causes sweating Sweating is an integral part of normalfunctioning of the human body. And the results we can see personally - wet socks, stains on clothing in the armpits and other "delights." But in most cases, sweating does not cause special concern - hygiene and deodorants allow you to keep sweat under strict control. But in some cases, sweating is so profuse that it poisons a normal life. And you will not be able to leave such a phenomenon without attention. Yes, and risky, since increased sweating is often one of the first signs of certain diseases. But even a child is clear that the sooner the treatment begins, the less trouble the sickness will do. Therefore, immediately look for the causes of sweating.

Problems with the central nervous system

One of the most common causes -problems from the central nervous system. Almost always this problem can be corrected, but only if the disease is diagnosed in a timely manner and immediately treatment is started.

  • Vegetosovascular dystonia

Vegetosovascular dystonia is a verypeculiar. Despite the fact that this pathology is diagnosed most often of other diseases, there is not much information about it - only a general characteristic. Vegetosovascular dystonia has the following symptoms: frequent headaches, a tendency to lower blood pressure, constantly pale skin, fast fatigue and often increased drowsiness. And, of course, the notorious increased sweating. In this case, doctors prescribe a course of treatment aimed at improving the state of the vessels and the general tone of the body. The doctors noted that the tendency to such sweating is often inherited.

  • Increased emotional excitability

Do not avoid excessive sweating, and in that case,If a person has excessive emotional excitability. The slightest emotional shock entails the release of adrenaline and, as a result, profuse sweating. And the reason for this can be a mere trifle - the scene of the film, an insulting word, but just a sharp loud sound in the end. In this situation, the measures of doctors will be aimed at normalizing the activity of the nervous system. the cause of sweating

Problems with the hormonal background

If problems from the central nervoussystems are excluded, it is necessary to address to the doctor-endocrinologist. It is very likely that the cause of excessive sweating is a violation of the normal hormonal background. And this is a very, very serious pathology that requires immediate medical intervention.

  • Thyrotoxicosis

This term refers to a disease,characterized by excessive activity of the thyroid gland. In this case, in addition to excessive sweating, the person notices the following symptoms: general weakness, increased appetite, weight loss, decreased body temperature. As the disease progresses, the thyroid gland begins to increase noticeably.

  • Pheochromocytoma and hypoglycaemia

In the event that a tumor developsadrenal glands, the body constantly produces excess amount of adrenaline. By the way, the same thing happens with glycemia - a decrease in blood sugar levels. It is easy to guess that sweating in this case will be very strong.

  • Age features

The hormonal background can change and withoutany pathologies - for example, during puberty. Approximately 70% of all adolescents reported excessive sweating, which eventually passed without any intervention. Approximately the same thing happens during menopause - the woman's hormonal background changes radically, which can lead to excessive sweating. In this case, do not expect that the situation will normalize by itself - in some cases, without medication treatment simply can not do.

Infectious diseases

In some cases, the cause of excessive sweatingcan become infectious diseases. In this case, the problem arises abruptly, in addition to excessive sweating, many other symptoms are observed. Ill person should consult a doctor as soon as possible, because some infectious diseases can be a serious threat not only to health, but also to human life.

  • Colds

SARS, acute respiratory infections, flu, common cold - all thesediseases in most cases entail an increase in body temperature. And where hyperthermia - there is a strong sweating. And most often sweating begins when the body temperature begins to drop. In this case, the only way to get rid of sweating is recovery.

  • Exotic Diseases

If you often go abroad, especially inhot countries, unexpectedly appeared a strong sweating should alert you - that's how many exotic infections begin. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor, even if you regularly do all conceivable and unthinkable inoculations. But for the sake of justice it should be noted that this happens very rarely.

  • Tuberculosis

But tuberculosis, to great regret,is much more common. And to spit to him, that for a long time in the 21st century ... And to spit on vaccinations ... Doctors every day around the world register more and more cases of tuberculosis. And for the most part it is already in a rather neglected form. Which, however, is not surprising, because tuberculosis for quite a long time is practically asymptomatic. And the only sign is precisely the increased sweating, especially at night. Therefore, this reason for sweating should also be excluded in the first place.

Physiological feature of the body

Despite the fact that increased sweatingaccompanied by a lot of diseases, do not panic. Of course, you just need to see a doctor - at least for your own peace of mind. But most likely the doctor will tell you that your sweating is just an individual feature of the body. It can be a sweating of both underarms and other parts of the body - legs, palms, head, back, chest. Sweating may occur from time to time, but may persist regularly. It goes without saying that the high ambient temperature aggravates the situation. Which, however, is understandable, because sweating is nothing but the way the body cool. causes of severe sweating

The way to combat excessive sweating

If sweating is caused by this or that disease -everything is extremely simple: you should get rid of it and you stop sweating. But also in the event that plentiful sweating is a part of your physiology, you should not just tolerate it. In most cases, sweating can be controlled, following a few simple rules:

  • Personal hygiene

If your skin is constantly wet, you willtake a shower a little more often - at least twice a day. And both times use shower gel to remove from the skin all the bacteria that perfectly feel in the secretions of the sweat glands. And in order to prevent overdrying of the skin, buy a moisturizing cream for the body.

  • Underwear

Pay special attention to underwear - itsIt is necessary to change as needed, as soon as it has become wet. Otherwise, uncomfortable sensations and an unpleasant smell are guaranteed to you. If you sweat heavily, change socks regularly. Not the least role is played by the material from which the clothes are made. With excessive sweating it is highly recommended to abandon synthetics. Better give preference to natural fabrics - cotton, linen, wool.

  • Deodorants

Do not forget about the existence of deodorants -they will help to remove the severity of the problem. But notice: deodorant and antiperspirant are not the same thing. Deodorant simply masks the smell of sweat, and antiperspirant - suppresses its secretion. So - do not abuse the antiperspirant, just once a day. But deodorants - as much as you like. In any case, remember that excessive sweating can not be ignored - it can and should be fought with. Do not let the sweat control your life. We advise you to read: