The long-awaited New Year New Year very soon bubbles bursts of confettiand cork from children's champagne. And our lovely children will turn from Misha, Artemov and Vasilis to Spider-Man, Superman, Cat-Woman ... Or Asteriskov. By the way, from December 18 begins a new cartoon about this favorite hero - "Asterix: Land of the Gods" (for the first time in 3D). Be sure to take your Batman on him: he will enjoy the exciting and fun history and will certainly choose for the holiday costume of a mustachioed galla instead of a flying mouse mask. And we are going to tell you before the Christmas parties and a loud premiere that they are the favorite superheroes of our children.


This popular superhero was born indistant 1939 as the alter-ego of the billionaire and philanthropist Bruce Wayne. As a child, the hero survived a psychological trauma - he saw how his parents were killed - and decided to devote his life to fighting crime. Batman immediately captivated the audience - he is strong, clever, inventive and ... charming - and the next year after the appearance he received his own series of comics. It turned out that in the city of Gotham, where the action of the Batman story unfolds, criminals of various stripes have blossomed. And for 65 years, Batman has won a convincing victory over the Joker, then over Two-faced, then over Piggin or Scarecrow. Books, movies, serials, games and other works about this superhero can be found in any store. But if your child chooses this image for the holiday, be prepared that he will ask for another and the Batmobile or Betcycle, on which Batman moves. And also a bunch of high-tech gadgets, without which it is simply impossible to imagine the image of a human bat.


Wolverine saw the light in 1974 and became a membervarious teams of superheroes - from the X-Men to the Avengers. In fact, Wolverine is a mutant with superhuman abilities. He is able to survive after severe wounds. His vitality can envy even the "Battleship Potemkin." The stories about Wolverine, as a rule, are devoted to the search for your own past. Wolverine likes not only children (because he is brave and strong-willed), but also to their moms (because in the movie Wolverine plays sexy Aussie Hugh Jackman). Your child in Wolverine's costume will certainly become the "star" of the New Year's party. Here are only six blades sticking out of his wrists (Wolverine has six nails, three for each hand), can harm and spoil the mood of another child.


In ordinary life, Spider-Man is called PeterThe parker. He was invented in 1962 on the wave of popularity of stories about adolescents. Peter Parker - and there is a real teenager, an orphan living in New York. Studying in college Peter combines with the social burden - the fight against criminals. Peter wears a red and blue suit and puts in place those in whose lives there is a place for dirty deeds. The story of Spider-Man really liked the readers. Especially, as noted by journalists, a lonely and rejected by society adolescents. In the image of Spider-Man, they saw a soul mate and an example to follow. Therefore, the creators of the superhero began to release more and more stories about the Spider-Man. And now he is considered one of the most commercially successful superheroes. He not only likes children, but also has followers. For example, now the whole world knows the name of the French alpinist Alain Robert, to whom any skyscraper is on the shoulder. Robert conquers a pair of skyscrapers a year and admires the audience. In 2002, the world screens released the film "Spider-Man", in which the main role was played by Toby McGuire. The story became a trilogy (in total there were three films), and later it was restarted. And the world saw the "New Spider-Man", in which to fight crime became a hero in the performance of Andrew Garfield. Spiderman is a good and very popular choice for a New Year's party. You can buy your child the costume of this superhero. If you are not embarrassed that at least three Spider-Man will come to the festival.


For girls a good option for the New Yearrepresentation is the image of a female cat. This superheroine was at first evil, and then re-educated. However, I did not forget about my difficult childhood. In comics A female cat is called Selina. She grew up in the poorest district of the fictional city of Gotham (the one where Batman acted) and survived the death of a bad mother and an alcoholic father. A female cat at first fought with Batman, and then became his partner in the fight against crime. Superheroin appeared on the movie screens in three films at once: Batman (1966), Batman Returns (1992) and Catwoman (2004). Men from 6 to 60 especially like the last two screen versions - the first superheroin in latex was played by the amazing Michelle Pfeiffer, and the second is the outlandish Halle Berry. Decide with your daughter, with whom of them to take an example for the New Year's image, buy a black latex and a mask - and your little Catwoman will not have a rebound from supermen.


The French superhero Asterix, unlikehis overseas brethren have never had a difficult childhood and evocative appearance. Asterix appeared 55 years ago and immediately became a nice guy with a bang-bell whiskers and an excellent character. In 1959, the French (roughly, like us now) decided that their own Hollywood superheroes should have their own daredevil. Thus Asterix was born. He does not have super abilities (American superheroes are famous for this), but there is a savvy, magic elixir, courage and an unconquerable sense of humor. In his more than half a century of history, a nice gall in the company of his friends (also, by the way, cute and funny) survived more than 10 successful screen versions, the stories with his participation translated into 100 languages. The new cartoon "Asterix: Land of the Gods" (at the box office on December 18) is another portion of jokes and tricks from the superhero, whose opponent is the burdened Emperor Caesar. This time, your favorite characters will appear in 3D for the first time. Now Caesar decides to take to his hands the native village of Asterix - the last stronghold of the Gauls in the struggle against the advancing Romans. Asterix and his friends must once again show courage and ingenuity to prevent the Gauls from being trapped. And if for a New Year's party your child wants to dress up as Asterix, then to create an image you will need a luxurious mustache, bright tights, a sword, some positive and a cartoon "Asterix: Land of the Gods" (to consult the original). And the New Year will be a real holiday!