home cosmetics recipes Modern shops offer a hugeassortment of various cosmetics. However, not all of them differ in quality, and they are often very expensive. An excellent alternative to shop cosmetics can be facial and body care products made by yourself. Observing certain rules and knowing a few simple recommendations, you can do everything yourself: with soap, and face cream, even mascara and lipstick. To create quality cosmetics home recipes are a clear help. Let's get acquainted with some of them.

Where does the preparation of cosmetics begin at home?

First of all, it is necessary to know what objectsIt is worth getting before you start making cosmetic products. The most important thing is to choose the right dishes. Plastic containers are strictly prohibited. When heated, the material from which such utensils are made releases harmful toxic substances. In addition, the plastic may burst or even explode in the microwave oven. Metal dishes also do not fit. When in contact with certain components, such as honey, such containers also release harmful substances. To make home cosmetics, use clay or ceramic dishes, and mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon. For some cosmetics, for example, for soap, you will need containers, the shape and size of which you can choose to your liking. Jars and bottles for ready-made cosmetics are best purchased in a specialized store. In some recipes, you need to accurately measure the components for mixing. Therefore it is necessary to purchase scales, preferably electronic. Some models even show weight not only in grams, but also in ounces, which can be useful for making soap. To create different types of cosmetics you need a basic set of ingredients. This soap base, fruits and vegetables, various plants, all kinds of essential oils, flavors and food colors, sometimes soda, citric acid and alkali. quality cosmetics home recipes

How to cook scented soap?

Soap is one of the cosmetic products thatcan be cooked at home. There are 2 ways of soap making: "from scratch" and using the soap base, which is purchased in the store. If you can not find this component in your city, you can easily buy it in a specialized online store. As a basis, you can use baby soap without flavors. Soap making "from scratch" - the process is quite complex and time-consuming. To obtain a cosmetic agent, it is necessary to achieve a certain chemical reaction between alkali and fatty acids, which is called "saponification." Prepare soap from the finished base is much easier and more convenient. And in quality, it will almost not be inferior to that which is welded independently from scratch. So, let us dwell in more detail on the preparation of soap from a special base. Soap base, grate on a large grater and melt in a water bath. You can also use a microwave oven for this. Then, in the melted mass, basic and essential oils are added, if desired, dyes. If you want to use perfume, do not add essential oil. You can make a multi-colored soap of any shape and even with a pattern. Sbryznite previously prepared molds with alcohol, pour out the finished mass. Leave until completely hardened for 3-4 hours, or better for the whole night. Store the finished soap wrapped in food film to avoid the appearance of bubbles of moisture. It is better not to use soap immediately, but leave it to "lie down" for two weeks. In the process of aging, the necessary acid-base balance is established in it. Soap with the mojito fragrance Such a soap will appeal to those who are attracted by the feeling of coolness. It excellently invigorates and tones. For its preparation in 100 grams of base is added 2 crystals of menthol, 1 teaspoon of almond oil, 2 drops of essential oils of lime and mint. For color and decor, you can pour a pinch of brown sugar and dried lemon zest. Flower soap This soap is very bright and fragrant. For 100 grams of the base take 5 grams of grape seed oil, 2 drops of food coloring yellow. As a flavor will serve 7 drops of essential oil of jasmine, and for decoration add the dried flowers of this plant. Coffee soap This cosmetic means will give a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Mix 100 grams of a soap base with palm and coconut oil (7 grams each), add 25 grams of grated cocoa, 15 grams of coffee beans and "Cappuccino" flavor. pleasant cosmetics home recipes

How is the fun bath bomb prepared?

Bath Geyser: what you need to know? Self-prepared at home can also be a so-called bath bomb, or geyser. This is a very interesting and fun cosmetic, which will be enjoyed by both adults and children. When in contact with water, the bombs create an exciting spectacle: they start splashing with water, making a pleasant aroma. The main components of bath geysers are soda and citric acid. They are taken in the ratio 2: 1. Grind the citric acid with a coffee grinder. Do it carefully. Acid is a very corrosive substance. It should not get into the respiratory tract. Do the same with sea salt. Soda, citric acid and salt mix thoroughly, add essential oils for flavor and dyes, as well as all kinds of jewelry. Pour 1 teaspoon of water or alcohol. The mixture begins to hiss. Continue stirring again to extinguish the reaction. The finished mass should be similar to slightly moist sand. Distribute the mass of the molds and leave in a warm sunny place for at least 6 hours. Chocolate geyser Such a bomb will appeal to lovers of sweets. At 64 grams of soda, take 32 grams of citric acid, sea salt and milk powder. Add 20 grams of grated cocoa and flavor "Cherry in chocolate." Following the above recommendations, prepare a geyser. Geyser "Rose" Very cheerful and fragrant bomb. Mix 64 grams of soda, 32 grams of citric acid, sea salt and milk powder. For flavor, add 10 drops of essential oil of rosewood, for color - red food coloring, and for decoration - decorative roses.

Decorative cosmetics with your own hands: with the benefit of your beauty

Few people know that on their own in the homeyou can even make decorative cosmetics. Ingredients for this purpose are not always easy to find, but different online stores come to the rescue again. So, get a flower or beeswax. It is based on the preparation of lipsticks, eye shadow, lip gloss. The wax has a pleasant smell and a beneficial effect on the skin condition. For the preparation of powder and foundation, for example, thickeners will be needed. It is best to use xanthan for this purpose. It is absolutely harmless and even forms part of some medical components. Also, to create a powder and foundation, get mineral bases. They differ in color and properties. Choose a base for a tone lighter than the shade that you want to get in the end. Pearls and pigments are important components of some types of decorative cosmetics. They come in different colors, so you can choose the right one for you. Transparent lipstick Composition: 1 teaspoon of beeswax, a few drops of grape seed oil and wheat germ, half a teaspoon of castor oil, 1 teaspoon of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, 4 teaspoons of mica. Wax finely chopped or grated, melt in a water bath or in a microwave at low power. In the liquid mass, pour in grape seed oil or wheat germ oil and castor oil. Add pigments (titanium dioxide and mica). Ready mixture to bring to a thickening on a quiet fire and pour into the mold. Mascara Mascara, made in cosmetics factories, includes lead. This is a very harmful and heavy chemical element. We will use harmless components. For half a teaspoon of resin and wax, melt in a water bath, add half a teaspoon of flower oil and 1 teaspoon of nut black or black pigment. Close the mixture and leave to cool. Before use in such mascara it will be necessary to add a few drops of water and apply a special brush on the eyelashes. Powder To create a powder in equal amounts, mix the rice powder or mineral base and the pigment of a suitable color. The basis choose depending on the skin type and according to what result you want to get. It can be moisturizing, matting or protecting from UV rays powder. Tonal base Buy any light cream in the store. It is better to take a child, since it is most harmless. In 1 tablespoon of the cream, add 2 tablespoons of cooked powder and aroma oil. Mix with a mini mixer until smooth. Eye shadow Make eye shadow at home quite easily. It is only necessary to choose quality natural ingredients. Take 2 teaspoons of talcum, half a teaspoon of rice powder, 2 teaspoons of pearlescent natural pigment. If the mass is too liquid, add a little flower wax. There is still a huge number of various prescriptions for making cosmetics. Do not be lazy to spend a little time and create for yourself a favorite quality care products for face and body. Perhaps making cosmetics will be an interesting hobby for you. You can rejoice with their own soap, creams, masks, lipstick and mascara, not only themselves, but also their loved ones. After all, natural cosmetics made at home, it's also a wonderful, exclusive gift.