate tip for girls: do not put a blocker in the showroom, where this case is put on stream. It is best to do this in a car repair shop, where an individual approach to each car. The transmission lock is installed together with the engine blocking device as additional protection. Time to unlock it, the hijackers will take a lot. So, if you find out in time the fact of an attempted theft and contact the police, the service staff will have plenty of time to come and prevent the theft. The satellite security system is one of the most effective ways to protect a car from theft. The system, of course, is paid, but if you did not find your car where it was left, the dispatcher through the satellite will "contact" your car and see its coordinates on the monitoring panel. One downside: if it's been a long time and the car has managed to drive into the underground garage, your chances of finding the loss are reduced to zero. From what has been said above, it follows that there are many different ways to protect a car from hijacking and to prevent related troubles. Each car owner can choose the protection of her pet individually, at a cost and the desired level of security. Perhaps, properly selected means of protection against theft will force the kidnappers to abandon criminal intentions. Good luck on the roads! We advise you to read: