panties thong A beautiful floor always gave a special placeunderwear in your wardrobe, because women are important to feel the maximum comfort, which does not run counter to sexual seduction. It is in connection with this panties thong have become an indispensable detail of the women's wardrobe, providing it with attractiveness and practical convenience for every day. But how did lingerie manage to move away from conservatism and puritanism, which the ladies rewarded exclusively with chastity, to such frank and provocative laundry? Women's thong panties, they are often called tanga, are a kind of underwear, the style of which does not cover the female buttocks. These are elegant plavochki formed with the help of miniature triangles, as well as narrow strips of tissue that fix the laundry on the female hips. Thanks to this frankness they deserve great popularity among the weaker sex and do not give up their positions in the fashion world for a very long time. Modern models of this linen originate from the mid-80s, starting their way in progressive America and the most liberal countries of Europe. Leading designers and designers instantly christened them very aptly: panties that do not. But why did it become necessary to change traditional linen for such an unchaste version and extravagant cut? All is explained simply: the new tight fitting outfits, as well as the delicate, thin, transparent textiles of clothes required that the panties do not create an accent in the hips and buttocks, that's what minimalism in the development of the string model is justified. As proof of the incredible popularity of strings or tangs, you can call an eloquent figure: about 70% of women in the world prefer this particular style of intimate wardrobe. Paradoxically, but the prototype of this type of panties was a loincloth from the private toilet of a man, and now, having successfully moved to the wardrobe of a modern woman, this underwear begins to find many adherents among the male sex. After all, everyone wants to have comfort, but at the same time not lose their sexual attractiveness, they are simply called to combine these important requirements.

Women's panties thong - how to give preference?

To the choice of such intimate details of the toilet aslingerie, you need to approach very responsibly. It is recommended to pay attention not only to the manufacturer, the price category of thongs, but also to carefully determine the material that could be entrusted to delicate areas, it is important to remember that the fewer the seams, the more comfort and convenience they can guarantee and give. But modern young girls are guided in the choice of linen mainly for beautiful thong panties, seductive and original design solutions, while sacrificing quality. However, a rich assortment and a wide range of models made it possible to combine both quality and attractive design with an optimal price indicator. In such an abundance of products can easily get lost and buy a product completely unsuitable for a specific type of figure, so it's worth mentioning the models of thong panties:

  • The so-called "T" styles, a similar definitionwas formed, based on the analogy with the letter "T", which is created by fabric strips on the female body, these models are often the second name - tango underwear. It should be said that this is an erotic and frank model, which practically does not use a tissue base.
  • Women's panties model G, for which is characteristicThe presence of an elegant small triangle of textiles near the buttocks. Such a style of linen is often adapted to the beach fashion, creating swimsuits with swimming trunks made in this style decision.
  • Another very common modelis a product of the V-shaped, they, like the previous models, also have a triangle from the rear, but it is through, rather than solid, that is, it is formed with the help of three straps - thin strips. You can see that the design minimalism in the making of women's panties strings does not involve a large field for experiments.
  • But the next type of laundry noticeably out ofgeneral style style, which is pleasantly pleasing. We are talking about C-strings, a special style, which has no fastenings and is not fixed at all on the female waistline or on the hip zone. The uniqueness of their design is in silicone special pins, they ensure the integrity of the original form of lingerie. Of course, such specific panties are not suitable for everyday wear, as an experiment they can be dressed for a romantic date - a woman dressed in such underwear will not remain without male attention. It should be noted that this underwear is often featured on the pages of men's magazines, photos of panties strings of this style are very erotic in their frankness, which immediately have time to emphasize in the rubric "for adults."

Ideas concerning design are not limited toonly the aforesaid. Famous brands that specialize in the production of lingerie, constantly improving the technology of making panties, trying to make them even more convenient and safe for delicate women's zones. It was in connection with this that a special tandem, a kind of duo, a combination of panties shorts and strings - sewed a special insert in front of the product. This allows you to play with fabric texture: seductive openwork lace, translucent candid matter, intriguing gentle silk, such lingerie is not only beautiful in itself, but also much more advantageous and extravagant looking against the background of its predecessors. As decorative elements on beautiful thong panties, you can observe sequins, special embroidery or beaded bets, a combination of various fabric textures, the use of decorative threads. Similar solutions are often found in the elite collections of such brands as Lormar, LaPerla and in the line of Sielei underwear. These labels produce underwear, oriented to a wide consumer, therefore women's magazines often place on their pages photo-panties strings occupy pride of place in such reviews. But the acknowledged leader in terms of lingerie, which sets the tone and dictates the fashion in the modern market, is Victoria's secret label with its elite models of women's panties. Of course, these frank models of lingerie are extremely popular and amaze with a wide range of stylistic solutions, but how practical and safe are the thong panties in everyday wear? Are there any special recommendations or restrictions that impose their "taboo" for using this intimate detail of the wardrobe? In this matter it is worthwhile to understand more carefully. photo panties thong

Thong panties and health risk. Myth or reality?

We believe, many have heard that expertssound alarm: daily wearing of strings can cause significant damage to women's health and reward the owner of this laundry with a whole bunch of fungal diseases. But how much does this correspond to the truth? The big minus of this weightless, elegant style of panties is that they are made mainly of synthetic materials, with the use of non-natural fibers, this is why the shape of the whole product is not lost. But synthetic materials affect the moisture retention in delicate areas of women, and a moist environment is an excellent place for the development of all kinds of bacteria and fungi. It is impossible not to make a reservation that panties thong because of their special cut and the presence of cutting ropes, do not prevent the spread of infections. The original shape of the linen, because of its minimalism, poorly protects the necessary areas, can provoke irritation and damage to areas of those areas with which linens touch, because delicate women's skin needs only natural, environmentally friendly fabrics, convenient tailoring, which vaguely fits the shape of modern strings . For these objective reasons, it is worth abandoning the idea of ​​wearing this type of linen daily, alternating with more comfortable options, for example, with female boxers. But let's say a few words in defense of this irreplaceable underwear. Every woman wants to feel irresistible, to be confident in her femininity, with these tasks, the thongs are 100% complete, without too much modesty. They are especially relevant in the hot summer season and are simply indispensable in combination with tight, sexy outfits that do not tolerate extraneous accents. This type of underwear is able to give a sense of comfort, if you wear them under jeans, trousers, as well as when playing sports. Needless to say that for romantic meetings no other panties will play the role of an aphrodisiac better than elegant and frank thongs. From all it follows that their wearing is optimal in a huge number of cases, it is because of these virtues that such underwear should fall into the category of musthave every modern woman who wants to be beautiful. We advise you to read: