sweating during sleep Sweating is a natural process,inherent in every person. But sometimes excessive sweating becomes a real problem, depriving a person of peace. And sometimes it happens at night - sweating in a dream annoys a fairly large number of people. People who know about this phenomenon firsthand, often wake up at night absolutely wet - sweating is so profuse that a person is forced to change both bed and underwear. It would seem, well, nothing terrible - you can and suffer. However, night sweating has a lot of reefs that make this phenomenon not so harmless. But let's understand everything in order.

The essence of pathology and its causes

As already mentioned above, night hyperhidrosisis characterized by heavy sweating during sleep. As a result, the dream of a person ceases to be full, concentration of attention and efficiency decreases, the overall quality of life worsens. In order to cope with this problem, you need to find the source - the cause of sweating at night. Immediately I would like to note that in rare cases, there can be a so-called idiopathic sweating - that is, not having pronounced reasons. But most often the following diseases are the culprits:

  • Hormonal background

To increased sweating can lead to anya change in the hormonal background, whatever it is caused by. Incidentally, it is because of the natural changes in the hormonal background with increased sweating that teenagers and pregnant women often face. But we must not forget that hormonal imbalance can be caused by a variety of endocrine and gynecological diseases. They must be deleted first.

  • Metabolic disease

It is not without a high sweating during sleep, no metabolic disorder, no matter what it is caused! That is, whatever one may say, without a visit to a doctor, an endocrinologist, it's simply unrealistic.

  • Tumors

To the great regret, sometimes sweating in a dreamvarious tumor processes are accompanied. Do not be immediately scared - in most cases these tumors turn out to be benign. But if there is at least one chance out of a hundred that a tumor can be malignant, you need to be reinsured!

  • Tuberculosis

If in addition to night sweats you notice a lossweight, a constant slight increase in body temperature, cough - urgently go to the doctor-phthisiatrist! It is very likely that you are facing such a dangerous disease as tuberculosis. And do not delay the time - it takes a long enough time almost asymptomatic. But the sooner the treatment is started, the more successful it will be!

  • Acute infections

Increased sweating is almost alwaysa companion of various infectious diseases - influenza, infectious mononucleosis, malaria. Such a strong sweating is an absolutely normal protective reaction of the body to increase the body temperature. Well, why the temperature rises, it is probably clear to all.

  • Problems with the cardiovascular system

Often, excessive sweating at nighttestifies to problems from the side of the cardiovascular system - for example, in heart failure. Do not play with fire - such conditions threaten not only health, but also human life.

  • Condition of the nervous system

If you have read this far, you probably alreadyorder frightened. But breathe deeply and calm down - in about 90% of all cases, excessive sweating is just a consequence of the lifestyle of modern man. Syndromes of chronic fatigue, constant stress - all this has the most negative effect on the state of the nervous system. And she, in turn, responds with plenty of sweating at night. sweating in sleep

Health care

We hope that you treat your health withdue attention and do not begin to do self-diagnosis and go to the doctor. Fun statistics - about 80% of all adults ... are banally afraid of doctors! And the nature of this fear is banal - the lack of information. That's why we will tell you what to expect from a doctor.

  • Selection of a specialist

As you understand from all that was said above, the reasons,for which there is increased sweating, very much. And there is quite a reasonable question - and to which doctor to go first? The most reasonable decision will be a visit to the therapist. And he, after a conversation with the patient, will decide which doctor to direct you to. The list of specialists is quite large: a psychologist, a neurologist, a cardiologist, an endocrinologist, an oncologist and even an allergist.

  • What to expect?

Be prepared for a very thorough conversation-interrogation to you the doctor does not joke, so it will not be superfluous to prepare for it in advance. Recall for sure, when there was excessive sweating, how often she torments you, whether you take medicines and which ones, talk to your relatives - maybe one of them also experienced sweating during sleep. In most cases, just one conversation to identify the cause of sweating during sleep is not enough and the doctor assigns a series of studies. First, you can not do without an extensive blood test. Secondly, you can not do without the research of the kidneys, liver, thyroid gland. And thirdly, in some cases it is necessary to resort to ultrasound.

  • Treatment

To foresee, what treatment will be appointed exactlyin your case, it is simply impossible - it all depends on the cause of the problem. Incidentally, that's why, in no case should you follow the advice of friends or relatives - what is good for one can be dangerous for another. excessive sweating in sleep

help yourself

If the doctor did not reveal any serious pathologies andincreased sweating is just a feature of your body or the consequences of stress, you have to cope with the problem yourself. To throw this business on its own can in no case be impossible, because a person spends about a third of his life in a dream. So why endure such inconvenience? Especially since it is not only about convenience, but also about your health: a full-fledged sleep is vital for normal vital activity of the body. It is during sleep that a lot of important processes occur - energy restoration of resources, regeneration of all tissues and organs, purification of the body. It is easy to guess what the lack of quality full-fledged sleep can lead to. But to normalize sleep is not so difficult - it is enough to strictly follow a number of recommendations:

  • Temperature conditions

Too high, and too low a temperaturebody to sleep affects the most unfavorable way¸ and the thermoregulation of the body is very much affected. Therefore, always monitor the temperature of the air in the room - ideally it should fluctuate within 18-20 degrees.

  • Bed and underwear

Always give preference to the laundry,made of natural materials - synthetics poorly passes air and does not absorb sweat. And this applies to both bed linen and underwear. Believe me, your dream will become stronger at times!

  • Diet

The quality of your sleep depends on what youand when you eat. Refuse in the second half of the day from fatty, fried and spicy dishes, coffee, carbonated drinks. And you can have supper no later than two hours before going to bed. Try to observe this food regime and from the first day - or rather the night - you will notice a colossal difference. In most cases, these simple measures are enough to make sweating less intense, and sleep - more calm and deep. Sweet dreams to you!