how to choose a car The life of a modern woman is similar to a high-speedAutobahn. By arranging the schedule of her usual day, a woman necessarily includes work, household chores, shopping trips and caring for children. Therefore, a completely natural phenomenon of our days has become a woman behind the wheel. And if you realized for yourself the need to become one of the full owners of an iron horse - this article is for you!

How to choose a car?

It would seem that with the current abundance of differentcar dealers, car markets and automobile Internet auctions on this question is easy enough to answer. But this is only at first glance. Buying a car is a very important step, it is not cheap. When choosing the most important - to take into account not only the usual criteria of the price-quality ratio, but also to get the car that will become a real helper, not an additional burden and a black hole in the family budget. First you need to understand and decide which car you need.

Sedan, hatchback or estate

It is worth immediately mentioning that the idealcar does not exist the same as there is no concept of "female car". Everything depends only on the purposes for which you purchase the machine. Agree - it is quite inexpedient to buy a three-door hatchback, if you have a large family. Or for travel to work, use the station wagon. So, first, let's look at the type of bodywork, and consequently, with the roominess of your future purchase. If you need a car as a means of quick and convenient movement around the city in the company of your beloved friend or mother, then the sedan or a three- or five-door hatchback is quite suitable for you. The sedan is beautiful, such a car, as a rule, has a respectable look, it's a classic. If you like classics, then you can easily choose Toyota Corolla, Daewoo Lanos, Chevrolet Aveo. A car with a body type hatchback usually has two rows of seats. And the trunk of it is combined with the salon. True, the volume of the trunk of this car is small. But in order to download the purchase after a relaxing shopping, this amount of trunk is enough. Kia Picanto, Daewoo Matiz, Mazda 2 are among the cars that have such a body type. The station wagon is another type of body that can be an excellent choice for those autoweepers who are going to carry in their luggage something more in size than several branded packages from the shop. Such a car belongs to the category of cargo-and-passenger. And if you do not have enough luggage space, then the rear seats in the station wagon can be folded or completely dismantled. The station wagon is an excellent choice for those who already have a child. In the trunk perfectly fit the stroller, and your child will not be left without your own transport. And if you love active rest, in such a car it is easy to transport mountain bikes, mountain skis and snowboards, and there will still be a place for friends with whom you will go out of town for a wonderful pastime. The market is currently represented by a number of cars with a station wagon: Toyota Corolla Fielder, Opel Astra Caravan. Of course, the types of car body are not limited to the above examples, but do not overload yourself with unnecessary information. For a woman, in the event that she is not engaged in cargo and passenger transportation, the choice will arise between these three types of bodywork.

Choose an engine

If we talk about the technical side of yourchoice, then in this issue, special attention should be paid to the engine of the car. This is the most important part of the machine. And on how technically prepared you will be, the correctness and validity of your choice depends. It's no secret that today the most popular is the gasoline engine. But even here everything is not so simple. The car's engine should not only be powerful, but also economical. The power of the engine is expressed by the amount of horsepower. And if for the hatchback there will be enough 125-150 horsepower, the station wagon with engine power less than 200 "horses" should not even be considered as a purchase option. At the same time, do not forget that fuel consumption grows in direct proportion to the engine power. And the big expense of fuel is, first of all, blow on your pocket. More economical in terms of fuel costs are diesel engines. But such an engine is often installed on off-road vehicles or cargo-passenger vehicles. By the way, and economical diesel engine can be called only in the event that the annual mileage of your car will exceed 40,000 kilometers. In a different scenario, do not even think about buying a car with a diesel engine. Its purchase will cost you more, and you will not even notice savings due to a small mileage. And more, the more powerful the car's motor, the more fuel and oil it consumes. Therefore, when choosing an engine for power, the rule "the more, the better" stops working. choose a car

The machine is good, but the mechanic is better

Experienced motorists-men believe thatA car for a woman should only be equipped with an automatic transmission. Apparently, they are guided by numerous jokes about the woman behind the wheel, for which the number of pedals should be equal to the number of legs. Do not believe. And in the choice between the automatic and the manual transmission you have to follow only the criteria of expediency. Undoubtedly, in a large city (with its constant traffic jams and countless traffic lights), the automatic transmission is a perfect assistant to the driver. The engine operates in the optimal mode, and it can not be overloaded. The machine itself decides how much engine speed to turn on in those or other conditions. But at the same time fuel consumption is significantly increased. Do not forget that automatic transmissions are very "fragile" and easily broken. A replacement will fly you a pretty penny. The machine can approach you if you live outside the city, where, as you know, the problem with "fools and roads" is quite acute. On a dirt road with a small slip, your machine from a friend will turn into the main enemy. And after a little by Russian standards of rain, you will become a captive of the first track. Whereas the manual transmission is always obedient to the driver. So, with sufficient skill, even in the absence of a full drive, you can easily overcome the suburban "liquid asphalt." And fuel consumption, of course, if you take into account our advice on engine power, will not make you think about the benefits of walking.

As a fish o ... drive

SUV - sounds beautiful. And not only it sounds, but it also looks impressive, and behaves off-road as an obedient trained horse of noble blood. And the whole secret is that this machine has a full drive. That is, it turns all four wheels. On such a machine you are not afraid of any dirt. All-wheel drive is your choice, if you live outside the city or just prefer all four wheels to push off the road. But you can forget about saving. The fuel consumption of all-wheel drive vehicles can be frightening. Where it is better to choose a car with a front-wheel drive. Of course, off-road it is unlikely to take out, but in a city such a car will become your friend. On the winter road, front-wheel drive cars are very good at steering. Sensibly respond to any movement. And fuel consumption will pleasantly please. By the way, most small cars, bright and comfortable, belong to front-wheel drive cars.

Learning a dream car

Having studied all the above parameters, carefullyhaving considered and compared, you have chosen the car, capable to make you happy? Do not be lazy and find out about the chosen brand of the car as much as possible. It is not difficult to do this. Numerous clubs of motorists and thematic forums, where owners and owners of cars share useful information, describe the shortcomings and advantages of their acquisitions, will be an invaluable source of information for you. There you will be willingly given good advice and will consult on any issue that interests you. A car is quite a serious investment of money, so it's better to spend a little time and study the matter thoroughly, the later get a pile of scrap metal at your disposal, which it is a pity to throw away and repair is too expensive.

Adventure in the showroom

Can you afford to purchase a carwithout mileage? If yes - go to the auto show. And not just a car dealership, but an official dealer. Only first carefully study the standard equipment of the car, all the options offered by the manufacturer, and warranty terms, both from the manufacturer and from the showroom itself. Do not forget that during the trip your car becomes a fortress on wheels, and apart from comfort you should worry about the safety of your car. Many showrooms offer additional options to standard equipment. Learn them too. Air conditioning, airbags - a necessary and useful addition. But the "heaped" audio system can be important for you only if you are a music lover and can not live a minute without music with high-quality sound. The electric drive of the boot lid is a useless toy and an attempt to make you pay for what does not affect the comfort of the car. Remember that paying close attention is still on the technical characteristics of the machine, and not on additional options. The presence of some of them serves just to "take away" your attention from the shortcomings of the car. It will be useful to travel a few car dealers, if in your city there is not one official dealer of this brand of car, and compare the prices for the car and the cost of additional services. Yes, and the composition of additional services in different stores may differ due to seasonal discounts or various promotions. Do not be afraid to ask and be interested in all the details. Be sure to test drive. See how convenient the car is in running. How do you feel at the wheel. How convenient and ergonomic the interior, upholstery. Every detail in this case is important. You are a woman and have the right to act out. Especially since you have done a tremendous job, having studied all the characteristics of the machine you need. The purchase in the showroom is also convenient because the documents for the car will help arrange the managers of the car dealership. And in case you want to buy a new car, but you do not have enough money, you will be helped - most car dealers cooperate with banks that can provide you with a car loan. which car to choose

The old horse does not spoil the furrow?

Of course, buying a new car is a dream of anywomen. And what if the brand of your car you choose is very expensive? Or from a reasonable economy and a delicate calculation, you still decided to buy a used car? Even the most avid car enthusiasts agree with the fact that some used cars are much more reliable than new ones. This is understandable: in the first thousand kilometers passed, the weakest places of the car are revealed, and the good owner exposes the car for additional adjustment, conducts the so-called tuning. For the most part, these words are valid with respect to European-made cars and so-called cars that do not have a run across Russia; but we also have a lot of drivers in Russia with a head and "smart" hands, which is often able to compensate for the shortcomings of domestic cars. When buying a used car you have several options:

  • Buy a car on the car market. But here you have several problems at once. Too often car market cars are sold after the accident, stolen cars with broken numbers on the engine and frame and "drowned", that is, cars that have been in the water. A woman is quite difficult to deal with all the subtleties of fraud and deception that unscrupulous sellers use. Therefore, if you have the opportunity - contact your beloved, father, brother or just a childhood friend, to a person who understands these subtleties. With a high degree of probability, it is better than you can recognize zashpatlevannym and freshly painted car after an accident or rotten body. He can listen to the work of the engine, climb under the bottom of the car and examine the chassis.
  • Buy a car with the hands of an unfamiliar owner. In this case, there is much less risk of being deceived and fraudulent, but all other issues and problems remain.

Therefore, a few more reasonable simple tips. Be sure to check the car with a run in an independent technical center. There experts will conduct the necessary tests and give an opinion on which you can navigate when making the final purchase decision. Check the availability of documents for the car: technical passport, technical inspection. If everything is in order, you can proceed with the registration of sales documents. After all, the market and the private car owner is not a car dealership. And all the execution of documents, starting from the contract of sale and ending with the removal and registration, you will have to do it yourself. Do not forget that you can return the defective car after purchase only if you purchased it from a legal entity. If you do not have absolute certainty that you will cope with the difficult task of buying a used car, it is best to resort to the help of knowledgeable people. You are a woman, and you can let a man take care of you. Recently, numerous online auctions have become very popular. All that you need in this case is money, the Internet and that minimum of knowledge that you have acquired in the process of choosing the car of your dreams. By the way, in this case you will have the opportunity not only to purchase a car produced and assembled abroad, but also not having passed a single kilometer along the Russian off-road. The only negative - you can not touch the car with your own hands. But if your choice initially fell on a Japanese car, you can not be afraid for the quality of the car you bought. Japanese online auctions are considered the most reliable, and the deceit of the buyer in the country of the rising sun is not welcome. At such an auction, sitting at home in a comfortable chair, you can view your future car almost under a microscope: a special program will helpfully increase and show you every inch of the body, engine and all the most important parts of the car. So you can be sure of your choice, as if everyone touched it with their hands. In addition, Japanese cars are considered the most comfortable, reliable and relatively inexpensive. Buying a car through an online auction, be prepared for the fact that you will have to give up money much earlier than you get a car. It is best to conclude an agreement with a firm that deals with the registration of the purchase, payment of customs duties and transportation of cars purchased at the auction. The firm will also give you access to the auction for choosing a car. Which car to choose, where to buy it - you decide. But remember that by purchasing your first car, you can rely only on your own knowledge, it's up to you whether this purchase will bring you joy. We hope that the tips of the article will help you, and your car will make you one of those happy Amazons at the wheel, rightfully whispering quietly to his iron helper: "We are of the same blood. You and me". We advise you to read: