sugar hair removal at home Even in the most ancient times, especially in theEast, it was considered indecent if a woman had a fluff on her body. For example, in harems, a painful procedure for hair removal was common. The sultan's wives conducted, as a rule, regularly. And although time changes, and with it the ideals of beauty, but the problem of removing hair from the skin is still very relevant. Today, it is usually solved by two methods: epilation and depilation. They are referred to as mechanical types. Epilation is the method of removing hair through the destruction of their bulbs. And at depilation, the fluff is removed, but the hair bulb itself does not move. In the arsenal of modern women there is a whole set of "weapons" for combating unnecessary vegetation - these are conventional razor blades, and special wax strips for both the legs and the bikini zone. Each girl chooses the right way for her. Recently, the photoepilation procedure has become very popular. However, no matter how colorful and iridescent the promises of cosmetologists and manufacturers of hair removal products are, the result does not always justify the data given to the ladies of the vow. One of the most popular methods since the time of the beautiful Queen Nefertiti is biomass epilation. This mixture is always of vegetable origin. It includes plant extracts, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Each biomass recipe for epilation is different. It can include caramel, wax, resin and other similar constituents. You can do depilation with biomass and at home. For example, shugaring is a very popular method today. Such a sugar biomass will remove excess hair on the skin at home no less qualitatively than depilation with biomass in the cabin. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

What is shugaring?

Recently, many beauticians have becomeoffer a service such as shugaring, which in English means "sugaring." For example, in Tunisia this procedure is a whole ritual for a girl gathering under the crown. In practice, this way of removing vegetation on the body looks like this: the hair is processed with a special sweet paste; thereby damaging the bulbs and slowing their further growth. However, this is not a radical measure, as the fluff grows again over time. Nevertheless, it is an ideal alternative for women with hypersensitivity to wax, as well as for those who after such a hot depilation the skin becomes "goose" and blushes strongly. The main difference between shugaring is that it uses pasta, which is a sugar processed by special technology. Many girls are wondering if there are any contraindications to the procedure. Of course, as with any action in which the delicate female skin is involved, this exercise should be treated very carefully. It is strictly forbidden to conduct it at home or in beauty salons, people with diabetes. The matter is that during depilation the main component of paste in a small amount through the pores penetrates into the blood. To a healthy person this will not bring any harm, while the patient may experience serious complications. In addition, if you want to do shugaring yourself at home, then you need to select a suitable pasta recipe and pre-test it on a small area of ​​the body. Some sources suggest a mixture that includes citric acid. However, this component can cause very strong irritation on the skin, especially in the bikini area. If you intend to remove hair in the groin area, then it is best to use a paste recipe based on honey. This element has a softening effect, so the procedure will be almost painless, and the reddening will drop pretty quickly. Sugar epilation at home using this component is perfect for all intimate parts of the body, for example, underarms. However, if in the past you have had allergic reactions to honey and other beekeeping products, then in order to avoid negative consequences, choose another way of combating undesirable vegetation. There are several more cases when it will be more correct to refuse to hold a slouching, or at least to delay it for the time being:

  • If you went to the solarium on the eve or were lying under the scorching sun or plan to sunbathe the next day after depilation. Double loading on the skin can lead to severe irritation.
  • If the body has small wounds, scratches and other injuries to the upper tissues, then set the epilation until they heal.

home hair removal with sugar

Sugar epilation: positive and negative sides

Epilation of sugar at home has a number ofadvantages over wax and other methods of removing excess hair. Firstly, if you choose a suitable recipe and prepare the mixture yourself, then it will last for a long time - for several procedures for depilation of the legs, bikini line, underarms and other parts of the body. To make pasta, you will need an economical set: sugar, plain water and lemon juice. In this case, you do not need to buy any additional funds, for example, spatulas or strips. Secondly, this procedure allows you to get rid of shaving for a long time. In addition, the hair subsequently becomes thinner, easier to remove and not grow. In most cases, the skin tolerates epilation well, as an exception there may be a slight redness that appears due to mechanical stress, but after a day the irritation will subside and you will get a perfectly smooth body. Due to the fact that this method does not involve the use of hot material (for example, wax), you are insured against thermal burns, plus, in this case, the possibility of vessel expansion is minimized. The fact is that one of the complications after wax depilation can become infection and as a result - purulent pyoderma. This skin disease develops due to penetration into the open by the hot mixture of pores of pathogenic bacteria. And since it is not necessary to heat it when using sugar paste, the occurrence of such complications is unlikely. In addition, the sweet component has antibacterial action, so this type of hair removal is considered to be the most gentle for the delicate female skin. In addition, after the procedure, the remnants of the paste can be washed off with ordinary warm running water, without applying moisturizers - this is a weighty argument for girls prone to allergies. Another advantage of such depilation is that it can be done not only in a specialized salon, but also at home. At the same time, some use finished materials purchased in the store, which is much easier. If this option does not suit you, find the recipe you need and prepare the mixture yourself. To do this, it does not take much time and effort: after a little practice, you can perform hair removal procedure no worse than any experienced master. There is only one drawback of this method: before you master the paste, learn how to properly prepare it and be able to perform hair removal qualitatively, you will have to transfer not one kilogram of sweet substance. However, as you know, patience and work ... Continuation you already know. Therefore, be patient, follow the instructions, and you will become a real professional, and we will be happy to help you!

The recipe for sugar paste for epilation

You can make depilation with biomass in your homeconditions, for example, sugar. Her recipe is so simple that it can be cooked at home without much difficulty. Cooking sugar paste. To do this, take 10 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. All these ingredients must be mixed in a saucepan and heated on low heat, stirring until everything turns into a homogeneous mass. The heating temperature does not need to be changed. At first the mass will be transparent, there will appear bubbles, and then it will turn golden brown. Keep mixture on a quiet fire for about ten minutes, until the surface begins to form bubbles, then set aside and allow to cool. When it becomes sufficiently viscous, take a small amount with your fingers. If the shugaring paste does not stick, then it's not cooked by the rules. In that case, read the recipe again and try again. This method of epilation is especially effective if you combine it with the use of means that slow down hair growth. The hairs are removed together with the bulb and then slowly grow. Keep in mind that before the procedure, you need some time to refrain from shaving, since the vegetation on the treated areas should be at least six millimeters. Also, just before the epilation, take a shower and dry yourself. Apply paste with a thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Use for this purpose the edge of a special spatula, and not its flat side - so it will be much more convenient. At the top, tightly press a strip of regular cotton fabric, after a sharp movement, pull against the growth of hair. But in no case do not pull it up nor to the sides. To reduce pain, hold your skin lightly with your hand. In addition, if you are epilating the zone of bikini or other tender areas, do not apply a lot of paste. Handle these places gradually. Such a sugar biomass will remove excess hair on the skin at home no less qualitatively than depilation with biomass in the cabin. epilation with sugar at home

Painless and effective shugaring for you

The ingredients of the sugar paste penetrate deeply into thebulb, so the hair is removed completely, without breaking and in the future is not sprouting. The uniqueness of this epilation is also in the fact that such a mixture does not capture live skin cells, so it can be applied to the same body area several times, with injuries excluded. In addition, sugar has antibacterial action, which significantly reduces the likelihood of infection. Having mastered this type of hair removal, you can, at any time convenient for you, at home, clean up your body, removing excess hair in any places: on the stomach, on the hands or feet, in the bikini zone. Some in this way even correct the shape of the eyebrows and get rid of the antennae. Pain sensations are not very pronounced, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the person. If after the procedure there is a slight reddening, do not worry, after a few hours (maximum - day) it will pass. If you do not want to waste time preparing the pasta, buy it in the store. Choose a product that includes citric acid, as well as gum arabic - they are easier to remove from the skin and do not cause irritation. For those who still want to master the sugar epilation from and to, the above recipe of the mixture and instructions for its application will do. Naturally, it will take some time before you completely master the art of slouching. Having learned to observe the correct proportion, maintain the necessary temperature and correctly determine the moment when you need to remove the paste from the plate, you will become a real professional. We advise you to read: