chamomile tea is good Chamomile tea in many is associated with comfort,a warm blanket and a rocking chair. We will leave a rocking chair and a rug for cold winter evenings, but chamomile tea should always be at hand. And for this there are several good reasons. Firstly, chamomile tea most favorably affects the nervous system of the body. Secondly, it has a whole host of other useful properties - in particular, anti-inflammatory. And thirdly - it's just very pleasant to the taste. Do you want to know more about chamomile tea? Especially for you, we collected the most detailed information, one way or another relating to such a miracle-plant, like chamomile. Only right away I would like to draw your attention to a very important point - everything said below is true only for chamomile tea, prepared independently.

Preparation of chamomile tea

In order to prepare a real, tasty anduseful chamomile tea, you will need a dry chemist's chamomile. Very many people in the summer brew fresh inflorescences, but do not do this - at least slightly dry the inflorescence of chamomile in a shade, two or three days. To make tea, you need a glass teapot, chamomile and hot water - but by no means boiling water. In the kettle, place three full tablespoons of chamomile, pour hot water and cover. Be sure to wrap the kettle with a thick terry towel - chamomile should be infused for at least two hours. After that, the infusion of chamomile can be used as a normal brew. True, instead of sugar is best to use natural honey, which is also very, very useful for your body. But only, of course, in the event that before, you did not have an allergic reaction to honey. In addition, the use of honey should refrain children and pregnant women - too high a risk of allergies. pleasant chamomile tea good

Chamomile tea and nervous system

Already a long time ago, people noticed a positivethe influence of chamomile on the human nervous system. Whatever kind there are problems, the systematic use of chamomile tea will very quickly produce a noticeable effect. With special success, chamomile tea is used in the following cases:

  • Insomnia

Constant nerve stresses to which themost modern people, very often lead to sleep disorders. It would seem that a man came home after a hard day's work and fell asleep in a sound sleep. However, it was not there - it's spinning in bed until morning. Most often people in such situations grab for sleeping pills, and in fact in most cases it is enough to drink a cup of chamomile tea in the evening - and a strong sleep of the baby is provided to you. By the way, babies - chamomile tea before bed can be given even to very young children. Just one bottle of chamomile tea and parents expects a quiet night. Although, of course, before giving chamomile tea to a crumb, be sure to consult a pediatrician.

  • Chronic fatigue

Syndrome of chronic fatigue - pathology,which affects 90% of all adults. Do you feel overwhelmed already in the morning? Do you get out of hand and do not have the strength and desire for anything? Most likely, this trouble has affected you. So, quickly take ourselves in hand and go to the kitchen, make chamomile tea. A cup of tea in the morning will charge you with cheerfulness for the whole day, and a cup in the evening will give a deep full-fledged sleep that will allow you to fully restore your strength. Only two or three weeks of such chamomile therapy will make it possible to forget about chronic fatigue for at least six months.

  • Nervous tension

Feel that your nerves are constantly onlimit? Do not rush to grab for sedatives, which do not really have a good effect on your health - you better brew chamomile tea. Just one cup of such tea per day will turn you into an embodiment of endurance and patience. Do you remember how in the poem of a children's classic? "I have nerves of steel or no nerves at all!" Doctors explain such a chamomile effect by the presence in it of such a sedative as apigenin.

Chamomile tea and digestive system

Almost every second adultsuffers from this or that disease of the digestive system - someone has gastritis, someone has flatulence, someone has a dysbiosis. And all these people will have chamomile tea at the right time - the benefits are obvious.

  • Flatulence

Excess gas formation is very strongpoison the existence of any person, so leave flatulence without attention is not worth it. But before buying expensive and not always effective drugs, try to regularly drink chamomile tea - often it benefits much more.

  • Gastritis and stomach ulcer

Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory effectchamomile tea will have to be very useful in gastritis and peptic ulcer diseases of both the stomach and duodenum. If the disease is in an acute stage, you need to drink a cup of tea every three to four hours. And outside the exacerbation, for prevention, one cup of tea is enough for the night. Delicious Chamomile Tea Benefit

Chamomile tea. Other properties

The use of chamomile is almost invaluable. In addition to all of the above cases, the camomile will have to be handy in the following situations:

  • Colds

Caught a cold? Drink a cup of chamomile tea - it will relieve the headache, nasal congestion, lower the body temperature. The main treatment, of course, daisy will not notice, but will be a good help.

  • Pain during menstruation

Painful menstruation is a problem, a familiar onea huge number of women. In the course there is a mass of various anesthetic drugs. But in most cases all this chemistry can be replaced with a cup of chamomile tea. It relieves spasms, reduces bleeding. Yes, and the mood affects the most positive way. As you can see, chamomile tea is so useful that it is certainly worthy of a place of honor in your kitchen.