teen fashion Just yesterday, your child was a charming baby andhis appearance was completely determined by you - parents. You, you and only you decided in which shirt your son will go to New Year's party and what dress your daughter will put on for her birthday. It seemed, it will always be so. But it was not there!!! A trip to clothing stores turns into a real battle - instead of a cute blouse, the daughter demands an unimaginable topic, and those sneakers that the son has chosen, nothing but trembling, does not cause you. Teenage fashion is capable of plunging adult people into slight embarrassment. The first thing that parents need to do is to calm down. Calm down and remember yourself in adolescence - surely you also wanted to wear those things that you liked, not your parents, right? Secondly, it is very important to understand what exactly teenage fashion is and "what it eats". After all, the child's clothes are needed not only to protect themselves from the cold and cover up the shame, but also in order to express themselves with it. And if you impose your tastes and preferences on your child, it will not lead to anything good - only the number of scandals will increase many times. So it's better to take care of this issue now, and not when the problem becomes urgent. fashion teenage

Self-expression with the help of clothes

In adolescence, the child isrevaluation of values ​​and he tries to "find" himself in society. Of course, primarily in adolescence. To date, there are a huge number of different youth movements, each of which assumes a certain style in clothing. And most often the child chooses any of these trends and, of course, gives preference to the appropriate clothes. And what is most interesting is that there can be no question of any constancy in adolescence. A child can change his hobbies much faster than you will get used to his previous appearance. Now he is a dark emo, and tomorrow he does not like a soul in the style of a hippie: it is simply impossible to predict what will come to your child's head in advance. And some adolescents also tend to stand out from the crowd - their image can sometimes be just shocking. Moreover, the original modern fashion for teenagers gives the child a huge space for creativity. fashion for teenagers

The most fashionable teen clothing styles

First of all, youth clothing styles are linkedwith the way of life of a teenager, his views and beliefs. There are many similar styles, but let's consider the most fashionable ones to date. If parents know them, surely fashion for teenagers will not cause a violent wave of protest.

  • Style trash

The trash style is the complete absence of restrictions andstandards, irony in relation to society and the desire to stand out. The teenager dresses in a way that looks vulgar and simultaneously shocking. As a rule, he succeeds in this - it's these teenagers that cause the parents' anger, the indignation of the teachers and the whispering of the grandmothers at the entrance. Parents will need a certain amount of patience and patience to wait until the child passes this period. And the most wise mothers do not scold their children, but help him pick up the right things, slightly adjusting the image as a whole.

  • Hipster style

Hipsters are a subculture consisting ofteenagers who like to have fun, wear bright things, take pictures and spend aimlessly. The essence of the style is to copy the street fashion of European megacities. These are stylish jeans or leggings, bright sneakers, big glasses, all sorts of t-shirts featuring bands and checkered shirts.

  • Style kawai

It's an art to stay a child as much as possible.longer. It is more inherent in girls and is expressed in the uniqueness of the image, special splendor and enchantment. In order to match this style, you need to have exclusive things sewn on your own sketch or supplemented with original accessories. In clothes should be present: a pair of shoes (preferably of different colors), a short skirt with a lavish povyubnikom; multi-colored sweaters, decorated with unusual accessories and badges, lace gloves, pantaloons and other details. You can also make up your nails, each finger in different colors, and take a small plush handbag in the form of a little animal. As a rule, it is this teenage fashion that evokes the emotions and smiles of surrounding adults. But parents should be ready for tangible waste - now such things are not so cheap. Now there is a huge number of youth styles, such as: school, sports, military, rock style, Hip hop, Androgin, Lolita, Fruits and many others - fashion for teenagers is very diverse. We advise you to read: