how to lose weight quickly teenager In modern society, the problem of excess weightconcerns all age groups without exception, including adolescents. But it is during adolescence that the slightest shortcomings of its appearance are perceived most painfully. And the teenager starts to conduct numerous and sometimes very dangerous experiments with his body - various diets, hunger strikes, and in some cases even worse - in the course are various drugs for weight loss. What can end such violence against a growing body - no doctor will predict. But it's not difficult to guess that nothing good, unfortunately. What to do? How to quickly lose weight to a teenager? And most importantly, it's safe? Let's try to understand this issue to help your child.

Causes of excess weight

First of all, it is necessary to understand why such a problem as overweight generally arose. After all, smoke without fire does not happen, as well as excess weight for no reason. As a rule, these are the three main ones:

  • Violation of the hormonal background

In some cases, overweight isconsequence of a violation of normal hormonal background. As a rule, one can suspect such a situation when the weight began to gain a physically active teenager, who receives a healthy balanced diet, and especially if, in addition to excess weight, a child suffers from acne and acne. In this case, unfortunately, it will be almost impossible to cope with excess weight independently, and it is not safe for children's health. Therefore, the only way out of this situation will be an appeal to a doctor - ideally an endocrinologist or even a pediatrician. The doctor will examine the child, carry out a number of necessary studies and, if necessary, appoint a suitable course of treatment, select a sparing diet. And will regularly monitor the health of a teenager.

  • Wrong way of life

Movement is life. And also health and a good figure. Alas, ah, mobile games in "salochki" and "Cossack robbers" long ago sunk into oblivion. Current children and adolescents prefer to spend time in front of a TV and / or a computer. It is not surprising that excess kilograms begin to "stick" to a teenager, like a magnet. And if, in addition to a sedentary image, food is also wrong - write was gone. And, unfortunately, this is often the case. Semi-finished products, sweets, chips, nuts, carbonated drinks - what kind of health can we talk about! Unfortunately, very often parents completely do not pay proper attention to nutrition - work, fatigue. how to quickly lose weight to a teenager

With what to begin?

It is very important to understand one simple truth - the answerthe question of how you can quickly lose weight to a teenager - there is not and can not be. Too fast to lose weight is dangerous even for an adult, not to mention the growing body. The main thing that a teenager needs to understand is that he will need a reserve of patience. Hateful pounds accumulate not one and not two months. So, you can not get rid of it quickly. Patience and a systematic integrated approach will ultimately produce the desired result. But before you start losing weight, always show the adolescent to the doctor - even if he is completely healthy and has no health problems other than colds, he never had.

Normalize the food

The first thing you need to start with iscardinal changes in diet. But no diets, remember? First, the diet threatens the health of the adolescent, and perhaps for the rest of his life. Secondly, the diet is a very temporary measure. Perhaps, during the diet, the weight of the adolescent will decrease. But on a diet all your life you will not sit and will have to return to normal diet. So, very quickly the weight will return back, and even "friends" in the form of a couple or three kilograms will take with them. Therefore, the only way out is proper nutrition. Which should not be a temporary measure, but a permanent way of life. By the way, it would be nice for parents to join their child - nothing but great benefit, it will not bring. And the child will be much easier to resist the temptations, if there is no mayonnaise and sausages in the fridge.

  • Prohibited products

In the diet of a teenager, in no case shouldbe no fast food, no semi-finished products. Crackers, chips and other mucks with artificial preservatives and dyes are the main enemy of a beautiful slender figure. Sausage products, fatty varieties of fish and meat - are also extremely undesirable. In addition, it is necessary to understand - everything that is not water is food. We must not forget that lemonades, packaged juices, tea with sugar also have caloric content. Therefore, they should not be abused, but ideally it is necessary to give up altogether. Natural juices, non-carbonated drinking water and green tea are ideal.

  • List of recommended products

However, a teenager is a growing organism, thereforeon a hungry ration it can not be planted. proteins, fats and carbohydrates to the body are simply vital. However, carbohydrates are best obtained from fruits and cereals, proteins - from lean meat and sour-milk products, and fats - from olive oil. Low-fat cottage cheese, meat, fish, sour-milk products, cereals, fruits and vegetables in large quantities - these products should form the basis of a teenager's diet. Otherwise, problems may begin - anemia, vitamin deficiencies and other undesirable phenomena. And do not forget about the intestines - problems with improper nutrition can affect him. In addition, the schedule of food intake is very important. If the child wants to get rid of excess weight, food should be only fractional! Eating - every two hours, in small portions. The feeling of hunger is inadmissible! If the body experiences a head, it begins to worry and begins to put off the nutrients for future use. So, the weight will start to increase even faster. Although, of course, this does not mean that every two hours a teenager must eat up to the dump, so that it was impossible to inhale - an ideal serving should be about 150-200 grams. And we must not forget about water - when its content in the body is insufficient, the metabolism begins to slow down. So, it will be very, very difficult to lose weight. Therefore, a child should drink about a liter of clean drinking water per day. But do not forget to talk to the doctor in advance - in some cases, the increase in the amount of fluid consumed is contraindicated.

Physical activity

The best way to lose weight as soon as possibleteenager, it is to the right diet to add physical activity. Sport should become an integral part of the life of a healthy teenager. Of course, under the sport in no case is meant hours of exhausting training in the gym! Such excessive strain on the growing body is categorically contraindicated! But the videos or skates, bicycles or skis will only benefit. And the process of losing weight will go much faster than just with proper nutrition. The child does not show special zeal? Go to the rink with him. Take badminton and go out of town. In the end, you can take the ball and go to the nearest football field. If these loads are not enough, you can invite a teenager to enroll in this or that sports section - good, the choice is simply huge. For example, girls may be interested in aerobics or dancing, for a boy you can think about team games - football, basketball. Do not forget - and in this case, without a visit to the doctor will not work. The doctor should assess the overall physical condition of the child and then determine whether the child can engage in a particular sport. how to quickly lose weight to a teenager correctly

Body care

Parents should take into account one more importantdetail. The fact that weight loss can lead to deterioration of the skin of the body. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, teenagers can also have loose skin and even strong stretch marks. And sometimes noticeable even more than many adults. And believe me - this cosmetic defect will give the teenager no less moral suffering than overweight. Especially when it comes to the girl - for her it will become a real tragedy. Therefore, this situation must be foreseen and prevented. In the overwhelming majority of cases, timely preventative measures will allow preserving the skin of a thinning teenager in excellent condition. Moreover, it is not so difficult:

  • Cold and hot shower

The simplest and most effective means formaintaining the tone and elasticity of the skin - this is the most common contrast shower. It is enough to have three or four alternations of temperatures, but be sure to explain to the teenager that he does not go to extremes - the water should be comfortable temperatures, and not icy and hot hot. Ideally, a contrast shower should be taken twice a day.

  • Massage

Massage will not be superfluous in preventionstretch marks. And the easiest way is a terry towel - rub the skin thoroughly after the shower so that it turns a little red. But girls should observe some caution with the skin on the chest - it is easy to stretch, so excessive zeal to anything. In addition, it is not superfluous and the most ordinary massager with pimples, which is put on a palm. Show the teenager how to use it.

  • Body Oil

A teenager must have an oil forA body that helps to maintain the elasticity and tone of the skin. Remember that a teenager is still a child. Therefore, you should not purchase funds intended for adults. Ideal option will be moisturizing milk or oil, designed for children.

Moral support

In addition to all of the above, a teenager needs moral support from his parents. It would seem that simple truths, and very many parents neglect them. So, what can not be done in any case?

  • Do not blame the child

In no case do not blame the child for anything! Neither that, he could not resist and ate a candy, nor that he again did not go to training. Of course, you must guide the child in the right direction, but very gently and in a friendly manner. and reproaches only completely discourage the child from believing in themselves and can prevent you from achieving your goal.

  • Do not criticize the child

How often can one hear from the mouth of the beautiful,loving parents are very unflattering remarks about the appearance of their child ... And excess weight is in the lead. Perhaps it seems to you that your child does not react at all to such comments. However, be sure that this is not so. And all of your comments are painful blows to the ego's self-esteem. And than it can turn back, it is not known. On the contrary - you should try to support the child in every possible way! The whole day passed without a single food stall? The child has not missed a single workout for a week? Be sure to note all his successes without exception - this will give the teenager strength and strengthen his faith in himself. By the way, in the event that losing weight is too slow, it is parental support that will play a decisive role. If she is strong enough, the child will still go to the end and eventually he will succeed. But if instead of supporting a child comes across a wall of indifference or, even worse, a misunderstanding, psychological problems - up to nervous breakdowns - are very likely. How to support a despairing child? You parents will quickly find an approach to your child. For example, you can tell him that very often the weight is normal as the body grows. You can go shopping and buy beautiful, suitable clothes. In short, by any means, raise the mood of the child and give strength to further fight against excess weight. How to quickly lose weight to a teenager? Feel the support of loved ones. And first of all, of course, parents. If you are together, you will succeed!