Auto Insurance for Women Men on women drivers look ironically andindulgently, try to prune, pin, and send a signal. However, contrary to the male rumor, the woman behind the wheel is more attentive, focused and careful. Moreover, numerous statistics persistently insist that the participants of road accidents are more likely to become male drivers. An additional guarantee of compensation for damage from a possible accident on the road is car insurance. The main problem of women's auto insurance is the presence of many nuances in which the owner of the car has to understand, receive additional information. Only detailed and reliable information will allow confidently to choose the insurance company. The most common types of car insurance are CASCO and OSAGO. CASCO is a partial or full insurance of a vehicle, and compulsory motor third party liability insurance is a compulsory motor third party liability insurance. If an accident causes damage to a third party, the payment will cover OSAGO. Its cost is determined by the government, with a change in its size once every six months. For example, the cost of a policy , located on thematic sitescalculates independently, you only need to specify certain parameters. CASCO insures only the car in case of emergency damage, damage caused by natural disasters and third parties, from theft, traffic accidents and fires. With the help of a partial auto hull the car can be insured only against theft. The cost of hull insurance depends on many factors. For example, the agent needs to assess the condition of your car, driving experience and other indicators. On the Internet you can find a lot of special services, so-called virtual calculators. In order to fulfill you will need to enter the following data: mileage of the car, service life, year of manufacture, model and brand of the car, driving experience of the owner, as well as other technical characteristics. It's very simple, the main thing is to specify all the parameters accurately. A female driver should always be aware of general insurance news and in particular of the chosen company. After all, many insurance companies carry out various actions - car insurance at reduced prices, which allows to save considerably. In addition, MTPL often benefits, it is desirable to ask the agent beforehand. We advise you to read: