cheating in car dealerships In an attempt to protect yourself as much as possiblebuying a car, many women go to the auto show. It is assumed that by purchasing a new car in a large cabin, from an official dealer, you can avoid unnecessary problems and minimize the risk of being deceived. But is it always the purchase of a car in the showroom that excludes the fraud by 100%? As practice shows, deception in showrooms is a frequent phenomenon of our time. And, any buyer can become its object. Scammers do not share their victims on gender and driving skills. It does not matter whether you are a woman or a man, a beginner or a professional with many years of experience - you have a chance not only to get a used machine, but to lose money altogether. Let's look at the most common ways of cheating.

The machine is almost free?

How often in print media do you meetannouncements about the sale of new cars at below-market prices? Agree, the promise to get the desired means of transportation is cheaper than you expected, has an almost magical effect. You call the showroom and its employees confirm the information you have received, explaining the unique offer by the fact that the car dealers directly with the manufacturer or supplier of this model of the car. How can you stay indifferent here? Not only will you buy a new car, so you still have a rare chance to save money. You go to the auto show and see that the car you selected "suddenly" has risen in price. The seller-consultant, of course, reasoned to you to explain that this car and the alarm system is installed better, and the tires are all-season, and instead of the power steering there is an electric booster. And he will propose to make an advance as a confirmation of intention. The cash receipt for the prepayment will be given to you accidentally, "inadvertently", and will be asked to wait until the documents for the car and the contract are ready. With this scheme of fraud, waiting will last for several hours. And you are unlikely to offer a cup of coffee. The delay in processing is easily explained by the absence of the necessary employee, the delay of the director, which will be "from the minute to the minute", or an emergency breakdown of office equipment, a server crash. There are lots of options. That you do not get bored, will bring several documents for signature. Will offer to conduct a test drive. In the language of crooks, you are competently "marinated" to the point where you lose vigilance and are ready, without reading, to sign anything you like. Here you will be informed that all documents are ready, signatures have been received, and you only need to sign a contract. Even if you are very rare in suspicion, this ordeal in the showroom will lull your vigilance. You sign, and when you read the contract it turns out that the price of the car "grew up" as a yeast. But you put a signature, and by the condition of the same contract, you lose the prepayment in case you refuse to buy a car. "Good" owners offer you to arrange a car loan on very favorable terms ... You can continue the story further. But let's stop on this. You already have a general idea of ​​this fraud scheme, and now we summarize everything that should have alerted you at the very beginning. Fortunately, in an artificially created situation, you have such an opportunity. cheating in car dealership when buying a car

What should alarm you:

  • Low price for the car - the first call for yourvigilance. You are certainly interested in and know in which price range in your city is the model of the car that you are going to buy. But if you still decided to contact this auto show, try to get more information about the seller. As you know, who has information, he rules the world.
  • The difference between the real price and the one that inclined you to buy. The fact that you are trying to deceive, even slightly, is not in favor of the auto show.
  • Requests to make an advance payment before signingthe contract of sale and the absence of a cash receipt clearly indicate a fraudster. The advance payment you make is the main tool for influencing you. It is best to cancel the purchase already at this stage and demand the return of the amount paid. Do not hesitate to contact the police, and not to the local office, but through the control room, so that your call was recorded. Although there is a chance that at the first mention of the call, your money will be returned to you.
  • The requirement to sign some documents, delay with the execution of the contract. In this case, it does not matter what arguments lead you.
  • Trying to distract you, take your attention away from artificially created red tape. Get ready and leave the showroom! By the way, at this point, you can also call a police squad.
  • Any change in price in the contract, if you could not stop earlier, is the most convincing evidence that you are being deceived.

Once the contract, two agreements, three agreements

This method of deception is designed for legalilliteracy of you as a buyer and some euphoria from the upcoming purchase. It is especially worth noting that fraudsters are often very subtle psychologists and accurately recognize their possible victim. So, what is the basis for this method of deception? When buying a car you are served for signing several copies of the contract of sale. You carefully read the first and sign. The rest, as the seller assures you, are additional copies that are absolutely identical to the first copy. You read them no longer so carefully and sign on the "machine". You do not give out any documents to the car, explaining that you will receive them along with the car. You expect your car ... and nothing. On the question of where your car is, you are told that you will be given it at your disposal as soon as you have paid the contract money. You present a cash receipt, but you are served a signed contract, but not the one you read carefully, and an additional copy that you did not bother to read. And the amount in this contract is very different from what you expected. How do you like this picture? But this kind of scam model works.

What you need to know

  • Before signing any papers,thoroughly study each item. If you do not understand, read it again. Especially that part of the contract, which is written in small print. It is there that often contains reefs.
  • The number of contracts depends on how muchthe parties conclude it. In this case, there are two representatives: you are a buyer, a car dealer is a seller. So, there must be two agreements signed by you. And do not hesitate to leave one copy to yourself after signing it.
  • Before signing the contract, make sure that in itthe final cost of your car is indicated. In order not to "get out" VAT later, the costs of registration and something else as an unforeseen addition.
  • Before you make any prepayment,read the contract and if the representatives of the car dealership (no matter under what pretext) do not give you this opportunity, safely leave the territory of the showroom. You are trying to deceive!

cheating in the showroom

Automotive second hand

A fairly common fraud in the showroom -Sale of a used car under the guise of a new one. And to determine "by eye", went by your car or not, it is impossible. You will be told that there was a test drive on the car, no more. And under the guise of a new car you will try to foist quite a decent, but not a new car. The combination is thought through to the smallest detail. The car was washed, if necessary, lightly repaired. Oh, to whom, as it is not for us, women, we know how to make a new thing out of second-hand things. The PTA is allegedly stolen by intruders or simply lost on delivery. You are given a duplicate, where the sole owner of the car is the auto show. If you see a "duplicate" mark on the vehicle's passport, then it's time to be on the alert. Do not buy old things at the price of new ones.

Who's on the newcomer?

The following scheme of deception is neither differentgenius, or novelty. The whole calculation is built on your impatience and desire to get your favorite car right now. You come to the showroom, choose a car, you even get the opportunity to sit in it. And once you have chosen, the scene is played out before you: suddenly it turns out that it is already on this machine that there is a buyer. And he even made an advance payment. But if you wish, you can cover the prepayment and the percentage that the auto show should return to the "imaginary customer" (the amount usually varies from 20 to 25 thousand rubles), and then get the car right now, without delays and expectations. For persuasiveness you will be shown a long list of waiting lists for a car in this equipment. They will try to tell you that in three months everything can happen: the prices for the car will increase or the equipment will change. Do not believe, turn around and look for another auto show.

Own exchange rate

Despite the fact that the Russian legislationit is forbidden to specify the price of goods in foreign currency, some unscrupulous sellers still prefer not to notice this law and operate on prices in conventional units. And, the course of this cu much higher than the established by the central bank. And you will learn about this at the checkout after the signing of the contract, one of the points of which will necessarily indicate the amount of the penalty in case of refusal to purchase. But there is a way out of this situation. Before signing the contract, check which currency is the price of your car. And if not in rubles, require that you transfer this amount into rubles, and see how much it has grown. If you did not do it on time, go to court. You will definitely win it. In order to buy a car brought you only joy, you need to be vigilant no matter where you are going to buy it. As you can see, scammers do not necessarily live in the market. And we wish you that the fraud in car dealers when buying a car remains for you only the topic of this article. We advise you to read: