correct landing at the wheel How do you adjust the steering wheel and chairthe car? At first glance this is a very simple question. And most drivers, without hesitation, answer that they just make it so that it's convenient. But are the concepts "convenient" and "right" always the same? Unfortunately no. A habitual landing and proper landing are often completely different things. Why is the correct landing behind the wheel so important?

Feminine posture

Ironically, the driver's landing is inseparableis connected with safety of driving. Unfortunately, in driving schools give very little attention to this. So the "witches-half-witches" leave for the road. That's why almost all trainings to improve driving skills begin with the analysis of landing. Why? Everything is very simple. What do they mean when they say the "correct" landing? It means that the driver sits in such a way that the controls of the car - all these levers, pedals, steering wheel, etc. - are located so that he does not have to reach for them. And this means that in a critical situation, the driver will need much less time to react. Often it is these precious seconds that save lives for him and the passengers. In addition, having accustomed yourself to sit properly, you will soon be surprised to notice that you are much less tired at the wheel. And driving has brought you real pleasure. There is one more thing. Doctors say that the wrong landing - especially if the car for you is a "second home" and you spend a very long time in it - can lead to serious health problems. First, severe back pain can begin. After sitting in the chair incorrectly, you involuntarily overload one of the departments of the spine - either lumbar or cervical. Secondly, joint pain and headaches may occur. Let's all this has to do with professional drivers ... But! You probably also do not want to, after spending 2-3 hours driving - for example, when traveling to the dacha - for the rest of the day feel like an "old wreck" and grab alternately for the back, then for the head? Agree, the pleasure is not enough. So how do you avoid all these troubles? Correct landing at the wheel of the car is a decision if not all, then, at least very many, problems. Of course, each person has his own physique, his parameters. Height, weight, length of arms and legs - all this is very individual. Therefore, there is no single rule for adjusting the seat and the steering wheel - i.e. no one will tell you that the chair should be raised a few centimeters from the floor level and at such and such a distance from the steering wheel. And how then to install everything correctly? Yes, it's very simple! It is necessary to focus not on centimeters, but on the position of the hands, feet, back and head.

Head and body position

The back should be as tight as possible toback of the chair, and the back of the head - is on the same line with the spine. It is found that this is the position that allows you to concentrate your attention for longer. The back of the correctly adjusted chair should be practically vertical - only a slight slope is possible. Pay attention to how the head restraint is fixed. The main task of this "detail" is to protect the head from possible damage in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it must be installed in such a way that it is at the level of the upper part of your ear. right landing at the wheel of a car

Hand position

Imagine that the wheel is a dial of largehours, and your hands are arrows. Place both hands on the steering wheel. The wrist of the right hand should correspond to an imaginary figure of two, the wrist of the left - ten. Did you manage to do this without taking your back from the back of the driver's seat? So you are sitting right. We will carry out one more check. Touch the wrist to "number 12". Do not have to drag on? Well, then it's all right. It is also desirable that when driving, hands do not rise above shoulder level. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, try to adjust the height of the steering column. When moving the hands should be placed on the "numbers" ten and two or nine and three. Rotate the steering wheel with both hands, with interception. Make sure that when you turn the steering wheel 180 degrees your hands are not crossed - then you can be sure that you will not break your nails, fingers and do not "lose" the steering wheel if the car shakes on an uneven road.

The position of the legs and the adjustment of mirrors

In order to determine the correct positionIt is necessary to get into the chair and squeeze the clutch pedal all the way. At the same time, the left leg should be slightly bent at the knee. Make sure that your feet do not touch the handlebars. Press the pedal follows the middle of the foot. This is the most convenient and tested position. So the foot slips and, if necessary, it can easily be moved from one pedal to another. Make sure that your legs are not stressed - for this the hip should rest on the seat. Between the edge of the seat of your car and the inside of the knee - the fold - there should be a distance of about a palm. Are you settled? Now you need to adjust the rear-view mirrors. The inner mirror should reflect the middle part of the rear window. It is clear that, depending on the size of the mirror, you will see the rear window either completely or partially. In the outer mirror you should see the road behind the car, the horizon line, a piece of sky and a small part of the side of your car. Conveniently? Now we need to check everything again. Fasten your seat belt. Put your feet on the pedals, and put your hands on the steering wheel in the way they will be located while driving. Make sure that the dashboard is clearly visible and none of the instruments are blocked by the steering wheel. At the same time raise your arms and legs, tearing them off the steering wheel and pedals. Did you have to tear your back off the back of the seat? No? So, everything is in order.

Common Mistakes

  • The driver sits in such a way that it turns outtoo close to the handlebars. On the driver's slang they say about such: "Chews a bagel". For some reason, many believe that the road is better visible. Why is this landing so bad? In this position, the driver has to strongly bend his legs and hands, which limits the freedom of action. In a critical situation, you just might not have time to react. In addition, with this landing, the muscles of the neck and back are very tense. By the end of the trip - especially if it is a long one - you will most likely feel completely "broken".
  • The driver leans heavily in the chair -practically lies in it. It would seem very comfortable! Nothing like this. You will be forced to pull forward all the time, holding the steering wheel. The main load is on the muscles of the hands - in fact the back no longer rests against the back of the chair. As a result, the speed and accuracy of the reaction are reduced. Hands get tired. And the road in this position is much worse.
  • Another, quite common mistakeis the habit of keeping hands in the lower sector of the helm and compressing it with a "dead grip". Maybe this seems convenient, but at this position the steering angle is limited.
  • How to properly hold the steering wheel?

    The most reliable is considered "closed capture". What it is? This is the position of the hands, when four fingers cover the steering rim from the outside, and the big one is inside it. Such a grip will help you, if necessary, stop the involuntary rotation of the steering wheel. Is it worth it to tighten the steering wheel? Of course not. The driver who "clings" to the steering wheel, will soon get tired hands. This is only useful in a critical situation. Well, or if you are going "on the nature" and trying to drive off-road. In the usual situation, the steering wheel can be compared to a small bird - your task is not to let it fly away, but not to crush to death. That, it seems, is all that you need to know about how to properly sit behind the wheel. It's not so complicated, right? In fact, it's enough to give this little attention - just for a while to watch yourself - and you will understand that such a landing is not only correct, but also the most convenient. It remains only to fasten the seat belt - and you can go on the road. Have a good trip!