evening dresses for complete How good is it that those times have already passed, whenWomen with Rubensian forms needed to be wrapped in shapeless robes. Today, many designers appreciated the magnificent beauty, and the best confirmation of this - stylish evening dresses for full ladies. Feminine styles perfectly emphasize all the charms of luxurious forms, skilfully hiding all the minuses and problem areas of the figure. Correctly selected evening dress for the full will represent every girl and woman as a queen, who really has something to show. It remains only to correctly place the accents and emphasize your own taste.

The best styles of dresses for full ladies

  • The perfect evening dress for full girls is A-shaped, or a trapeze.
  • On polnenkih girls and women always looks good dress in Empire style, which never goes out of fashion, remaining always in demand and relevant.
  • If you are the owner of a descriptive linewaist, then certainly pay your attention to the dress-case. It will gently surround the figure, emphasizing unusual curves, and will emphasize the waistline.
  • Also an evening dress with a long, slightly flared skirt, which can be supplemented with plug-in wedges, pleated or corrugated, fits with a puff.

Length - this is also a very important point in the selectionevening gowns. Shortened versions will suit only some girls who have a moderate fullness. Another is to pay attention to long or elongated models below the knees, and the lower, the more elegant and elegant you will look. evening dress for complete

Focus on décolletage

Often the main advantage of full girls andwomen - this is a luxurious bust. To hide such dignity in shapeless robes or baggy shirts is simply unreasonable. A lush bust looks great in a dress with a deep decollete or V-neck, which will emphasize not only the volume, but also the beauty, the shape of the breast. A similar cutout visually divides the décolleté region into three parts, so a too large bust will look more neat and tiny.

High waist

High waist line - a real findmodern designers, which refers to evening dresses for full ladies. She successfully allocates a breast, hides a tummy and visually slits legs. All this will give your image of grace and femininity. Very good high waist "works" in long and elongated models. You can experiment with the top of the dress. For example, a very interesting variant of the overstated waist is the Greek bodice. It will not look bad tape or belt, passing under the chest, with freely flowing wrinkles. evening dresses for full women photo

Decorative complementary elements

Evening dresses for fat women, photos of whichyou can consider below, are able to highlight your most alluring parts of the body. In this they will help different decorative details: ruffles, bows, frills, embroidery, belts and ribbons.

  • Make an emphasis in the waist area will help a wide belt. A very good option will be an evening dress with a belt tied at the back, and a skirt widening downwards.
  • Belts and ribbons that pass right under the breast, not only allocate it, but also very well build.
  • But remember that you should not get involved in decoratingdetails. A pair of accents will be enough, because evening dresses for lush ladies should not be burdened with excessive details, folds, three-dimensional lace or draperies.
  • Possessor of such forms is better at all to forget aboutsmall decorative elements: narrow cuffs and collars, small frills, small floral prints or peas, small buttons - after all, against the backdrop of these details, the figure will seem huge.
  • A wonderful addition to your evening party will be a three-dimensional hairdo and massive beads or multi-layered chains, and all that falls vertical lines.

Shoulders and hands

If you have excessively full hands, then hide themcan be used with flared hoses with a length of three quarters. Wing sleeves are also suitable, but they should not be shorter than the elbow. Distract attention from the broad shoulders of light chiffon dresses. The main thing is do not denude them, do not decorate with heavy fabrics and details that attract attention. An effective and profitable thing can be a bolero, a stole, a cape or a scarf, which should be thrown on the hands and shoulders.

What color dresses are most suitable for a lush lady

The color palette from which you can chooseevening outfits for a full figure, quite rich and diverse. These are not only dark colors, which are considered to be the best for visual reduction of forms, but also some other shades, like red, blue, green or golden. Monochrome or dresses with the effect of degradation look royally in large ladies. Also, you can not call an outfit in your wardrobe an outfit with a print, the main thing is that the images are larger. Here you can also include various colorful strokes, lines or geometric figures of irregular shape. Evening dresses, which are worth paying special attention, should be sewn from light, flowing fabrics. The perfect option will be an atlas, on top of which there may be a thin lace or a gypy of contrasting hue. It is better to beware of heavy fabrics that fall on such a figure is more difficult and, in fact, not suitable for pompous beauties. The main thing - remember that too full does not happen, there is only close clothing. If you are the owner of such forms, then this is no reason to be upset! You must and can feel confident, luxurious and shine in all its glory! We advise you to read: