essential oils from stretch marks Perhaps you can not think of a more responsibleperiod in a woman's life than pregnancy and childbirth. The future mother is immersed in the joy of motherhood, and all events in her life begin to be automatically divided into "before" the birth of the baby and "after". However, bearing a child does not always bring only joy. Sharp weight gain sometimes leads to the appearance of stretch marks on the body of a woman. And if the extra pounds a young mother can throw off with the help of physical exercises and food restrictions, then it is not easy to get rid of stretch marks. They are like uninvited guests - they come when you do not expect, and it seems that they are not going to leave. But we're not going to give up, are we? And we will fight for the beauty of our body to the last? Moreover, as weapons are known. These are essential oils. They help to prevent the appearance of striae and get rid of existing stretch marks. So, be patient. We go to the mysterious world of aromatherapy to find out what essential oils from stretch marks relieve. But first let's look at the very essence of the problem: why strias nevertheless arise, and what way of life it is necessary to lead so that treacherous strips on the body do not appear.

Stretching: we study the pedigree

Stretching, and in the medical world - stria,appear due to a sharp set of weight. Usually it happens during pregnancy or after a sharp weight loss (here it is - the destructive effect of diets!). But it's not the drastic weight loss that is to blame for it, but the lack of elastin and collagen in the body. That is, the skin simply does not have time to react to changes in indications on the floor scales, and tears appear on it. The skin becomes thinner, and on the place of its defeat there are dark purple stripes. Over time, the natural regeneration process makes stretch marks lighter, but not everyone can completely get rid of the striae. Moreover - the damaged parts of the body due to lack of pigment are absolutely not subject to sunburn. That is, if you want to hide unpleasant stretch marks, lying around for a couple of days on the beach, you have to disappoint: it will not work. The striae will remain the same color as before. Moreover - you will enhance the contrast between the main parts of the body and those that have been stretched. Many after finding the body strips begin to run around the doctors with questions about how harmful it is. We rush to reassure you, striae do not affect human health. Is it only a psychological state, since it is not enough for a woman to see in the mirror instead of a slender, tightened body a skin with many deep strips of a lilac shade. Add to this postnatal depression, and you will understand how difficult it is for a young mother to reconcile herself with the changes that pregnancy brought with her. essential oils against stretch marks

Essential oils from stretch marks: prevent the appearance of

Agree that any problem is easierTo prevent, than long to search for methods of its decision. Therefore, if you do not want to become a holder of fresh stretch marks after birth, you need to carry out a number of preventive procedures during pregnancy, which will also help to significantly strengthen the nerves. And the whole point is that essential oils help people to remove irritation after a hard working day, normalize blood pressure and ... get rid of the appearance of stretch marks. So, be patient and start the procedure!

  • Carrot

Medium-sized carrots wash, brush,grate it. After this, pour the grated mass with boiled water at room temperature so that the liquid slightly covers our carrots. Leave the mixture for fifteen minutes, then squeeze the carrot weight and discard. Add 5-6 drops of almond oil to the remaining water. Let it brew. The medical composition is ready, you can wipe the resulting solution with so-called "risk zones" - stomach, chest, legs, buttocks. In a word, all those parts of the body on which stretch marks usually appear.

  • Almond

To get this tincture, you need a tablespoon of almond oil and three drops of orange tree oil and geranium. Mix all the ingredients and rub the resulting mixture before going to bed.

We treat fresh streamers

Let's say that you patiently wore prenatalbandage and even did massage against stretch marks, as the doctor ordered. But the naughty white strips still appear. How to be? First, do not panic. All problems can be solved if desired. And to cure fresh striae, according to doctors, is much easier than it seems at first glance. And all thanks to natural essential oils and an unlimited desire to preserve the beauty of the body.

  • Do you still have almond oil? Perfectly. Mix a teaspoon of this etheric miracle with eight drops of rosemary. The tincture is ready. Pleasant wiping!
  • Again, almond oil, taken as a basis. 10 drops. In a duet with him act 5 drops of essential oil of lavender. According to doctors, it is this mixture that neutralizes fresh striae before delivery. Happy healing!
  • If you are allergic to almond oil, orjust wanted a variety, offer another recipe. This time, we need 5 drops of rosehip seed oil and two drops of mandarin and neroli. The resulting infusion should be rubbed into problem areas daily.
  • If you like calming smells, you should try the following tincture: mix two drops of incense, neroli and lavender. By this means you will cure not only stretch marks, but also nerves.
  • essential oils against stria

    Old strias: to put up or say good-bye?

    Even if your stretch marks are old as the world, do notconsider them part of your life. And all the more you do not need to think that now an indoor swimsuit is all that threatens you on the beach. The old strias are curable. Do not believe me? And you try the essential oils against stretch marks, and if your problem is not solved completely, it will become less acute. That is, the skin in the damaged areas will gradually begin to tighten, and the striae themselves will be less noticeable. However, this method has one drawback - time. You will need at least a year to make the strips become less noticeable, and you yourself started with great optimism to look at yourself in the shower. Shall we try?

  • We take as basis 50 ml of wheat germ oil. Add to it two drops of lavender, neroli and mandarin oil. We use it once a week as a massage oil. Here it should be noted that a standard massage in the fight against stria is not suitable. Intensive massaging movements are able to stretch the skin even more at the lesions and cause the appearance of new stretch marks. Therefore, use the so-called "pinch massage": apply oil to the fingertips and lightly pinch into the affected areas. Remainder of essential oils remove with a paper towel. Do not worry about the fact that the product did not have time to absorb. Your skin from the first minutes of the massage had time to be saturated with medical infusion, and what remained on the surface is surplus.
  • No less effective is the aromaticbath. Type water, add sea salt to it and a couple drops of camomile and lavender oil. Only lying in hot water should not five minutes (if suddenly the household will start knocking on the bathroom door), but at least an hour. Therefore, either warn your family in advance that you will become a mermaid for a while, or take water procedures when everyone is asleep.
  • Daily rubbing of aromatic mixtures, according tothe opinion of eyewitnesses, also work miracles. For the preparation of medicinal infusion, we need nine tablespoons of olive oil, 15 drops of essential oil of rose and one tablespoon of wheat germ oil. As you can see, all the ingredients are quite accessible and simple.
  • If you have an hour and a half left, and yousure that nothing and no one will disturb your peace, you can make an aromatic wrap. We can offer two variants of oil for wrapping. In the first case, the therapeutic mud is taken as a basis and 2 drops of lavender essential oil and one drop of lemon oil and neroli are added to it. In the second variant the basis of the wrapping will be therapeutic algae, in which it is necessary to add three drops of essential oil of neroli. Of course, it is best to carry out this procedure in the cabin under the supervision of a cosmetologist. However, if you do not have the time or opportunity, just apply the ethereal mixture on a normal food film, wrap it with the affected areas and leave to act for half an hour. Take care not to burn the skin. Do you feel a strong tingling sensation? Then it is better to stop the procedure.
  • If all the proposed methods have been tried,but the result is not observed, make a special compress with essential oils. It is believed that this method of treatment is more effective than conventional rubbing. To do this, mix two drops of rose oil and one drop of Neroli oil and petite grains. The resulting mixture is dissolved in a glass of warm boiled water. Now take a gauze cut, moisten it in our aromatic tincture and apply to affected areas of the body for 30-40 minutes. Just do not wait for an instant result. In order for striae to become less noticeable, the procedure must be repeated at least three times a day.
  • A few tips on using essential oils

    Each treatment has its own contraindications andwarnings. Of course essential oils - a natural thing, but you need to be more careful with them. First, before you rub the tincture into the body, make sure that you do not have allergies to the selected ingredients. Secondly, perform the procedure not in a close bathroom, but in a ventilated bedroom, because essential oils have rich aromas, and a pregnant woman - high sensitivity to smells. Feel the connection? The third advice is the competent purchase of oils. Do not buy this product from your hands or in subways. These essential oils are sold in pharmacies. Of course, there is a chance that a bearded uncle with a stool-stool from an escalator will sell you a natural rose oil. And if not? Then we can only hope that the bottle will have tinted water, and not some poisonous substance. The last advice would be to give those women who have long and unsuccessfully been trying to get rid of stretch marks. Do not despair. Look at your problem from the other side. And whenever you change clothes, remember not about lost beauty, but about your beloved children who were given life. Are their smiles and glowing eyes not worth all of your stretch marks? Especially because for your family, you are already the most beautiful mother in the world. Believe me! We advise you to read: