teenage pimples Adolescence is considered to be complexage - hormonal restructuring, emotional instability. By the way, about the instability - it is in adolescence that the requirements for one's appearance are too high. And the slightest flaw can lead a teenager into real despair. And it was necessary for nature to make it so that it was at this age that teenage pimples became more active! For a child, this becomes a real tragedy. But do not give up - with teenage pimples cope quite realistically. The main thing is to know how to do it. This is what today's conversation will be about.

Proper Cleansing

First of all, it is necessary to teach the teenager the proper cleansing of the skin. If this is not done, getting rid of acne will be almost impossible. So:

  • Daily cleansing of the skin

Face skin should be cleaned at least twice inday - morning and evening. And in the morning, in order to remove the sebum developed during the night, simple washing with warm water is enough. But in the evening the skin needs to be cleansed with the help of either special gels for washing, or folk remedies. By the way, remember one simple rule - you need to wash yourself with hot water, which slightly expands the pores and thoroughly cleans them. But finish the washing follows cool - cold water will instantly narrow the pores, thereby preventing their contamination. And the skin will look much more attractive.

  • Scrubs

Twice a week you need a deeper cleansingpores and removal of dead particles. The easiest way to do this is with a scrub - either homemade or purchased. Too much to get involved in scrubs is not necessary - teenage skin is very easy to damage. Remember that before scrubbing it is very important to steam out your face. To do this, you can use either chamomile steam baths or chamomile compresses. To make a bath, prepare a chamomile broth - pour five tablespoons of chamomile with a liter of water and bring to a boil. Boil for about three minutes, and then cool to such a temperature that the steam does not burn the face. Pour the broth into a convenient bowl, over which the teenager should bend over. Cover his head with a towel. On average, the bath should last about 15 minutes. If the child suffers from any vascular or neurological diseases, or simply can not breathe hot steam, the bath can be replaced with a hot compress. Chamomile broth is prepared as well as for a steam bath. When the broth cools down a little, moisten a napkin in it and put it on the face skin for 10 minutes. Napkins cool very quickly, so always change them.

  • Deep facial cleansing

Once a month, it is necessary to take the teenager toto the cosmetician who will make a deep cleansing of the face. Pay attention - there are several types of such cleansing, but for teens only mechanical is suitable. The cosmetologist will rip the face and with the help of fingers and special tools will cleanse the pores of the face and remove the rashes, if any. unpleasant teenage pimples

General recommendations

In addition to proper skin cleansing, the teenager must observe a number of simple but very important rules:

  • Diet

If your child wants clean skin, suggesthe should reconsider his diet. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of fatty, sharp and smoked foods, artificial colors and preservatives, sweets and carbonated water. But porridge, greens, vegetables and fruits, sour-milk products are very welcome! Teenage acne they can not stand! And in general for a growing organism a healthy diet is very, very important.

  • General Hygiene

Be sure to explain to your son or daughter thatit is undesirable without having to touch your face with your hands - they have a very large number of bacteria. By the way, this is an extra reason to wash your hands often. In addition, it is very important to monitor the purity of the hair - acne can appear due to the contact of dirty hair with the skin of the face.

  • Decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics is very unfavorableaffects the adolescent skin. Especially when it comes to tonal creams and powder - they clog pores and provoke the formation of acne and acne. But how often young girls abuse cosmetics and put it on the face with a thick layer, like a putty on the wall. teenage acne treatment

Treatment of acne folk remedies

We have already said that there are manyeffective folk recipes to eliminate teenage pimples. The only thing that should be paid attention is the possibility of developing an allergic reaction to this or that component. Therefore, before applying any of the means you choose, carry out an allergic test - apply a small amount of a substance to the wrist or under the knee and leave for 30 minutes. Carefully observe the reaction - the skin should not have any redness or rashes, the child should not feel any burning or itching. If everything is in order, you can start treatment for acne.

  • Mask from aloe

Aloe is the surest remedy for anyinflammatory processes, including acne. To prepare a mask, you need one tablespoon of honey and two sheets of aloe, previously five days aged in the freezer. Aloe the peel and use a fork to grind it to a puree state, mix with honey to make a uniform consistency. Apply the mask to a well-cleansed skin, paying special attention to the areas with rashes. The exposure time of the mask is 15 minutes. Then rinse the mask with cool water. To cure teenage pimples, you need to do this mask every other day.

  • Chamomile Mask

Prepare a decoction of chamomile: place in a saucepan three tablespoons of inflorescences, pour a glass of water and bring to a boil. After the broth boils, reduce the heat and cook until half the water boils. Then cool the broth, strain with a strainer. Take three tablespoons of flour and chamomile on a chamomile mix a very thin dough, like thin pancakes. Here is the dough itself and there is a medical mask - put it on problem areas of the skin and leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water. A similar mask can be done every evening. You will see a tremendous result after the first application. And in just two weeks the skin will improve at times.

  • Oatmeal scrub

If you do not want to use ready-made scrubs,you can cook them yourself. For example, oatmeal scrub - it effectively damages the skin, while practically not injuring it. Spread out the frying pan and fry two tablespoons of oatmeal to a golden color, grind them with a coffee grinder. Mix the resulting oatmeal with yogurt so that you have a creamy mass. Apply the scrub to the steamed skin and massage well, leave for 10 minutes, and then rinse with water.

  • Coffee Scrub

Of course, coffee for a teenager is not a good idea. But a coffee scrub for sure will come at an opportune time. Mix one teaspoon of sour cream and half a teaspoon of coffee grounds, apply to pre-cleaned and steamed skin. Massage and immediately rinse, and then apply any moisturizing cream.

  • Cucumber lotion

Clean one cucumber in medium size and grateit on a small grater. Place the cucumber mass in a glass container and pour 50 grams of cold boiled water, mix thoroughly, add a tablespoon of vodka and shake again. Lotion should be left in the refrigerator for a day. Then, with a cotton swab, the child should wipe the skin of the face with this lotion at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, after washing.

  • Chamomile Lotion

If the skin is very oily, you can cookchamomile lotion. To do this, place two tablespoons of chamomile in a glass container and fill with 50 grams of vodka. Leave to soak for a week, and then strain the lotion. This lotion needs to wipe the skin of the face in the morning and in the evening. In the event that a teenager has a feeling of tightness of the skin, or if the skin starts to peel off, the lotion should be diluted with clean boiled water in a ratio of one to one. In the event that after a month of treatment, there will be no improvement, it makes sense to consult a dermatologist. Perhaps the causes of acne lie much deeper! And these reasons need to be looked for so as not to earn a lot of problems. We advise you to read: