how to make a leopard manicure Leopard print burst on the podium inmid-60's. Experts of the fashion industry are confident that this happened thanks to the famous actress of those times - the sexy and charming Ursula Anders. Of course, today very few people remember this amazing blonde from Switzerland, but it was she who first brought the cat image to the world. After a couple of decades, Italy's most extravagant fashion houses, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, have made the leopard print their trademark. So this "wild jungle revolt" began. His popularity then fell, then grew again, but never left at all. A catchy and stylish mottled pattern seems to have been created for extravagant women who do not think themselves without social parties. Dresses, belts, neck scarves, handbags and even pantyhose with leopard print for sure at least once found their place in the wardrobe of every woman. But today our conversation will not be about them. We will tell you how to make a leopard manicure, which, no doubt, will be an excellent addition to any image.

Leopard manicure - discover the talent of the artist

So, let's begin. To draw a cat picture on your nails at home, you do not need any special tools. All that is required of you is a little patience. Remember school painting lessons and start to create!

  • First of all, we prepare nails: remove the old varnish, shape it (preferably oval), apply the base coat;
  • Now take the main color (for the classical version - it's beige) and cover it with marigolds. If necessary, apply two layers;
  • Next, use a white matte varnish. Take a thin brush or toothpick and carefully draw uneven specks on the entire surface of the nail. Do not adhere to any standards - the spots should be placed chaotically. We try not to spread the picture;
  • When specks dry, take a black lacquer and circle them. Do not make the outline too smooth, so the picture will look more natural;
  • We put a fixing coating - our manicure is ready.

leopard manicure at home

Manicure with the help of powder

To make this version of manicure at home, you will need not only varnishes of the right colors, but also a special bronze powder. It can be purchased at specialized stores.

  • Apply a layer of the main varnish, let it dry;
  • Now you need a clear coat and powder. We remove the excess of lacquer on the edge of the bottle, dipped the brush into the powder and put specks on the nail;
  • After the pattern is completely dry, draw a black lacquer around it;
  • We fix the result with a special coating.

In and all. We go to conquer all the exquisite manicure, made, mind you, at home yourself! how to make a leopard manicure yourself

Manicure on stamping art technique

The most beautiful leopard manicure can be done,using special stamps and stencils. This technique is called stamping art. In order to master it, get a set for manicure, which consists of metal plates with patterns (stencils), a stamp and a scraper. Also included here is a special lacquer-fixer. With this set, you can change the design of your nails at home as often as you want. How to use this set?

  • First, prepare all the necessary tools for manicure: cotton wool, varnish, liquid without acetone, nail file and tweezers;
  • Bring the marigolds in order: treat the cuticle, tame if necessary, shape and apply the base color of the varnish;
  • Take the nail polish remover and the desired stencil (in this case, leopard). Degrease the plate. Stamp processed with a nail file with the finest granularity;
  • Draw a stencil on the stencilvarnish, make sure that all grooves are filled. Now take the scraper and remove excess lacquer from the surface of the plate - it should remain only in the figure;
  • Take the stamp and make an impression. Try not to pull with time, otherwise the varnish will dry up, and the drawing will not be as clear as you would like;
  • Now we need to quickly transfer our drawing. How to do it correctly? Attach the stamp to one edge of the nail and smoothly roll it to the other edge. If the pattern is imprinted on the skin, simply remove it using a nail polish remover;
  • Wait until the pattern dries, and cover the nail with a fixing varnish;
  • Similarly, treat the other marigolds. Do not forget to degrease the stencil and stamp each time. This is to ensure that each print is clear and smooth.

Perhaps someone will say that this method is longand tedious. It may seem unaccustomed. The main thing here is practice. And then the procedure will not take more than 10 minutes. Agree, this is faster than drawing a toothpick or a needle. As you can see, it's possible to make an original manicure at home! Do not despair if the first time you did not quite neat. Have enough patience - everything comes with experience. By the way, you can use any nail polish for a manicure. It is not necessary to follow the classical version. It is worth noting that this type of nail design is not suitable for both too short nails, and for too long. Optimal is the average length. Overload the image with a leopard print is not worth it. If today you have chosen a dress of cat color, give preference to a low-key French or a classic manicure of pastel tones. But in combination with a handbag or a neck scarf in tone, leopard nails will look perfect. And do not decorate your fingers with large rings, it is better to wear a modest ring without stones and other delights. And remember that a manicure at home is no problem. Do not be afraid. Try different options, fantasize and create! In the end, the appearance of the fair sex only depends on the woman herself! We advise you to read: