reasons for lack of weight in adolescents In our time, many parents facethe problem of excess weight in the child, but there is also a downside to the medal - a child's difficulty in weight gain. The problem of weight gain in most cases passes with puberty. How to gain weight to a teenager? Most often parents are thinking about this issue. Teenager is peculiar to search for various shortcomings in his body even when the figure is perfect and does not need "correction". This is the beginning for most of the complexes, including excessive leanness. Parents and children are looking for ways to solve this problem. Unfortunately, there is much less information on this subject than advice for those who want to get rid of extra pounds. nutrition of a teenager with underweight

Causes of thinness

The first reason is a decrease in appetite. This reason is quite common among adolescents. It seems that the solution to this problem is known, but not everything is so simple. Do not put on the baby and say that until he eats, the street does not come out, first you need to figure out what caused the decrease in appetite. The answer to this question may not be very harmless, for example, experience, since the maximalism of adolescents can distort reality beyond recognition. What is normal for an adult is a drama for a teenager. In case the adolescent refuses to eat, first talk with him, because it is realistic to get to the bottom of the problem. And then it will disappear by itself. The second reason is a rapid increase in growth. The same happens with every teenager, but most noticeably passes in boys 14-16 years. In just a couple of months, an increase in height can be about 10 cm. In most cases, muscle mass and its volume do not keep up with such a rapid growth of the body, and it seems that the child is losing weight sharply. In this case, there is no reason to worry, do not run to the doctor because of weight loss and learn how to gain weight to a teenager. The third reason is excessive motor activity. In this case, it is not necessary to limit the child. It only requires a power adjustment. The fourth reason is diseases and stresses. Quite often they lead to various metabolic disorders, which, in turn, affects the weight of the adolescent. To solve this problem, it is best to contact a highly qualified doctor who will tell you how to gain weight. exercises for weight gain

How to gain weight to a teenager?

In order for a child to gain weight, it is not necessaryresort to food, negatively affecting health. Food should be high in calories, but not harmful to health. Help provide calories in the body of foods containing carbohydrates and proteins, and this:

  • bird;
  • meat;
  • fruit;
  • seafood;
  • vegetables;
  • bakery products;
  • pasta.

Preference should be given to meat, potatoes,fish and the like. To cook food, it is better to use sunflower and butter. Drink tea, cocoa with sugar. Adopt the adolescent should be every 3-4 hours, constantly increasing portions. Hence it follows that you need to eat 5-6 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be complete, lunch should contain the first - soup, the second - meat with potatoes or pasta. Afternoon snacks, lunch and late dinner should be a kind of snack and contain fruits, bakery products, cottage cheese and so on. Pay attention and drink. For a day, a teenager should drink about 2 liters of liquid: mineral water, juices (preferably freshly squeezed), cocoa, tea, hot chocolate. Drinking beverages with dyes or carbonated is not recommended. It is best to give preference to cranberry juice or fruit juice, they have great energy value, juices from tropical fruits. For boys, we recommend exercising and building muscle mass, which gives the body a sporty shape. Weight depends on it. For this you can go to the gym, and you can conduct classes at home. Girls also recommend going in for sports, but do not pump muscle mass, you can do fitness, it will help to achieve the ideal figure. nutrition of a teenager for getting rid of leanness

A few exercises to increase weight at home

  • Pushups;
  • Squats with dumbbells;
  • Steps with dumbbells;
  • Tightening with a narrow and wide grip;
  • Push-ups on triceps.

Exercise is best done every other day tomuscles managed to recover after the load. Weight should be collected gradually, rather than jerks and not intensively, as this greatly affects the state of health. In no case should you take special pills and other substances for both muscle mass gain and weight gain. Doctors forbid the use of such drugs and adults, and adolescents, they are strictly prohibited.