hair on the face of women Once upon a time, long ago, the hair was protectedman from the wind and cold. As time went. The man picked up a stone, then made the first ax, and a little later - the first needle and learned to sew clothes that began to protect him from the vagaries of the weather. Therefore, the vegetation on his body began to gradually thin out. Well, at least, that's what is claimed in school textbooks. Be that as it may, today excessive "hairiness" is not in vogue. Especially when it comes to women. Maybe, of course, someone will consider that a mustache on a woman's face is a piquant, but most are unlikely to appreciate such a decoration. As a rule, women, faced with this problem, seriously think about how to solve it. Today it is much easier to do this than 10-15 years ago. Modern cosmetology offers a lot of ways to remove hair from the upper lip - photoepilation, electrolysis, laser hair removal of antennae - choose any. Well, those who do not want to spend time and money on hikes to a cosmetologist can do it themselves at home. However, let's start in order. First you need to understand why this is happening at all. There are several main reasons why hair appears on the face of women:

  • Heredity;
  • Overabundance of male hormones in the body;
  • Recently suffered stress, shock;
  • Long-term use of hormonal drugs;
  • Increase the amount of hair on the face and during pregnancy;
  • Menopause.

And natural brunettes and womeneastern type is much more difficult than blondes - the hair on their face is more visible. In any case, before you do depilation of the mustache, be sure to consult a doctor. Perhaps this problem is not only cosmetic in nature and everything is much more serious than you think. If the health is okay - choose your "own" method.

Salon methods

You can get rid of unnecessary vegetation insalon. There are several ways. One of the most modern is laser hair removal. This is a practically painless method. Tune in to what the cosmetologist's office will have to visit at least 6-7 times. In general, this method is very good. True, there is a drawback - this procedure will suit, rather, brunettes. When exposed to light hair, the laser produces a much smaller effect. And yet - the ray burns not only hair, but also the pigment. Therefore, if you have a swarthy skin, then there is a danger that it will not only irritate, but also light spots. It is possible to get rid of bored mustaches and with the help of electrolysis. This is one of the most effective methods to date. True, it is still necessary to find an experienced cosmetologist. Otherwise, after electrolysis, scars and burns may remain. The procedure is based on the action of weak discharges of electric current, which gradually destroy the hair follicle. The process is long, painstaking and rather painful. Pleasure is not cheap. In addition, one session will not be enough. Focus on five to six procedures. Another method is photoepilation. This method is considered the least traumatic. Suitable for hair of any color. Photoepilation of the upper lip will also have to be repeated several times. Gradually, the hair follicles will collapse, and you will forever get rid of this "mistake of nature". Recently, another very original way of removing hair over the upper lip began to gain popularity. However, it is exotic only for Europeans - residents of eastern countries have successfully applied it for several centuries. Hair is removed with a special roller of cotton threads. During the procedure, the antennae are wound on the roller and simply pulled out. It is worth this procedure in the shops is inexpensive, and time does not take much. As a rule, a mild irritation that occurs immediately after the session, lasts for 10-15 minutes. Well, if all this is not for you, then try to cope with the problem at home. There are several options, too. facial hair removal

Shaving and plucking

Perhaps the easiest way to remove the mustache inhome conditions - this is shaving. In the end - do it men! The advantages of this method are simplicity and accessibility. A huge disadvantage is that the hair grows after a lapse of one or two days, and it becomes even longer and thicker. In addition, after shaving, on the delicate skin of the face almost inevitably there will be irritation. So, I think that it is better to leave this method to a strong sex - let it remain their prerogative. No less famous, but more "female" method of combating excess vegetation over the upper lip, which can easily be used at home, is considered plucking. It can also be easily used at home. The problem is still the same - the hair after plucking speeds up its growth, becoming thicker and longer. Perhaps, the best way to remove the mustache is for those women who have a small number of "extra" hairs on their face and are not too close to each other. The advantages of the method can be attributed to the fact that the procedure will have to be done somewhat less often - about two or three times a week. And irritation on the face after these manipulations usually does not arise.

Wax and sugar hair removal

Another popular way to fight hair overupper lip - wax epilation. It is much more effective than the first two, since the hair is removed along with the bulb, which significantly slows down its subsequent growth. In addition, in the future, the hairs become lighter and thinner. Waxing can be done both in the salon and at home. If you are using wax for the first time, you should consult the sellers of cosmetic shops and purchase special plates or tablets, as well as epilation paper and a spatula. Before beginning waxing, cleanse the skin. Do not apply any creams or oils. Melt the wax in a microwave or in a water bath. He must evenly lie on the paper. The finished compound is applied to a small patch of skin, cover with paper, allow it to solidify and remove, sharply pulling against the growth of hair. After completing the procedure, you need to apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream on your face. Wipe the skin with lotion is not recommended. If the face has small wounds and damage, waxing should be postponed. Also, do not resort to this method if you have birthmarks or warts. As a result of hair waxing, hair does not grow for about one month. Sugar epilation is, perhaps, one of the cheapest way to get rid of unwanted hair over the upper lip at home. Its value is equal to the cost of sugar and lemon. Prepare the pasta. To do this, take a small saucepan with a thick bottom and put into it ten large spoons of sugar. Add one large spoonful of water and juice to half a lemon. Melt on the fire, stirring constantly, until a homogeneous gruel is formed. Allow the sugar to cool slightly to avoid scalding the skin. Using a stick or a special spatula, apply the resulting mass to the problem areas of the face. When the sugar is completely dry, remove it with your hands. After epilation, you should wash your face with warm water and apply a nourishing cream on it. Both methods are very similar and their disadvantages are common:

  • Waxing or sugar can be done only after the hair has reached at least 5 millimeters in length. So, for a while you will have to resemble a mustache.
  • Together with the vegetation, you remove and particles of skin, and this can cause quite strong irritation.
  • Both procedures are rather painful.

hair removal

Epilation cream

Another method of combating hairs above the upperThe lip is a depilation cream. It can easily be found in any cosmetics store. The cream makes the hair removal procedure absolutely painless. It is applied to problem areas for only a few minutes. However, the depilation cream, for a variety of reasons, is considered one of the most ineffective drugs. First, the vegetation above the upper lip can become thicker and tougher. Therefore, if nature has awarded you with dense and noticeable tendrils, then to aggravate the situation using a cream, it is not worth it. Secondly, the cream often causes allergies and irritation. It is not recommended for those who have sensitive skin. Third, the result of this procedure is very short-lived and hair growth does not decrease. However, today there are quite a few special means for slowing hair growth. Under the influence of such preparations, hair begins to thin and lighten, and then completely cease to grow. As you can see, getting rid of excess vegetation is quite possible - there would be a desire. It remains only to choose the appropriate method and apply it in practice. In fact if to the woman something stirs to be beautiful - she will necessarily find how to solve this problem. And the mustache is proudly worn by men. We advise you to read: