machine or mechanic that is better An automaton or a mechanic, which is better? If you are trying to find the answer to this question, then finally this long-awaited moment of happiness has come. You got a driver's license and now you can proudly call yourself an auto-lady! Now it's up to you to select your first car. And, of course, it should be the best: convenient, safe and relatively inexpensive. Already now mentally prepare for the advice and statements of the male relatives about this problem. It is not ruled out that all of them vying with each other will be ranting about the exorbitant price of a car with an automatic transmission. But the girlfriend, who before you bought a car, on the contrary, will praise the automatic - it's easier to manage, and what else do novice drivers need? So, who to listen to, what decision to take? Do not need to "cut from the shoulder", let's first analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of automatic and manual gearbox, and do it just like a woman.

Price and service

With facts, as they say, you can not argue. And even with the rest of the same conditions, a car with an automatic box will cost you ten per cent more. Plus, the consumption of gasoline you obviously will not please, so going to a long journey, get ready to monitor the presence of fuel all the time. Maintenance of automatic transmission is a separate story. And on this fact it is better not to save. Regular oil change will save the car from many breakdowns. By the way, it needs almost three times more than for mechanics, and it costs more. Therefore, choosing a car with an automatic gearbox, get ready for the fact that in case of repair, you will have to fork out a lot of money. But the mechanics in this case is distinguished by economy and unpretentiousness. Prices for repairs are average and fuel is consumed moderately. So maybe you should not look for easy ways to drive and buy a car with manual transmission, and the remaining money to spend on a smart spring coat, which for so long dreamed of?

Safety and comfort

In this regard, everything is much more serious, sincewomen are characterized by a love of comfort and coziness, and with a box machine achieve these factors easier than with mechanics. If you ask women who have already sat behind the wheel of a car with automatic transmission - which box is better, machine gun or mechanic? The answer is unambiguous - automatic. What is the secret? Firstly, it is easier to control such a car, and especially the beginning auto-lady. Agree, it is more difficult to get lost in two pedals than in three. Yes, and distracted from the road will have less, because the gear lever is only needed for parking and for the reverse. Secondly, when maneuvering, you can grab the steering wheel with both hands and do not let it go until you are completely sure that the danger is behind. In this case, the risk of getting into an accident is reduced. Mechanics are more complicated. To master the mechanical box and learn correctly, you need to select the gear for more than one month. And if you are ready for difficulties and are not afraid to get embarrassed before your fellow drivers - feel free to choose a car with manual transmission. In addition, everything once ends, and with time the difficulties will pass. But you will be a real pro and easily cope with the automatic box if necessary. But change from the machine to the mechanic will be hard. which box is better than an automaton or mechanic

Risk, or not worth it?

Automatic "clever"! She protects the engine of the car, does not allow it to be overloaded. And even if you are a completely inept driver and to a smooth calm ride you are still far away - the engine and the chassis will not be particularly affected by your experiments on the road. But the machine, equipped with a mechanical box, will react to every unskillful turn or braking. This means that the probability of breakage increases at times. All novice drivers are not very friendly with the clutch, and it responds to them the same - quickly fails due to overloads.

Speed ​​and power

Wondering what better mechanic ormachine, determine your attitude to the road and speed. Having an impeccable reaction and having perfectly studied your car, you can drive at high speed, leaving behind the amazed drivers-men. That's great, is not it? However, there is one but. This is only possible with a manual transmission. At the wheel of a car with AKPP skills super auto-lady especially do not gleam. What can you do, but to work at the maximum power of such machines are not intended at all. In addition to mechanics it is easier to deal with off-road, where a machine with an automatic machine can simply get stuck. But to check the automatic transmission for durability in such conditions is by no means impossible. This can lead to serious damage.

Towing or ...

Towing on a rope machine with automaticgearbox - a direct road to the service center, and with a more serious breakdown than the one because of which you actually ended up in this position. You can move this car only on the tow truck. Stalling in the middle of the road on the mechanic, you will find yourself in a simpler situation. After all, you can tow any passing driver. And how long you will remain on the road depends only on the decency of your fellow drivers. Another advantage of mechanics - if the battery has sat down, starting it with a "push" is not a problem. But the machine will only work from the working battery of another car. And it's not a fact that if necessary, there is a gentleman ready to spend his time: remove your battery and start your car.

So what should I choose?

As you managed to notice, unequivocally give an answer,what is better and what is worse is impossible. Everyone, as they say, has his own. Lover of speed and confident woman, it is better to choose a good car of foreign production, but with a mechanical box. After all, she, thanks to her solid character, quickly learn to manage with her, and hence there will be no problems. But you can flash skills of high-speed driving in front of men who do not want to perceive women behind the wheel. But a calm and measured girl, with a principle in life - "quietly you go, you will continue", the box the automatic machine will approach as well as possible. There are no superfluous problems with training. Pressed the gas - went, pressed the brake - stopped. Yes, and comfort in driving around the city does not take an automatic box. Do not hurry and look inside yourself, what exactly do you want, and not the husband and girlfriends? Think about all the details, weigh all the pros and cons. And then you certainly will not go wrong with the choice!