fashion for teen girls Adolescence in girls is verya difficult time in their life. After all, young women of the fair sex already feel like adults, so often demonstrate their own independence around them. However, right now they are more vulnerable than ever, it is important for them to be approved in the circle of peers, and any criticism is perceived very hard. Young women of fashion are especially selective in clothes and often plague parents with the problem of choosing this or that thing. Teenage fashion is also a challenge because every girl wants to exactly match this or that direction of the subculture. This desire dictates a certain style in clothes, shoes, accessories. But at the same time for teenagers is characterized by the desire to be special, bright and individual. And very often they do not know how to choose toilet items correctly, so as not to turn their wardrobe into a set of the same clothes as the majority, and at the same time do not look like a white crow against the background of their peers. teen fashion for girls

Winter Fashion

But the stylists and designers seem to be fineare aware of the question of what a teenage fashion should be, so that every young female representative can choose something special according to her tastes and desires. After all, the girls closely follow the fashion and make a lot of effort to look in the company of friends stylishly and beautifully. That is why now the choice of clothes for teenage girls is very wide and is represented by several tendencies and directions. So, in winter 2013 jackets and elongated sweaters, scarves and leggings with Scandinavian ornamentation, drawings of deer and snowflakes are still at the peak of fashion. These motives are already familiar to many over the past season, so if your daughter's wardrobe has such things, then do not be in a hurry to part with them. The sweaters, made in the technique of the so-called "grandmother's" patterns, are still relevant. No less popular are other hits of 2012, for example, beloved asymmetrical dresses and tunics. Fashionable and relevant for teenage girls are things in the style of "military" brown, green and purple flowers. Jeans, warm waistcoats, cardigans - all these garments must necessarily be in every wardrobe, because they are comfortable and comfortable in the sock in the winter. Teenage fashion with regard to outerwear has not undergone any particular changes, compared to last season. Popular are jackets, down jackets, stylish youth coats with the effect of the inside and the jacket. However, from the novelties it is worth noting coats and raincoats in the form of a trapezoid and wide truncated sleeves - the so-called three-quarters option. It is this model that should attract the attention of teenage girls and become indispensable for warmer days. Outer garments of a square silhouette made of leather or high-quality synthetic materials, combined with dresses, tight trousers or jeans, are intended to highlight the fragility of the figure. modern teen fashion for girls

Summer clothes and shoes

Teenage fashion summer season 2013promises to surprise and please teenagers with real bright hits. It is worth noting the presence in the designer collections of clothes with an extraordinary number of the most diverse patterns. This is the beloved strip of teenagers, and the cage, and the theme of flora and fauna, and cartoon prints. Girls will be pleased with the opportunity to flaunt in short dresses, lush skirts and lace tops. In this case, the correct combination of such bright outfits acquires special importance. It is better to focus on one color thing, which will be favorably emphasized by more monophonic clothing. In the color range, all shades of red, as well as gold, silver and copper will be especially relevant. As for fabrics, in summer it is worth giving preference to silk, linen and cotton. It was these materials that selected well-known designers, developing fashion collections for modern teenage girls. Admirers of a man's style of clothes can relax, because he is still in a trend. To match the latest trends of fashion, blazers, shirts, trousers and shorts should be chosen more strictly fashion. Particularly stylish element will be a white collar: it not only fits perfectly to school clothes, but also miraculously refresh any single-color dresses or blouses. Sports style is also relevant. Here you should pay attention to T-shirts and tops of a free cut, because street fashion may well be somewhat careless, but do not go too far and dress up inaccurately. This is considered a bad taste, as comfort and relaxation in clothing must necessarily be stylish. Actual are the images of young girls-rebels, as it is fashionable and in the spirit of modern trends. A pair of comfortable shoes is an indispensable part of all teenage girls' wardrobes, especially since the Lowfers and the Oxford are still popular. But do not be afraid to try something new, for example, choose shoes with high heels, especially as designers insist on this option. Fashionable will be both ankle boots, and shoes-boats, and boots with the effect of a sewn sock. For summer, choose comfortable shoes made of natural materials. teen fashion for girls in accessories


Teenage fashion this year providesfor girls the opportunity to experiment boldly with bright accessories. For example, you should pay attention to scarves in large peas and stripes, shoes with an interesting print. Small clutches, bags in the form of envelopes and plush animals, which the teenagers had time to get used to last season, still retain the primacy. The fashion also includes bags in the form of musical instruments, such as guitar and synthesizer. To not drown in this sea of ​​options and look stylish, do not take the choice of accessories too seriously - it is better to show a sense of humor. Bijouterie of the summer season also gives complete freedom of choice to young women of fashion. Very effective will be jewelry "for gold" in the form of different chains, pendants, rings and bracelets. Recently, vivid and original products in the style of hand made are in vogue. They can be knitted or woven, embroidered or made of beads. It is these extraordinary things that will help to give the fashionable image of a young female representative a completeness and uniqueness. Functionality and democracy remained the main goals for most designers when creating fashionable clothes for teenage girls in the winter-summer season 2013. It is for this reason that the teenage style is represented so multifaceted. It can not be disagreed that teenage girls in this sense have a great advantage over adults, because by virtue of their age they are allowed to combine absolutely different things, because the main thing is that the chosen image delights the joy and causes recognition among peers. We advise you to read: