causes of computer addiction in children In the current age of high technology, when the pacethe dissemination and accessibility of information grows daily, and technological progress does not stand still, and there are side effects from all these "benefits" of civilization. It will be a well-known illness today - computer addiction. What is it like, what consequences can it lead to and what precedes it? Originating at the dawn of the 21st century, this disease affects more and more people. As statistics show, more than half of all "sick" are teenagers. In order to understand the essence of adolescent computer addiction, the word "dependence" should be defined. As far as we know, the term "dependence" is understood as a pathological attraction or addiction of a person to anything (food, gambling, alcohol, drugs, etc.). Despite the fact that scientists do not officially recognize and do not study computer addiction, it has a clear psychological character, and its existence is proved by thousands of characteristic cases. It is estimated that approximately 7-10% of all users of personal computers suffer from this ailment. Why exactly "teenagers"? First of all, the role of teenagers' enthusiasm for virtual communication, computer games, and the desire for self-realization there, in another dimension, is explained by the desire to obtain information. It is information resources that attract people than they differ from animals, and the computer is an almost limitless tool for searching, sorting and displaying this information. In the adolescent period, a person is completely open to everything new, but that's what makes an excessive pastime near a personal computer.

My son is no longer to return

Very common cases are when smart,educated, cheerful student suddenly turns into a closed cyber child. An example is a fifth-grader who is a round-robin student, but after the parents decided to "endow" him with the latest computer technology miracle, the child became self-absorbed, lost any interest in studying, and even in normal life. Now its main goal is "to overcome a virtual villain" or "to track game news". In addition, the child became nervous, extremely irritable and does not want to communicate with the outside world. And the worst - he began to lose weight and acquired a scoliosis. It is unlikely that this is the result of teenage growing up. signs of computer addiction in adolescents

The initial inclinations of a sociopath

What to do? The root of all evil is in the person himself. For teens who are not self-confident or have some problems in communication, the best way to communicate with the outside world is the Internet. A natural solution to this problem for them may be closer communication with peers, the acquisition of new friends or simply live communication with people that brings pleasure.

Subtype of the dependent: igroman

It's quite another thing if a girl or boyfriendseriously take a great interest in computer games. Unlike arcade games like "tetris", role-playing games can pose a serious threat to teenage gamers, because immersing in virtual space here is extremely high, therefore, the chance to lose real "myself" is very large. Do not forget about the "shooters", which have a very negative impact on the child's psyche, but more often cause a latent aggression, which subsequently occurs in life.

The main symptoms of computer addiction

All symptoms of such dependence are divided intotwo types: physical and mental. The first mainly include: visual impairment, problems with the spine (locomotor apparatus), headaches, drowsiness, fatigue, and digestive problems. These symptoms can occur only after a long time at the computer. Mental symptoms are similar to those of any other addiction. This includes: self-deception, loss of time, vague mood swings, loss of interest in communication, lack of desire to leave the computer, etc. correct treatment of computer addiction

Proceeding from words to deeds

And finally, how to treat a "sick" child fromcomputer addiction? First of all, you need to prevent this disease. Since the main reason that the child left this world and went into virtual, is in his dissatisfaction with life's realities, first of all it is necessary to understand what exactly he is dissatisfied with. It should be remembered that criticism of the behavior of such adolescents is a wrong step. The treatment of computer addiction is to distract the child from pressing problems and show him how real life is beautiful. Everyone has their own hobbies. Is your child addicted to painting? Write it in a drawing circle! Or does your son love music? It's time to direct its energy in the right direction and "return" to reality. Try to pay more attention to communication with the child, in every possible way supporting and encouraging him after school. Spend your free time with him: walk around the parks, go hiking and just get to know the world together! But it also happens that the initial stage of the "disease" is already lost. If the computer addiction already manifests itself in acute symptoms in your child, then it is worthwhile to consult a therapist. Special sessions of psychotherapy, conducted both at home and in specialized institutions, will help to eliminate the problem of detachment and to realize the adolescent's adaptation in the social environment when the efforts of the parents are still not enough. Do not forget that the best treatment is prevention, and recovery can be possible only when the teenager himself wants it.