how to properly make hair removal Oh, this fashion, insidious, changeable,biased and demanding. And her exactingness is more relevant to women than to men. Well, for example, a man can be covered with "vegetation" - fashion is silent about this. But if a woman has to skip the procedure of epilation, she immediately causes puzzled shrugs and disapproval of disapproval from her friends and loved ones. Excessive hair will not spare anyone: even slender, perfectly even legs lose their charm, amazed by the enemy - in our case by hair. Of course, all of the above is an allegory and artistic exaggeration, but, no doubt, almost no woman can do without hair removal - for sure many people know how to properly make hair removal. What kind of suffering did the strong ladies not tolerate, at least for a time to remove this hateful vegetation! Fortunately, cosmetology and science do not stand still, and a variety of methods have appeared, effective and temporary, painful and barely perceptible. All types of depilation and hair removal (except for depilation with hot wax and enzyme method), even depilation of bikinis at home, are available and easily applicable. First of all, I want to put all the points above i to find out what the difference between "depilation" and "depilation" is. After all, strangely enough, but even today, most women still confuse these two concepts. The difference is that depilation is a procedure, as a result of which the hair follicle is not destroyed - the hair is simply cut off or removed, but grows again. Depilation procedures include shaving, the use of depilatory creams or enzyme preparations that destroy hair with the help of highly active enzymes, wax depilation and the use of depilatories. However, depilation also gives a temporary and not always effective result. Modern methods allow you to radically get rid of unwanted hair: electro- and photoepilation, as well as hair removal with a laser. Epilation allows you to remove hair along with a hair bulb. So complete and absolute victory is achieved - hair growth stops! The choice of the method of hair removal is affected by several factors: the state of health, financial opportunities, habits and even stereotypes. And if you are trying for the first time any method of depilation or hair removal, then be sure to find out everything about it. After all, from your knowledge of how to properly do the epilation, the final result of the procedure depends. Below we will talk about how to do hair removal at home. how to do hair removal

How to do mechanical hair removal?

When mechanical hair removal is removed by direct physical action. There are several common types of such epilation:

  • Shaving machine

This method is known to women for a long time and nothas lost its relevance to this day. It would seem that it could be easier than shaving off hair with a machine tool? However, this method has several significant drawbacks. Firstly, after shaving, there is often a strong skin irritation. Therefore, in no case do not forget to treat the place of epilation with moisturizers. Secondly, the hair begins to grow very quickly - literally the next day the skin will be covered with a "hedgehog". Be prepared for this and keep the razor on hand at all times. And, thirdly, constantly shaved hair becomes much thicker, thicker and, accordingly, more noticeable.

  • Tweezing of hairs with tweezers

Yes, yes, do not be surprised! This method of epilation is very popular with many women. This procedure is very painstaking and rather painful. Therefore, if you chose this type of hair removal, pre-rub the skin with an ice cube - this will reduce the pain. And after the termination of procedure do not forget to process a skin humidifying or wetting cream. The effect of this procedure lasts a little longer than from shaving - 4 to 5 days.

  • Rubbing with pumice stone

The method of removing hair is barbarous enough,but not to mention it is impossible, because it is quite popular. The essence of it is quite simple - the moistened skin is thoroughly rubbed with pumice stone. The effect of this procedure is very weak - the hairs break off, and then not all. But the skin in this case is damaged very much. And as a result, you will be flaunting not smooth, but scaly skin, covered with red spots. If you still still prefer this method of hair removal, then at least treat the skin with moisturizers.

  • Wax

Wax is the second most popular method of removalhair. The essence of it is as follows - melted wax is applied to the hair, and after it freezes, it is removed. Accordingly, together with the hairline. The effect lasts about ten days. This method has one, but very significant drawback - it is very, very painful. In order to reduce pain to a possible minimum, cosmetologists advise how to rub the skin with ice, add the ampoule of novocaine to the wax beforehand, and about 15 minutes before the procedure take a pill of any pain medication. And, of course, after the procedure, treat the skin with a moisturizer. correct epilation

How to properly do chemical hair removal?

If we talk about home conditions, it is worthtalk about how to do chemical depilation. With this type of hair removal, hair is removed at the level of the epidermis. However, in this case the hair follicle remains intact. The principle of the action of chemical epilation is simple. The main substance in the human hair is keratin, which, in turn, contains a huge amount of sulfur. And in order to provoke the destruction of hair, enough keratin decomposition. Voilà! After that, you will only have to easily remove the remnants of hair with the most ordinary moistened cotton wool. It is for this reason that the composition of all drugs designed to destroy hair, is the complex of substances that destroys keratin. Chemical hair removal for today is available to all women without exception. It does not require special material costs and visits to cosmetologists. And the procedures themselves are completely painless and do not force a woman to experience pain. There is a large number of ready-made chemicals intended for hair removal. They are produced either in the form of pastes-depilatories, or in the form of powders. As a rule, they contain sulfuric acid barium, calcium and lime. At first glance, it may seem that this is the ideal method of epilation. However, he also has disadvantages - firstly, the effect lasts only one week. And, secondly, chemical preparations very much dry the skin. Therefore, always use softening and moisturizing creams.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

A very popular method of chemical epilation,which was used by our mothers as well - is the most common bleaching of hair with the help of hydrogen peroxide, by frequent application of the mixture to certain areas of the skin. Peroxide should be applied to the skin every 5-7 minutes, approximately 20 times. Please note that skin irritation may occur during the procedure. In order to eliminate this irritation, simply sprinkle the affected areas after epilation with baby talc, at least 10 minutes. After this, rinse with water and treat with a moisturizer. After two or three discoloration sessions, the hair will become very thin and brittle, and their growth will noticeably slow down.

  • Perhydrol Ointment

About the same action has the followingmeans. For its preparation you will need components such as 2 g perhydrol, 6 grams of Vaseline and 10 grams of lanolin. Mix thoroughly and apply on the skin, for about 8 minutes. After that, remove the mass from the skin with a damp cotton wool disc. Then the skin thoroughly rinse under running water, blot with a towel and apply moisturizer. Such procedures should be conducted no more than a day later. As a rule, the effect becomes evident after the third procedure.

  • Ammonia

Another wonderful way to get rid ofunnecessary vegetation is the following remedy, which can be easily prepared at home. To do this, you will need a teaspoon of baby shampoo, 10 grams of ammonia and a quarter of a glass of 10% hydrogen peroxide. All this can be purchased at the pharmacy without difficulty. Mix all ingredients thoroughly, apply to the scalp and leave for about 15 minutes. After this, rinse under running water, pat dry with a towel and apply a moisturizer. Carry out this procedure twice a week - and in a month you will notice a tremendous result - almost complete absence of hair. As you can see, proper hair removal is not so difficult. The main thing to remember is that in everything a measure is needed. And even in the struggle for beauty! We advise you to read: