As soon as your baby starts on his ownwalk and move freely around the house, he often slips away from your "all-seeing" eye. In these moments of the baby at every step, various dangers lie in wait. Having listened to our advice, you can prevent accidental personal injuries of your non-attendance.

  • Electrical appliances. In the children's room there should be no faulty outlets and open wiring. All sockets must be covered with special plugs, and radiators of heating - either by special panels, or by any other fencing. Free access to electric heaters should be limited. Do not leave your baby unattended in the room where electrical appliances work: TV, iron, computer or electric fire.
  • Available surfaces. Remove from the available surfaces all heavy and beating objects. Do not leave tableware and utensils on the table, especially knives and forks. While the child does not grow up better to use unbreakable dishes.
  • Kitchen. In the whole house, the kitchen is the most traumatic place. Children just like a magnet attract all dangerous objects. Do not let the baby to the lighted stove when cooking food. Do not place on the edge of the table hot pots, pans and kettle. Fix the doors of the kitchen cabinets with special latches. Remove all containers with corrosive substances into the zone of inaccessibility. When there is no adult in the kitchen, the door to the room must be locked, preferably to the lock.
  • Bathroom and toilet. No less safe place in the house is the bathroom. Therefore, the door both in the bathroom and the toilet should be kept closed, so that the kid accidentally could not lock himself from the inside. Take away all cosmetics and toiletries.
  • First Aid Kit. Do not leave medicines in a visible place, even those that you take daily.
  • Houseplants. Do not let the child even touch the indoor and garden plants, let alone take them in the mouth.
  • Pets. In the house where the baby is, there should not be any pets. Try to temporarily attach your pet to safe hands while the baby does not grow up and become independent. After all, animals are very often the source of all kinds of infections, and sometimes they are so jealous.
  • Cleaning. Dust is the source of pathogens and allergens. Therefore, wet cleaning and cleaning of upholstered furniture, walls, carpets, and even soft toys should be carried out daily.
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