red high-heeled shoes Long ago, those days of the deafconservatism, when the red shoes a priori correlated with vulgarity and bad form. At the feet of modern women this extravagant piece is given, deliberately emphasizing all the seductiveness and sexuality of the female being. The symbol of bright personality and explosive nature was the red high-heeled shoes - the woman who aspires to self-expression, simply must have this juicy toilet item in her wardrobe. The popularity of shoes so flashy colors in recent years gaining more momentum. They enjoyed the greatest demand in the crazy 80's and gradually lost their relevance to the 90-ies. But now, when a modern woman is able to dictate conditions herself, and is endowed with great activity, she puts on red high-heeled shoes to demonstrate her "I". In favor of this expressive coloring says a series of studies conducted by scientists. For example, experts at the University of Rochester have proved that women who are red-colored or use a bright red accent in their image have a greater attraction for the male than other ladies. This effect generates physiological changes in the male body and increases the production of adrenaline, immediately provokes active actions, because it is associated with passion and desire. The lady, who decorates her legs with red shoes, must be ready for the constant attention of the stronger sex. It is worth mentioning that this extravagant product can set the tone for the entire female image and does not tolerate additional accents and competing details of clothing. Beautiful red shoes are authentic footwear, self-sufficient and very aggressive, therefore imposes strict rules for your socks. A lady who prefers this style and tone of shoes on the heel should be a model of elegance and refinement, so as not to fall into the category of vulgarity and provocative vulgarity, and also must remember the appropriateness. In general, relevance - the most important condition, which must obey the wearing of red shoes with high heels.

Red women's shoes - the latest innovations from designers

red shoes 2016 As was casually noted above, red shoeswomen gain new popularity and actively penetrate into wardrobes of women's representatives, transforming their elegant legs. This trend began to be celebrated in the spring of last season and continues to gain momentum in the summer time of the current year, because nothing can have a greater individuality and expressiveness than a summer heat and rest. Traditional classic red shoes changed their style and received an extraordinary transformation in the hands of the world famous Valentino. It was on his shows that the aggressive models of red patent-leather shoes shone, by the way, according to the generally recognized opinion of fashion critics, these styles did not impress the vulgar bad taste. Many women's magazines posted variants of red lacquer shoes on their pages, photos with these items received high ratings on the "elegance" scale from fashion critics. Valentino used a conceptually new device for his latest line, using a hidden platform, an extremely high heel and high-quality leather. This explosive mixture made a stir among the fashion catalogs that hastened to place red shoes with high heels on their pages, photos of such products positioned them as colorful and original shoes. However, the collection of this master gives women the opportunity to choose, because the range of color palette of the latest shoe range ranged from saturated red, to the color of cold fuchsia, and also included romantic shades of coral flowers. A very fresh and unobtrusive look was the shape of the red shoes on the hairpin from CristianDior, the shows with these models were distinguished by the splendor of the decor, in addition to the brightness of the color performance. Presented models shocked modern fashionistas with a bold combination of finishes, which could include different drapery, the presence of inserts, and also notches. The skin of the beautiful red shoes from CristianDior had a specific impression and repeated the peculiar pattern of python skin. In a word, critics unanimously noted that it is not a sin to be a man under the heel of such shoes.

Red shoes with high heels: what to wear properly?

red patent shoes Because of the great identity of the red shoesthe female sex often meets with the problem of a successful combination of this product with other elements of the ladies' toilet. Not a simple combination, but which would be a unique blend of elegance and sexual attractiveness that does not translate into a frank call. In fact, the specifics of flashy brightness imposes a lot of "taboos" and even more nuances that must be taken into account when the girl faces the question of what to wear shoes of red color. Below you will find the most common guidelines and basic rules for choosing a wardrobe, which will allow you to emphasize the seductiveness of the female nature and legs.

  • Red color and all its derivatives - loudthe statement in itself, so the model of classic red shoes or a style with an open toe, exposing fingers, suggest an ideal state of pedicure and overall grooming of ladies' feet, because they will be under vigilant and close attention, regardless of what will be combined.
  • The best option for everyday, everydaySocks are considered a combination of denim with scarlet shoe tones. Additional seductiveness can be achieved by dressing the narrowed models of jeans trousers with a high hairpin, but to achieve the image a la fussy 80s easily, combining free mini skirts and overalls with shoes in red boats. Delightful effect can have light, flowing summer maxi-length sarafans with a similar shoe coloring. However, one should beware of the overload of the image and not use, along with the red color shoes shiny shades of outerwear.
  • Stylists in one voice argue that the optimalthe color solution will be a combination of shades of black, white, as well as beige, this range of colors is classic and does not go against the screaming scarlet and red shades. But the most traditional color duet deservedly is a combination of deep gray with fiery hues. Magazines office women's fashion included in their review of red shoes 2016, photos showed a combination of such colorful models of shoes with muted colors of business suits, so even a business lady can dilute a dry and conservative work uniform with catchy shades of hairpins.
  • Shoes red boats can create a divineTandem in combination with a corporate, office attire, for example, a black pencil skirt. Very important is the use of elongated blouses with a fretless monochrome color design, preferably gray shades in the ensemble with a high stud.
  • In order to get rid of unnecessary aggression,which simply flashes a fiery color, you can shift a little emphasis on the floral print. Such a style decision should be carried out carefully, it is important to ensure that the pattern or abstraction consisted of small elements. Fashionable women's catalogs placed on their pages an abundance of red shoes, photos showed shoes in combination with patterns and clearly showed how it is possible to combine a print with a bright color.
  • The stereotype that shoes should harmonizeon design and color execution with a bag, has long outlived itself. Conversely, classic red shoes with at least a red bag create an unjustifiably overloaded image, will break its overall integrity and bring a feeling of vulgar shouting that contradicts a good tone. And if it is also red lacquered shoes, then you can even put a cross on a good style.
  • Trend this season for the brightestindividualist is the use of clothes with an animalistic pattern in combination with red shoes on the heel of breathtaking length. Women's reviews hastily placed information in their rubrics on red shoes in 2016, a photo with the latest designer novelties clearly showed that the combination of red shoes with animalism is a very winning combination, but it's worth using only on thematic cocktail parties, otherwise the woman will shock and confuse surrounding.

From all it is obvious that red shoes, especiallyif it includes a heel or is made in a lacquered version, has many nuances that must be strictly adhered to, forming a winning image and a good style.

What you can not wear bright shoes: basic mistakes

If earlier we stipulated the moments that wouldcontributed to the creation of a harmonious, feminine and successful image, now we will tell about the most typical mistakes that a fine floor allows, ineptly dealing with such a capricious subject of clothes as red shoes. Once fashionable women's magazines posted on their pages top-10 most blatant mistakes about what women wear red shoes, a photo with a selection of blunders made a furor and forced to change the idea of ​​"beautiful."

  • Stylists in chorus say that you can not weara lot of bright scarlet elements at the same time, this error will simply make the image overloaded and at the same time faceless. Simply place accents with the help of elegant accessories, for example, a massive bracelet or coral beads: thin, fashionable and tasteful.
  • In no event can you combine colorfulpantyhose in combination with similar models of shoes, even more monstrous is the use of tights with a print or an abstract pattern. In case, if there is no way to do without tights, or etiquette requires their urgent inclusion in the image, then you can do with a corporal version of capron. By the way, women's underwear catalogs often place in their reviews a combination of women's pantyhose from the world's leading brands and red lacquer shoes, photos with similar stylistic solutions are distinguished by great eroticism, given exactly by shoes.
  • Stopping the choice of shoes so expressivetones, abandon models on the platform, such products are considered bad taste, and their owner will soon prove to be on the bad side. It is better to give preference to classic, restrained leather shoes, produced according to the best traditions and marked by a sign of high quality. For example, graceful boats that can serve as a worthy frame for a fragile woman's foot - this style will never create an unjustifiable sense of massiveness. Or often women's catalogs offer models of red shoes with high heels, photos with such shoes prove that bright products are not necessarily vulgar, the main thing is that the heel is visually elegant.
  • Red shoes are a symbol of bright femaleindividuality, able to instantly transform the lady who decided to decorate her leg with such a colorful detail of the wardrobe. Extravagance and expressiveness of color allow deservedly to enjoy universal attention, the main thing is the ability to combine and create a solid, harmonious image that would immediately bring success and show only the most advantageous charms of a woman. Shoes of red shades - the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a woman in the struggle for admiring the views of the stronger sex, acquiring such a defiant product, each woman condemns herself to inevitable success. We advise you to read: