first time to gynecologist Did your little girl grow up yesterday? Together with the transformation of a girl into a woman comes a series of new concerns. One such is the first visit to a gynecologist. The first visit to the gynecologist very often greatly influences the way in which the relationship between a woman and gynecologists will develop in the future. Of course, that very much depends on the doctor himself - the gynecologist, on his attitude towards the girl. However, very much depends on my mother too - after all, she should properly prepare the daughter and tell her about all the features of a woman's gynecological examination. Very often a girl tries to avoid the visit of a gynecologist by hook or by crook, arranging terrible hysterics. Very many girls do not want to look around for the first time at a gynecologist, online consultations are deemed more acceptable. As a rule, a similar feeling of protest arises in two cases:

  • Fear and embarrassment A girl can give upvisit a gynecologist if she is afraid of medical manipulation or embarrassment. Mom should describe in detail to her daughter everything that will happen to her on a medical examination with a gynecologist. It is very important to inform the daughter that gynecological examinations are necessary to maintain women's health and that all women visit the gynecologist from time to time.
  • Early onset of sexual activity Another oftenthe meeting reason for the refusal of a girl to see a gynecologist is the fear that parents will find out that she is having sex. The main mistake of many parents is to underestimate the age of their daughter. The realities of modern life are such that very many teenagers begin to have sex very early - at 15-16 years. And nothing can be done about it. Calmly tell your daughter that you will understand her in any case, and neither punishing nor scolding her will not.
  • And really - try to pull yourself togetherand cope with emotions. No shouting and punishment virginity daughter you will not return. But it's very likely to spoil relations. It is better to use an excuse and talk with your daughter about personal safety and remedies. This article answers the most frequently encountered questions. And if your relationship with your daughter is for some reason not available to frank conversations, you can always give it to her to read this material, from which she will receive answers to questions of interest to her.

    When should the first inspection be?

    Any mother should closely monitor the development of the girl and her health. There are certain stages in the normal process of growing up a girl:

    • Approximately in 8 - 12 years the girl has the first minor discharge from the genital organs - the mother can notice their traces on her daughter's underwear.
    • Approximately in 9 - 11 years there is a pilosis of sexual organs, and armpits - in 11 - 15 years.
    • The first menstruation should normally appear between 11 and 15 years.

    In the event that the development of the daughter is notcorresponds to the age range, or else her mother is concerned about her daughter's condition, she should seek help from a pediatric gynecologist. Ideally, if the girl is not bothered by any problems in the intimate sphere, the first visit to the doctor - gynecologist occurs at about 18 years old, or several months before the onset of the planned sexual life. However, recently there has been a tendency for gynecological examinations to be included in planned schooling at senior high school students. The girl's parents should remember that they have every right to refuse to see the gynecologist. Remember also that if a girl has already reached sexual maturity, the days of visiting a doctor also have value - it is most advisable to visit a gynecologist several days after the end of menstruation, or a week before the beginning. It is unreasonable to go to the doctor during menstruation. Of course, this only applies to preventive examinations. In the same case, if the girl is worried about something - severe pain, too much bleeding or bleeding that is not associated with the menstrual cycle - it is necessary to see a doctor - gynecologist as soon as possible. However, there are a number of cases in which an appeal to a gynecologist is necessary long before the age of 18. Such cases include:

    • The early onset of menstruation - before 9 years, or too late - its absence after 15 years.
    • Irregular menstrual cycle throughout the year.
    • Abundant menstruation, or too painful.
    • Unusual vaginal discharge, itching and redness of the genitals.
    • Pain sensations in the lower abdomen.

    Choosing a gynecologist

    To choose a good gynecologist is a very important andresponsible task facing the mother of the girl. A doctor should have several important qualities. First, the doctor must be experienced and competent. After all, the doctor has to evaluate the development of the reproductive function of the girl, determine whether she has any inflammatory processes of the genital organs, or infectious diseases. In addition, the gynecologist should be ready to answer all questions of the girl concerning various kinds of contraception, help to choose suitable for it in the event that the girl already conducts a sexual life. If the girl is still a virgin, a good doctor-gynecologist is able to talk very tactfully about the harm of the early onset of sexual life, without hurting the feelings and dignity of the girl, and without creating the impression that he is reading her lectures, because in adolescents the so-called spirit of contradiction is very strong. Strictly speaking, very much depends on the personal qualities of the doctor: he must be delicate, in no case should he humiliate a girl in any way - neither by a rough examination, nor by oblique glance, or by accidentally dropped word. It is desirable that the doctor was aware of the fact that the girl first time with a gynecologist. Mom can talk to the doctor in advance. It is not necessary to choose the first time for the daughter of a doctor - a gynecologist of a man. Even adult women often refuse to visit a doctor - a man, experiencing an irresistible feeling of embarrassment and even shame. And what can we say about a teenage girl? By the way, do not forget to tell your daughter that she can at any time refuse to inspect this or that specialist, if something scared her or embarrassed her in the office.

    Support Group

    Talk to your daughter - she wants to go toreception to the doctor - the gynecologist one, or you better go with her. And going to the doctor, together with his teenage daughter does not mean at all that you will also go to the office together. As a rule, waiting in the queue for the mentality of a teenage girl turns out to be much more difficult than a visit to a doctor. Perhaps your daughter will refuse your escort. Do not take offense at it and even more insist on a joint campaign. You can quarrel with your daughter, and going to the doctor will turn into a real test of the nervous system for strength - both yours and your daughter's. And this tension and the negative associated with the gynecologist's campaign will remain with the girl for the rest of her life, although eventually she can completely forget about the reason, these emotions caused. Perhaps for a teenage girl it will be much easier to go to a doctor with an adult sister or girlfriend? Leave the right of choice for her. Believe me, the girl is bound to appreciate the right of choice given to her, and, ultimately, will be grateful to you for respecting her choice. But in the case of a young girl under the age of 12, the gynecologist should be examined only in the presence of the mother. After all, the girl is still too young to adequately respond to medical manipulations and all the more in detail to answer all questions of the doctor - gynecologist. And for the first time, as a rule, there are quite a lot of questions. first time with a gynecologist

    What can you expect from your first visit to a gynecologist?

    In the event that a girl comes to a gynecologistprepared properly, she will feel much more confident. Of course, not every mother remembers what he was - the first visit to a female doctor. This will be described in more detail below:

    • Gynecological set

    Prepay and take with youdaughter of a disposable gynecological set. These kits are sold in any pharmacy. Otherwise, the girl risks at the last moment frantically looking for this set, or do not go to bed with a naked chair. To the great regret, the financing of the state polyclinics is such that gynecologists even have disposable gloves not always. If the girl is examined in a paid clinic, such a problem is irrelevant.

    • Clean socks

    Do not forget about such details as clean socks. For what they are necessary, to tell, probably, does not make sense - this is so obvious.

    • clothing

    Make sure that the girl is dressedsuitable comfortable clothes. The best option is a free skirt, which is easy enough to lift. At the same time, the girl will not have to be embarrassed by the fact that she will have to go through the doctor's office undressed from the bottom. Do not wear pants, as they take off long enough.

    • Personal hygiene

    Very many women, going to the reception togynecologist, excessively addicted to personal hygiene. Of course, this is a very important point - the girl should carefully wash herself and put on clean clothes. However, in no case is it inadmissible to douche or use special means for intimate hygiene. During any visit to the doctor the gynecologist will take a swab for analysis. And syringing and hygiene products can greatly distort the true results.

    • Visiting the toilet

    Tell the girl about the need to go totoilet before you go to the doctor's office. In the event that the bladder and intestines of the girl are filled, during the examination, she can experience a lot of unpleasant sensations. And the inspection itself is much more difficult and takes much longer.

    • Menstruation

    Any doctor - gynecologist is sure to ask yougirls about when she had the last menstruation. And the girl should name not only month, but also the exact number, when her last menstruation began. By the way, my mother should show the girl how to conduct a special calendar, in which critical days are marked. For adolescent girls, this information is especially relevant, since their menstrual cycle is usually extremely irregular.

    What happens at a gynecologist's appointment?

    So, about how to prepare a girlto go to the doctor, you already know. Now it's time to talk about what happens during the visit to the doctor. Possessing this information and knowing what to expect, the girl will feel less fear. At the beginning of the appointment the doctor will ask the girl in detail about when she had the last menstruation, whether she is having sex life, whether she has any complaints. Explain to your daughter that she should answer all the questions of the doctor with the utmost honest - the doctor does not give an assessment of the moral qualities of her patients, he takes care of their health, nothing more. A girl can ask her doctor any question of her own, without fear that the doctor will find it bad, "spoiled" or stupid. The next stage of a gynecological examination involves examining the mammary glands. The doctor will touch the girl's mammary glands to find out. Does she have any neoplasms or seals. Many doctors - gynecologists explain to the girls how she can check her breast herself. This skill is very valuable, since mastopathy sometimes occurs in very young girls aged 14 to 16 years. After that, the doctor will conduct an examination on the gynecological chair. If the girl does not have sex life, the doctor will first perform an external examination of the genitals to find out if there are any pathologies of their development. Then follows the sequence of examination with the help of mirrors. Do not be intimidated by such an inspection, since it does not damage the hymen. Some gynecologists prefer to do without examination with mirrors. They conduct an examination through the anus of the girl - they inject a finger there and feel the ovaries and the uterus, excluding tumors. This procedure is completely painless, except that a little unpleasant. In the event that the girl is already having sex, a so-called two-hand examination will be held. In the vagina of the girl, the doctor enters two fingers, and the other hand carefully probes the stomach. This is necessary for examination of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Some doctors prefer an alternative to such an examination - ultrasound. Of course, the first time to go to a gynecologist go scary for any girl. However, Mom and herself should not panic, since her fear will certainly be passed on to her daughter. And although it is not pleasant to call it, the examination is completely painless and takes only a few minutes. And even more so you can not ignore the need to visit this doctor - women's health is very unpredictable. And it is much better to notice the problem in time than to struggle with its consequences. We advise you to read: