sunburn in the solarium Bronze, chocolate, golden, peach ...Sunburn has long been an integral part of the image of a healthy, beautiful, happy and contented person. Of course, to save a whole year tan, acquired under the generous rays of the summer sun, it is impossible. And so you want! Therefore, we go to the beauty salon and extend the life of our serene, enthusiastic tanning in the solarium. What a word! Space. Yes, and the unit, which gives us the opportunity to swim in the ultraviolet year-round, is more like a scenery for a fantastic film or equipment of the Star City. But let's, as they say, closer to the topic. By the way, tanning in a solarium is the only way to prepare your skin before going to warm countries for those who quickly burn in the sun. And this, in turn, allows you to calmly spend a vacation on the sea without the panic fear of losing attractiveness under the aggressive South Sea sun, without the temperature and lotions on the burned areas of the skin. But is this the only benefit of the solarium and in general, what are the positive and negative aspects of this method of tanning? Let's figure it out.

Benefits of a solarium

In favor of tanning in a solarium, you can bring a lot ofarguments, which, of course, flatter the lovers of the artificial sun. First, you tan (you want - like a chocolate, you want - only to light golden), you will like not only yourself, but others (perhaps, but not fact!). But this is only so - in defense of the chosen image. And if more seriously, then:

  • Ultraviolet lamps in the solarium are balancedIsolate the supply of rays A and B, completely eliminating the presence of gamma rays C, which have a harmful effect on skin cells. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about possible skin diseases and neoplasms, provided there is an infrequent visit to the solarium and only a moderate sunburn.
  • Radiation B activates the production of vitamin D3,which is responsible for the normalization of the phosphorus-calcium metabolism of the human body, which helps strengthen muscles and bone tissue, suppress the growth of cancer cells, increase mental and physical performance, improve mood and fight depression.
  • Ultraviolet A radiation exerts abeneficial effect on people who already have skin diseases, such as acne, psoriasis, fungal lesions. But do not forget that in these cases, a doctor's consultation is necessary before visiting the solarium. Also, a visit to the solarium is recommended for people with respiratory diseases, but, again, after consulting a doctor.
  • Under the influence of sunlight and after sunburnin the solarium cells of the human body begin to release endorphins - hormones of happiness and joy. Therefore, after a tanning session a person is in exactly this state - peace, complacency and contentment with life. Also, ultraviolet rays contribute to the strengthening of immunity, which is especially important in the period of all sorts of ARI, acute respiratory infections and common colds.
  • beautiful tan in a solarium

    The harm of the solarium

    It would be unfair to note all the positiveside tanning in the solarium and nothing to say about the potential dangers of such procedures. But every medal, as you know, has two sides. So the reverse side of this medal. Sunburn (darkening of the skin under the sun's rays) is nothing but a protective skin reaction to these very rays. And if the skin is protected, then it's not so good for her and under the sun. But it's bad for her only from aggressive UV rays. And if under the "living" sun we can afford to luxuriate longer, then with a solarium such a number does not work. The solarium is not a pleasure, but a procedure. Therefore, to perceive a visit to a solarium should be so. It is harmful to abuse the artificial sun. Too frequent visits to the solarium worsen the condition of the skin, making it flabby and dry and accelerating the aging process. In addition, there is a risk of developing and developing skin cancer caused by a weakening ability of the skin to produce a protective pigment melanin. In addition to the possible harm to health, the artificial sun is simply contraindicated to many people, and under certain conditions is strongly discouraged. So, for example, you should not sunbathe in a tanning salon or you need to reduce the number of these procedures to a minimum if:

    • your skin refers to the first or second phototype: it is very light, and under the sun does not acquire a brown tinge, but a red or pink color;
    • on your body a large number of moles or pigment spots;
    • you suffer from a chronic illness in the acute stage with seasonal colds;
    • you have one of the listed ailments: asthma, oncology, hypertension, heart disease, gynecological disease;
    • you recently suffered any plastic surgery;
    • you have critical days.

    In addition to health restrictions, pay attention toon the technical side of the solarium you visit, which can affect the quality of the procedure. So, for example, the more expensive the equipment used in a solarium, the less harm it can do to your health. The more often disinfection is done in the solarium, the safer it is to take sunbaths in it. And still be sure to comply with hygiene requirements, such as: the use of sunglasses, protective pads for nipples, special cosmetics for sunbathing in the solarium. even tan in the solarium

    Cosmetics for sunbeds

    To get a tan in a solarium, cosmetics manufacturers produce several lines of funds:

    • cream for beginners - to get a basic tan;
    • a tanning enhancer for those who already have a tan;
    • cream for a more resistant tan - maximizer;
    • prolongators - means that fix the sunburn obtained in the solarium and take care of the skin after sunburn;

    Cosmetic products for tanning in the solarium intheir composition does not contain solar filters. But it should be remembered that the main disadvantage of sunburn is dryness, because of which irritation and skin peeling develops. Therefore, creams and tanning lotions contain supplements that nourish and moisturize the skin. Also, the composition of cosmetics includes antioxidants, which prevent damage to the skin by ozone and free radicals formed in the atmosphere of the solarium under the influence of ultraviolet. And always, before using cosmetics for sunburn, check yourself for a possible allergic reaction. Between the natural tan and sunburn in the solarium there are no fundamental differences. The process of skin pigmentation develops in exactly the same way. It does not matter whether you are sunbathing in a solarium or on the beach, in either case the result will be one - a natural process of skin tanning. Sunburn from a sun deck keeps as much, how many the sunburn received by a natural way. So, without contra-indications and limitations, feel free to use this product of technical progress. Remain beautiful always and against all odds! We advise you to read: