summer sarafans 2012 Sarafan has long been the most popular in Russiaclothing. Initially it was worn by both women and men, and only about 250 years ago it turned exclusively into the ladies' wardrobe. In the modern world, this form of clothing came in thanks to Pierre Cardin. Presented by the great couturier to the court of the public in 1965, a short sarafan made of wool, in combination with fashionable already at that time turtlenecks, made a real furore among the women of fashion of that time. Today it is difficult to imagine a women's wardrobe without having at least one air-conditioned sundress, like a summer breeze. This truly universal piece of clothing is suitable for every occasion of life. It can be worn anywhere and with anything. And although before the onset of the warm season is still far away, many representatives of the beautiful half are already interested in what fashionable summer sarafans 2016 have prepared for the lovely ladies world-famous brands. To know this, we hasten to provide an overview of the most fashionable models of the coming summer.

The most fashionable styles of the summer season

Among the fashionable styles this summer will reignabsolute freedom. Female sarafans can be found in any style: from completely naive resort-village models to chic evening options for every taste. Therefore, to choose the ideal option, which will be a real salvation from the summer heat and an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of every woman, will not be difficult. So, which of them will attract the attention of the female this summer? Models sarafans in the summer collections of fashion designers cater to the variety of styles and colors. As for the length, this season it should be a mini or maxi, midi this summer is not even considered.

  • Trapezium is one of the most popularstyles of the upcoming season. Beautifully fitting female figure top with a "flying" bottom: multi-layered skirt or graceful wedges-year - this model will please many of our contemporaries. Figured bottom, strap around the neck and the original drapery of the bodice - this is the "highlight" that distinguishes fashionable sarafans 2016.
  • Sarafans in the floor - another fashionable hit of the currentsummer, which is perfect for both night out and everyday wear. Among the huge variety of long-to-floor models presented in the summer collections of fashion designers, special attention is paid to sarafans with a completely open back, allowing to show to the people all the beauty and charm of women's shoulders. Undoubtedly, this outfit will be able to conquer the heart of any woman. Having given preference to the maximum length of the sarafan, you will be able to transform your image beyond recognition, make it more feminine and elegant. After all, the mere fact of concealing the charms of ladies' legs, like nothing else, adds romanticism and mystery to the female image and excites the male imagination.
  • Mini-dress is the most actual summer styleseason. No matter how good the long models, and imagine the summer wardrobe of a fashionista without having at least one, and it is simply impossible to have a few sexy mini-sarafans.
  • They are not going to take their positions this summer and floating lengths are sarafans: short in front, smoothly turning behind in a descending trail.
  • Fashionable will be shortened summer sarafans in the form of a ball. The models picked up from above, from below and on the belt, look very nice and at the same time extravagant.

To be in the trend this summer, stylists advisehave in your arsenal at least three versions of this type of clothes, and then you can almost every day to change your image, combining a sundress with different items of your wardrobe. If you can not decide for yourself what to wear with the summer 2019 summer dresses, the photos from the fashion podiums that you see on our website are a perfect example for imitation. This summer, designers offer to use the sundress as an independent piece of clothing, and in combination with other things, for example, with a T-shirt, blouse or top. summer sarafans 2012 photos

Fabrics, colors and decor of fashionable summer sarafans 2016

Flower prints this summer will be at the peakfashion. And the color and size of the picture does not matter. The most original variant, which will appeal to even sophisticated women of fashion, is a drawing with ethnic motifs on the belt or individual parts of the sarafan. Also relevant are models from monophonic fabrics with detachable waist, which look very impressive on any figure. For sewing summer sarafans designers prefer to use a wide variety of materials: guipure, silk, lace, cotton, satin, knitted and knitted fabric. Depending on the used tissue, it can be worn in different cases. For every day a better option than a product made of cotton, simply does not exist. This sundress can be used both for walking, and for a trip to the beach or to the store. While for ceremonial events more suitable models from more expensive fabrics. If you want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, give preference to models from light flowing tissues. In this outfit, no girl will go unnoticed. Modern designers in the creation of their summer collections prefer to use a wide variety of finishes. Most often - unusual methods of cutting a hem, bodice, straps, which, you will agree, is itself an adornment of summer dresses. As decorative elements this summer, fringe, pleated details, various kinds of draperies, flowers, as well as a combination of different textures and colors in one model are relevant. It is also very fashionable this summer to decorate sundresses with various beads, decorative buttons and embroideries from sequins. In no case should not neglect the accessories. This summer they are an indispensable attribute. And the more they are bigger, the better. As additions to fashionable sarafans, designers suggest using bijouterie made of a wide variety of textures: plastic, wood and other materials that perfectly blend with the ideas of the summer. Wide-brimmed hat and handbag, selected in color or made from one fabric with a sarafan, will not only perfectly complement your summer image, but will also give it a complete look.