cars participants house 2 Reality show "House 2" ... Let's remember in whichwe first saw him on TV? It's difficult to answer, is not it? Years go by, the construction continues, the leaders change, the participants themselves and, naturally, their fees. According to the residents of the TV House, the income depends on several factors: scandal, popularity and time spent on the project. So, for example, the fees of even novice stellar "members of the household" reach five thousand dollars. It is not surprising that with such earnings, many of the participants can afford to live in luxury and prosperity. And what for us - ordinary people is a dream, for them becomes an everyday necessity. TV viewers are interested in absolutely everything: what clothes they prefer, what they are fond of, what cars they drive. And it was the cars of the participants of House 2 that became the topic of our today's article. Analysts of the magazine "Exchange Leader", working in the section "News of show business" tried to figure out which of the participants owns the most expensive car and in the process made up the top ten most-most cars. So, let's consider the machines of the participants of House 2 in descending order. house 2 cars participants

Ten best cars in the TV house parking lot

It was Victoria Bonnet who was fortunate enough to becomeowner of the car "Porsche Cayenne" worth about 135 thousand US dollars. The first place goes to her. The second place was taken by a car, the owner of which was Mikhail Terekhin - also a former resident of the star house, and concurrently the bridegroom of Xenia Borodina. Mikhail once worked in the criminal police, and now he drives around the capital roads on the BMW X5 in black. This machine is estimated at 85 thousand dollars. The third place went to two beautiful young ladies: Alena Vodonaeva and Ksenia Borodina. In their possession are cars of the brand "Infiniti", the cost of 83 to 100 thousand dollars. By the way, Ksenia in September this year topped the rating of the most popular participants of the show. She recently moved to "Infiniti", before that there was a "Ford Focus" in her garage, and even earlier "Honda Acord". The fourth place among the leaders was taken by Daria Pynzar - a pretty blonde, the current participant of the show. Daria owns the "Audi TT" defiantly orange. The cost of such "beauty" is about 69.5 thousand US rubles. Another blonde - Olga Buzova, took the fifth place in the ranking. Taking the place of the leading project, Olya decided that it was necessary to match the position and changed the "MINI Cooper" to a more expensive and solid "Audi Q5". The price of the car is from 60 to 70 thousand US dollars. "Ford" Elina Koryakina took the sixth place in the ranking. A car worth 60 thousand dollars is a good purchase for a young girl. Elina does not boast of her purchase and gladly rolls on him "husky" household, in particular Andrei Samsonov. Sergei Pynzar got the seventh place in the list. The young Ukrainian owns the red "Honda Accord", which costs about 29 thousand dollars. The eighth place was again divided between the ladies: Irina Agibalova and Valeria Masterco. Their choice fell on the car "Mazda 6" for which it was necessary to pay about 26 thousand US rubles. By the way, the most senior participant of the project Irina Agibalova has already moved to the third car. The cost of the first two (Hyundai Santa Fe and Porsche Cayenne) was much higher than the current one. What made her change them remains a mystery. Owners of the black "Mazda 3" - husband and wife Gajienko, took the ninth place. And finally, the honorable last place went to Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky. Its light blue "Daewoo Matiz" is worth nothing - 7-10 thousand dollars. Wenceslas owns another machine, a rare "Moskvich 412". The last acquisition, he said, he is proud much more. machine house 2

The best cars of former participants of the project

Some of the first participants of the show can alsoboast of expensive cars. For example, Stepan Menshikov goes to "Hummer H2", Nastya Kovaleva owns "Toyota Camry", Liza Kutuzova, left the project, purchased "Land Rover", and Vlad Kadoni became the happy owner of "Mercedes Smart Roadster". As you can see, not only the current residents of the TV House allow themselves luxury cars. People in the project change, go and come back again, quarrel and make up. One thing remains unchanged - their rating does not fall, they are in demand and are famous in show business, which means that they have lived for so many years under the constant supervision of video cameras. We advise you to read: