causes of internal pimples Internal acne is a small sizeinflamed bumps on the skin. Our skin is covered with sebaceous glands, which secrete a fat secret, necessary to protect and moisturize the skin. But when a lot of fat secretion is released, the sebaceous glands are clogged and inflamed, thereby creating a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Such pimples are also called subcutaneous boils. Internal pimples very much spoil the appearance of the face and not only cause physical pain, but also cause a number of complexes. But do not be discouraged, from any situation there is a way out. And if you take care of your skin all the time, know how to take care of it properly, be prepared for prevention and treatment, then you can cope with internal acne. To get rid of internal pimples, you first need to find out the cause of their appearance, and then start the necessary treatment. All the causes can be conditionally divided into hormonal, medical and other.

Hormonal changes in the body

The most common reasonacne is a hormonal splash, always accompanying age-related changes in the body. These pimples are called steroid hormones, and they appear in adolescence due to the increased level of androgens. But we must also take into account the genetic inheritance of the hormonal background. Therefore, one of the many causes of acne in adolescence is considered a hereditary factor. Hormonal pimples appear in connection with the violation of the production of sex hormones. It is necessary to fully examine the body if acne appeared after 30 years, since they are provoked, most likely, by hormonal disorders. In women, acne appears after abortion, pregnancy, a week before the menstrual cycle, and after stopping the use of contraceptive pills. Stress and depression are closely related to hormones and contribute to worsening of the disease, and hormones are known to cause the appearance of various rashes and inflammations on the skin. take care of the skin every day

Medical causes of acne

Associated with any internal disease of the body, because of which internal pimples appear. Such diseases include:

  • hyperkeratosis - occurs with a lack of vitamin A, prolonged intoxication, pressure and skin friction. There is an increase in the upper layer of the skin. Hyperkeratosis can also appear under the action of hormones.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - lead to violations of the intestinal microflora and reduce immunity. An incorrect diet leads to excessive secretion of sebum and the appearance of acne.
  • Lipid exchange failure.
  • Immunity disorders.

Other reasons you need to know

One of the main reasons for the appearance of acne ispoor microflora of human skin. Our skin is constantly exposed to various influences, and under certain conditions, bacteria cause inflammation of the skin. The cause of the appearance of acne can be cosmetics containing sulfur, lanolin, red pigments D and C, so when buying cosmetics for problem skin, you should carefully study the components that make up them. Those whose professional activities are associated with such toxic substances as oil, dioxin, lubricating oils, can suffer from the appearance of various inflammations on the skin. Strangely enough it sounds, but the appearance of internal acne leads to frequent washing. If you wash more than two times a day, the facial skin is dried, and thus its protective properties are reduced, resulting in inflammation and redness. But the hands should always be clean, because when the dirty hands are touched to the face, the inflammatory process is only aggravated. You can not squeeze acne spontaneously, this makes them even more, as the infection gets to clean areas of the skin and inflames them. Do not use a scrub if there are inflammations on the skin. To get rid of pimples, it is best to contact specialists. For other reasons, it is possible to include a wet climate and heat, so in summer this problem appears in even more people. treatment of internal acne

Treatment of internal acne

After the examination and finding out the reason for the appearanceAcne can be treated and treated. There are various methods of treatment aimed at getting rid of the problem. The most modern method of treatment is ozone therapy. Internal pimples are afraid of ordinary oxygen. The mechanism of action of ozonotherapy is very simple, and the result will appeal to any patient. Ozone actively resists microbes, relieves swelling, redness on the skin and pain, restores the production of elastin and collagen in the body. And most importantly, after such a procedure, there are no spots or scars on the skin, the maturation of the internal pimple occurs in just a few hours. Treatment with Elos-technology is the most effective and painless method. It is the effect of pulses of intense blue light on subcutaneous inflammation. As a result of this effect, skin cells are renewed, scars disappear, red spots, densations, narrowed enlarged pores. After this cosmetic procedure there are no sensations of dryness, irritation, peeling on the skin. If, for any reason, there is no way to consult a doctor for treatment, you can use folk remedies for internal pimples. But at the first opportunity, you should still consult a doctor. At home, the following procedures should be followed:

  • on the inflamed area regularly apply compresses from saline infusion every two days for 5 minutes;
  • bath with sea salt;
  • internal pimple to burn with iodine;
  • wipe the affected skin with anti-inflammatory masks and lotions made from natural ingredients prepared by hand;
  • use herbal lotions.

Such procedures at home will help improve the skin condition, get rid of swelling and redness, make acne less noticeable.

Prevention of internal pimples

To avoid the appearance of internal acne,should be prevented from occurring. It is necessary to monitor your skin constantly, cleanse, moisturize it. Do not open the boil yourself, because it is possible to spread the infection and exacerbate the disease. You should revise your diet and exclude from it smoked and fatty foods, sweet, salty and spicy. The skin needs enough oxygen, so every day you should take a walk in the fresh air. If, after the appearance of internal acne, immediately go to the doctor and go through the prescribed examination and treatment for their disposal, and monitor your problem skin, follow preventive measures, then the problem of internal acne will pass quickly and the skin will become clean and healthy.